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2012-12-20 06:34 30003001 Anonymous (Untitled.png 742x919 109kB)
Hi /g/ - maybe you can shed some light on this shit. Why do tracks 1 to 3 and 11 to 14 appear under different album headings? I've re-tagged them multiple times and they won't all sit under the same header despite having identical album tags.

0 min later 30003014 Grayscale [Pegasus/Trickster]
>>30003001 Nah..

17 min later 30003260 Anonymous

21 min later 30003328 Anonymous
check the tags again make sure they are exactly the same including date genre artist and album artist

22 min later 30003358 Anonymous
>>30003328 Have done. Only things that change on any of the tags is the title and track no.

24 min later 30003404 Anonymous
screenshot the tags

29 min later 30003519 Anonymous (Untitled.png 1180x750 146kB)
>>30003404 I don't care for any of the empty fields - simply tagging music to preference.

35 min later 30003629 Anonymous
I don't see any differences maybe try filling in the album artist of them all ?

37 min later 30003676 Anonymous (Untitled.png 771x993 138kB)
>>30003629 Retagging them has shuffled them all around. I honestly have no fucking clue what's going on.

42 min later 30003761 Anonymous
Select the lower one, move them manually with your cursor to the bottom of the upper ones. Then go cure your aspie.

45 min later 30003820 Anonymous (simple_as_fuck..jpg 1920x1078 206kB)
>>30003761 Forgot picture

46 min later 30003829 Anonymous
>>30003761 Whenever foobar is restarted, they revert back. Stop trying to impress /g/ and only post if you've got something decent to add.

47 min later 30003851 Anonymous
>>30003829 >Impress /g/ Did you even fucking try it mate?

47 min later 30003856 I am
What is the grouping format set as?

49 min later 30003890 Anonymous
>>30003851 Yeah - and I don't know if you realised but even the track numbers are out of order. Also, this happens for multiple artists and albums - I'm not going through my entire library fixing this. >>30003856 How would I go about checking that?

52 min later 30003944 Anonymous (untitled.jpg 1186x744 148kB)
>>30003890 Set it like this and try my approach. Forgot about the custom grouping.

53 min later 30003951 I am
>>30003890 It depends which playlist you are using, would you happen to know which one it is you are using?

56 min later 30004001 Anonymous
how about reloading the tags? i remember having issues in foobar with some albums until i reloaded the tags

1 hours later 30004084 Anonymous (Untitled.png 765x916 149kB)
>>30003944 Done and done but hasn't made a difference. >>30003951 The skin I'm using has a library view and just lists all the artists. I think I'm in the right area in the settings for it, though. >>30004001 Have done.

1 hours later 30004194 Anonymous (Untitled.png 772x489 109kB)
>>30004084 Sorting it like this fixes it temporarily - until I switch to a different artist and back again.

1 hours later 30004236 I am
>>30004194 Right click on the playlist, click settings then click the tab "Grouping" and upload a screenshot of it

1 hours later 30004297 Anonymous
>>30004236 They're not playlists. When I right click an artists name under the Artist list - I can create a new playlist from it but other than that, I get no settings option.

1 hours later 30004323 I am
>>30004297 No, no, the thing that lists the music. Wherever you clicked for that last context menu to pop up where you clicked on Sort, click on Settings instead

1 hours later 30004345 Anonymous (Untitled.png 619x586 60kB)
>>30004323 Oh, sorry pal - getting late here.

1 hours later 30004446 Anonymous
>>30003001 try another skin some just fucks up album list

1 hours later 30004493 Anonymous
>>30004446 Any you suggest?

1 hours later 30004758 I am
>>30004345 Sorry, had to rush off and do something. But, I've got no idea what's wrong, everything in there looks in order, sorry.

1 hours later 30004838 Anonymous
No worries, thanks for the help.

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