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2012-12-20 06:12 30002631 Anonymous Calling all MacFags (0.jpg 480x360 13kB)
Dear /g/, I need the help of a MacFag. I have a PPC Mac mini, but I can't install the hard drive because it's missing the adaptor that goes from the (presumably) SATA bus to the mainboard. I can't find out what this missing adaptor is called. I't probably named something like "super adaptor", or "iDapt bus" or some other non-standard shitfuck. Q: What is the thing called that connects the HDD to the mainboard in the PPC Mac min (I want to ebay this shit).

24 min later 30003050 Anonymous (lovemacs_2237_826724553.jpg 800x1140 287kB)
>>30002631 Looks like it's called a Mezzanine Board. I didn't know PPC macs had SATA... thought they were all ATA.

44 min later 30003372 Anonymous (P1010817.jpg 1024x768 447kB)
Apple Part Number: 922-6671 This part is required for adding Airport and/or Bluetooth to the listed models. Thank you for that diagram! But.....I don't think that's it. I was thinking maybe "Interconncet Board", but the bus doesn't look right. Here's a pic of it. There is no divider "keying" in the bus on this mainboard.

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