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2012-12-20 06:39 30003082 Anonymous (verizon_sucks_logo[1].jpg 200x100 36kB)
How many of you are aware that if you are grandfathered into Verizon's unlimited data plan, you must now pay full MSRP for your upgrades? They can have my unlimited data plan when they pry it from my cold dead hands.

2 min later 30003118 Anonymous
>Not buying Nexus master race unlocked phones for Verizon Pleb

2 min later 30003124 Anonymous
>>30003118 I have a Galaxy Nexus currently... I'm just upset that I have to pay retail now. I mean... why the fuck do I even have a contract then if I don't even get a deal on the phone?

3 min later 30003139 Anonymous
>>30003124 >Signing contracts Pleb. Just enjoy your unlimited data

4 min later 30003149 Anonymous
I don't understand why you all need unlimited data. I watch tons of youtube videos, browse facebook (inb4 hurrff i'm not an autist) play games and do a lot of shit on my phone and I've never gone over my 4GB. I don't even check my data usage it just never comes breaks 3.5GB.

4 min later 30003156 Anonymous
>>30003149 >Not doing all your browsing and downloading on your phone data Wasting money

6 min later 30003189 Anonymous
>>30003124 I suppose I'll just go into month to month mode... Will anyone's network surpass the quality of Verizon's?

7 min later 30003203 Anonymous
Grandfathered Unlimited here. Welcome to four months ago. And hell, it's been known they were going to do that for almost a year now.

7 min later 30003204 Anonymous
Wouldn't you have to stay on contract to use their service? If not, buying a Verizon phone is pretty much like being stuck on a contract anyway, because you can't use the phone elsewhere in the event you get tired of their shit. I recently left Verizon, I honestly don't care if I'm labeled a poorfag, but their coverage and LTE is not worth their ridiculous prices.

9 min later 30003224 Anonymous
>>30003082 >They can have my unlimited data plan when they pry it from my cold dead hands Actually, they can have it whenever they want. It is fully within their legal rights to just cut you off and downgrade you whenever they so choose.

10 min later 30003239 Anonymous
>>30003156 Do you not have home internet?

11 min later 30003257 Anonymous
>>30003239 Why do you need home internet when you have unlimited data?

12 min later 30003268 Anonymous
Grandfathered unlimited here, ditching Verizon when my contract is up. Their coverage isn't even that good, certainly not worth the price. Fuck those guys.

13 min later 30003274 Anonymous
>>30003257 Because it's slow as fuck and the quality is awful?

14 min later 30003303 Anonymous
>>30003268 OP here. I probably will do the same. Except, Sprint blows big time (shit tier customer service and coverage) and ATT is dropped calls everyday. Who else is there to go to?

15 min later 30003319 Anonymous
>>30003303 T-Mobile, but it's shit coverage probably >>30003274 I thought Americans have horrible Internet anyway

17 min later 30003350 Anonymous
>>30003257 >>30003257 for 100/10

21 min later 30003437 Anonymous
>>30003350 do you really get that on VZW? where?

21 min later 30003448 Anonymous
>>30003303 >tfw live down the street from Sprint Central Headquarters >amazing coverage throughout city >never leave city anyway Why the fuck do I still have Verizon? Oh right, Sprint's speeds are ass.

22 min later 30003459 Anonymous
Ask a man who works at T-Mobile anything.

22 min later 30003464 Anonymous
Fuck that, I have an upgrade coming up and I WILL RETAIN that fucking unlimited plan.

24 min later 30003512 Anonymous
>>30003459 Can you sell me a Nexus 4

25 min later 30003535 Anonymous
>>30003459 Why are there still minor towns within an hour of two major metros that have "fair" see also: can barely make a call coverage and 2g data? And why do you put stores in those towns? And do you really think its fair to hold people to a contract when their job moves them to such an area?

27 min later 30003561 Anonymous
>>30003437 No i get it on virgin media, Glasgow America is shite. Move

27 min later 30003566 Anonymous
>>30003437 Places where they have LTE it's possible to get decent speeds.

32 min later 30003663 Anonymous
>>30003566 Isn't it more like 50/10

32 min later 30003669 Anonymous
>>30003566 Grandfathered user here as well, ive pulled 60 down 40 up on my gs3. Feels good man. On average I use about 15-20GB a month. Why? Because I can.

