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2012-12-20 06:25 30002857 Anonymous (1328735583020.jpg 100x96 2kB)
Hello /g/, I just got my GS3 today and installed CM10. I was wondering of what widgets and things I rice it with. Also I was wondering if there is any way to have custom icons at the bottom of my launch bar and also if I can center the clock at the top and possibly make it transparent.

4 min later 30002943 Anonymous (1355889453657.jpg 500x500 37kB)
>>30002857 >Implying the Galaxy S 3 is any good >Implying installing shitty third party firmware will make your phone any better.

6 min later 30002968 Anonymous

7 min later 30002994 Anonymous (1355774382983.jpg 680x591 49kB)
>>30002968 Sage

8 min later 30003000 Anonymous
>>30002994 >>30002943 wot.

10 min later 30003040 Anonymous (1355764707260.png 1053x1080 69kB)
>>30003000 nice trips

10 min later 30003046 Anonymous
/g/ pls

12 min later 30003075 Anonymous
>>30003040 Moar pics of that sort

15 min later 30003111 Anonymous (1353893805806.jpg 304x315 71kB)
>>30003075 This is now a top lel thread.

16 min later 30003131 Anonymous (1352612437641.png 888x1036 77kB)
Looks like OP has his purples tinkered xD

17 min later 30003154 Anonymous (1348709787491s.jpg 100x125 3kB)

19 min later 30003171 Anonymous
>>30003131 Is this the beginning of a new epic meme?

20 min later 30003192 Anonymous (1354384707718.png 500x500 18kB)
>>30003171 Epic!

23 min later 30003237 Anonymous (1354307554272.jpg 518x518 30kB)

25 min later 30003258 Anonymous (1353833610148.png 1032x739 142kB)

26 min later 30003267 Anonymous
>>30002857 This thread is full of faggots. OP, i would recommend getting MinimalisticText. Takes awhile to set up but can look pretty good. Pretty basic stuff, but whatever.

26 min later 30003273 Anonymous
How did all these (intentionally) shitty drawings of memes and rage faces start? It's just as bad as the rage faces now

27 min later 30003283 Anonymous (1355686883782.jpg 725x720 41kB)
>>30003273 It's ironic shitposting. Frankly, I find it quite amusing.

27 min later 30003284 Anonymous (1352850156905.jpg 184x184 7kB)
>>30003267 >faggots

27 min later 30003296 Anonymous
>>30003284 >furry

28 min later 30003304 Anonymous
>>30003283 Ironic shitposting is still ironic, faggot.

29 min later 30003324 Anonymous (1350678152079.jpg 680x771 105kB)
>>30003304 Guys! he knows the rules of the Internet!

29 min later 30003329 Anonymous (preturded.jpg 312x345 51kB)
>>30003304 In this case, irony provides the humor.

29 min later 30003332 Anonymous (TRAWLE.png 819x460 23kB)

30 min later 30003354 Anonymous (1353476092624.jpg 500x380 42kB)

32 min later 30003397 Anonymous (1354848659098.jpg 405x354 33kB)
Hey OP.

33 min later 30003402 Anonymous
>>30003354 >>30003329 >>>/b/ GTFO you pleb faggot. >Getting a Galaxy S3 >Not knowing how to rice things

33 min later 30003415 Anonymous (1351145328990.png 497x294 14kB)

35 min later 30003469 Anonymous (1354655618381.png 267x200 16kB)
>>30003402 Looks like OP needs to learn to google. Pleb.

35 min later 30003472 Anonymous
ITT: Reddit general

36 min later 30003490 Anonymous
>>30003304 Ironic shitposting is still shit

36 min later 30003491 Anonymous (1355186115104.png 282x261 7kB)

36 min later 30003494 Anonymous
>>30003472 >ITT: /b/ general FTFY

37 min later 30003503 Anonymous
>>30003490 You don't see my irony, do you? U GOT TRIKED

38 min later 30003533 Anonymous (Serious+irony.+Irony...+Iron+E...+Not+OC_1c5a23_3741613.jpg 530x498 48kB)
>>30003490 You obviously don't know the meaning of irony, pic related.

41 min later 30003570 Anonymous (1350679292164.jpg 720x720 121kB)

42 min later 30003599 Anonymous (Sin título.png 819x460 33kB)

54 min later 30003827 Anonymous
>>30003599 Just give up, go to one of those homescreen threads

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