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2012-12-20 06:11 30002621 Anonymous (step1-appletv-hero.png 446x217 59kB)
So what is this thing? What purpose does it serve?

0 min later 30002636 Anonymous
>>30002621 It's a great paperweight.

0 min later 30002637 Anonymous
It's a funnel to transfer money from your wallet to Apple. It works better on people who watch a lot of TV.

16 min later 30002908 Anonymous
>>30002621 It's yet another device that Apple have invented and Microsoft wish they had. Just like all the Apple iThings that Microsoft has (badly) copied. You can tell how much they hate this by how hard their shills try to denigrate it. A real case of sour grapes.

19 min later 30002959 Anonymous
It's an HTPC. It lets you stream shit easily. It's not that outrageous a device.

20 min later 30002974 Anonymous
makes a shitty hockey puck

20 min later 30002981 Anonymous
HTPC with the guts of an iphone that can play HD movies you put on it and can access netflix. You can stream your ishit to it at 1080p and it'll put it on your tv. amazingly locked down amazingly poorly supported

22 min later 30002995 Anonymous
>>30002908 Microsoft is effectively doing the same thing with the xbox though

27 min later 30003080 Anonymous
>>30002959 >easily Nope. You can't stream shit from your LAN I bought one just for the MLB TV app and to use Netflux. Its got a great UI for that shit, but after I bought it, I realized it only does Netflix in 1080i My Tivo will stream Netflix in 1080p/24 but has the worst looking interface. I bought another one for my mom so she could watch netflix on her TV easier too. Either way, it's worth it for a sports fan.

2 hours later 30005303 Anonymous
it's nothing get a Mac Mini instead much better HTPC

2 hours later 30005316 Anonymous
It's locked down shit. There are much better options for an htpc

2 hours later 30005351 Anonymous
IIRC you can jailbreak and install XBMC on it, so it's not completely useless

2 hours later 30005384 Anonymous
Am I right in thinking this won't play divx files?

2 hours later 30005459 Anonymous
Sigh. You use this to mirror content from your Mac and your iPad. For instance, you have a streaming app on your iPad or you're on a website like Hulu.com on your macbook pro and you want to watch it on the television.

2 hours later 30005490 Anonymous
>>30002908 Thanks for clarifying nothing, shill.

2 hours later 30005511 Anonymous
>>30002981 XBMC doesn't have this problem

2 hours later 30005647 Anonymous (20121219_235907.jpg 1632x1224 387kB)
>>30005303 get both!!!! >>30005384 you are correct sir, it doesn't. You need to have home sharing enabled with your Mac and have the videos in the "movies" folder. It's really for downloaded iTunes movies... pretty sad.

2 hours later 30005692 Anonymous
>>30005647 Shame really as apple TV probably has a much nicer UI than most media players, I got a western digital thing with external HDD, really nice bit of kit and plays divx only thing is the menu sometimes feels a bit unresponsive. No major issue though.

2 hours later 30005726 Anonymous
>>30005384 You can play divx on your Mac and mirror it on your TV via Apple TV.

3 hours later 30005736 Anonymous (20121219_235939.jpg 1000x590 110kB)
>>30005459 well, Hulu plus is built in to the Apple TV, but yes... thats the other plus. If you want airplay from your Mac, iPhone, or iPad... you can set the Apple TV to Airplay, and wirelessly pipe audio & video from your mac/device to your main TV/Stereo/Surround system. Also, for $99 it's not a bad option if you jwant to ditch cable and just watch Hulu or Netflix and maybe one of these other apps (I love the MLB TV interface). Just hide it behind a flat panel mounted on a wall, and have one power wire for powering both coming down the wall from the TV. You can put it it practically anywhere.

3 hours later 30005859 Anonymous
>>30005726 Airplay (video) mirroring is only on the latest 2011-2012 Macs because of hardware requirements. Airplay (audio only) will work on all macs.. just set the speaker config output to Airplay (Apple TV) on the your Mac and you can use whatever audio player you want on your Mac. you don't need to use iTunes. There is a 3rd party app "Parrot air" that is supposed to enable Airplay Video on older macs... don't know how much CPU it uses though.

3 hours later 30005902 Anonymous (1346112201993.jpg 962x812 114kB)
>>30002621 Please show me a device that seamlessly lets you mirror your notebooks/tablets/phones display on your TV wirelessesly?

3 hours later 30005928 Anonymous
>>30005859 Why would anyone have older macs? That's just disgusting.

3 hours later 30005944 rozeismyroze (16600_350w279h[1].jpg 350x219 31kB)
i preffer this, it was £17

3 hours later 30005976 Anonymous
you're better off with a $50 roku, since it pretty much does everything that does minus streaming your own content iirc >>30005902 you can't mirror you phone's / tablet's display you can only send photos and videos to it "seamlessly"

3 hours later 30006011 Anonymous
>>30005976 you can both mirror and use your tv as a second monitor in some iOS apps and games.

3 hours later 30006024 Anonymous
>>30002995 Kind of, it's not really in the same price category and barely in the same product category

3 hours later 30006025 Anonymous (1273084394823.jpg 400x400 22kB)
>>30005976 This is why nobody takes you anti-apple neakbeards seriously, you have no idea what you are talking about, http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4437 and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orfD45VQB1c

3 hours later 30006028 Anonymous
>>30005976 Are you retarded? You can mirror everything you do on the iPad and on the MacBook Pro via Apple TV.

3 hours later 30006144 Anonymous (201212.jpg 3264x2448 759kB)
>>30005928 iknorite? My old one just pile up. I use the Airplay built in to my Denon Receiver which is connected HDMI to my TV. Or my Apple TV, or my Mac Mini

3 hours later 30006206 Anonymous
>>30005459 Except it's too slow to stream content.

3 hours later 30006252 Anonymous
Not op but are there alternatives to an Apple TV, i've heard you can get american channels with it

3 hours later 30006367 Anonymous
>>30006206 Did you not watch any of the videos linked in this thread?

3 hours later 30006404 Anonymous
>>30006367 The ardent faggot does not allow himself to be clouded by facts.

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