34 min later 30003703 Anonymous
>>30003512 Funny you say that, I just got mine last night. >>30003535 Its all about marketing son. Though to be honest its not as bad around here, All the stores we have in the County and surrounding are within good coverage zones. Any zones that are poor connectivity we do not have any stores present. Our 2G/Edge spaces are quite present in some areas though, and I do agree we need to roll out more HSPA+ towers. However it seems Corporate is more focused on acquiring Apple Products and Gathering MetroPCS's LTE networks for when the takeover happens in June. Also, in out store especially. We are honest with customers that are either genuinely in trouble or are nice to us. We will tell them of problems and what choices are out there if it appeals to them. We really do not get high commission for signups/sales. As long as you do your job and help customers that is all that matters in our stores. Especially since we are not high volume.

36 min later 30003736 Anonymous
>>30003669 do you use all that with tethering? if so-- usb or wifi?

37 min later 30003753 Anonymous
>>30003319 Not really. I have 24down 3up for like $60/mo which yeah isn't amazing but is still great for anything I do. Plus our infrastructure is vastly different.

37 min later 30003763 Anonymous
>>30003448 meh, I get up to 35 meg on the G.Nex

40 min later 30003824 Anonymous (Premiere Collection.jpg 903x1088 139kB)
>>30003753 >Not really. I have 24down 3up for like $60/mo That is shit

41 min later 30003840 Anonymous
>>30003763 >Galaxy Nexus There's your problem.

43 min later 30003874 Anonymous
>>30003824 >having to live in the uk

44 min later 30003903 Anonymous
>>30003824 >paying for television >having a landline Okay grandpa.

45 min later 30003905 Anonymous
>>30003824 I have 50 down 3 up and basic TV for $90, home phone is $15

45 min later 30003909 Anonymous
>>30003824 >TV >landline >yurop no thanks

45 min later 30003915 Anonymous
>>30003736 Only about 1/2 with tethering. Rest is netflix, CM10 nightly downloads, google music sync over 4G, etc. When I tether though I always use wi-fi.

46 min later 30003921 Anonymous
>>30003703 Could you outline in as much detail as you feel comfortable... your compensation package? Or what a general framework for compensation in a similar environment looks like.

46 min later 30003923 Anonymous
>>30003903 with a landline it's like £2 more. the basic landline offers free local calls at the weekends, so it's worth it tivo boxes are great

47 min later 30003938 Anonymous
>>30003921 Do you mean what we get as perks?

51 min later 30003992 Anonymous
>>30003824 I could have 100mbit, tv, phone over cable for 45€/month where I live.

51 min later 30004000 Anonymous
>>30003938 Yeah, that, and spiffs/activation bonuses/sales bonuses/whatever the fuck you wanna call it.

52 min later 30004011 Anonymous
>>30003915 do you pay extra for the 'tethering feature'

52 min later 30004014 rozeismyroze
>>30003992 wheres that >>30003903 i also used to work for virgin and got 75% off

53 min later 30004023 rozeismyroze
>>30004011 no, you root your phone and never get caught

54 min later 30004039 Anonymous
>>30004011 HELL NO! I just pay the flat 29.99 for unlimited data. They don't even monitor it unless A. you use a stock rom with phone homes, or B. are stupid about it (ex. using too much data at once, spend 99% of the time on "Desktop" sites, etc.) they dont care that much though due to the fact the FCC busted them for making people pay to tether. Why do you think its included now with the family plans? http://techcrunch.com/2012/07/31/verizon-can-no-longer-charge-for-tethering-fcc-declares/

56 min later 30004068 Anonymous
>>30004014 Germany, ISP Unitymedia

56 min later 30004072 Anonymous
>>30004000 I anywhere from 5-15 dollars per depending on the plan/phone you sell. Not much at all, but it does add up over time depending how much you sell per paycheck. Commissions are not the primary source of your income, its just extra. Also you get cheap as hell employee lines as well. >>30004023 It's funny how most of the people we get do not even know what the word "tethering" is. We do not even bother trying to sell it unless they live their life through their phone.

58 min later 30004098 Anonymous
What is this "grandfathered" you people speak of? Sounds horrible.

58 min later 30004104 Anonymous
>>30004023 I haven't rooted yet... but I got some widget thing that unlocks the tethering feature. would it be prudent to go ahead and root it anyways? GNexus here.

1 hours later 30004153 Anonymous
>>30004104 Depends what service you are on. Verizon I am assuming?

1 hours later 30004174 Anonymous
>>30004039 >the FCC busted them for making people pay to tether. no, that's not it at all they don't charge for tethering on tiered plans because it doesn't fucking matter how you use your 2gb, you only get 2gb. In fact, they probably encourage tethering with the share plans...faster to use up your data.

1 hours later 30004177 Anonymous
>>30004153 yes, VZW I've only recently installed it... usually I tethered with EasyTether (USB)

1 hours later 30004186 Anonymous
>>30004098 people who still have vzw's unlimited data plan that they terminated AGES ago.

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