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2012-12-20 06:07 30002535 Anonymous (Screenshot 2012-12-20 at 04.58.png 1055x550 574kB)
Is there something wrong with my SSD, /g/? This is an Intel 520 drive, the 60GB version to be exact. When I first got it, my instinct was to RMA it, but after viewing similar benchmarks on various forums I decided that it wasn't worth the effort, especially as Scan were being so pissy about it. Then I saw this thread: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/282453-14-slow-write-speeds-intel-series And the resulting screenshot again made me raise the question, as his drive appears to be performing much better than my drive, on a SATA3 port, which doesn't seem right to me. Currently my drive is plugged into the Intel SATA6 port, and it gives this result. Could it be my mobo causing the slow speeds? Perhaps the version of Windows I have installed? I really don't know. If anyone's wondering, I have a Gigabyte Z68X-UD3-B3 with the original 2011 drivers installed, but I think I updated the Intel drivers installed.

2 min later 30002597 Anonymous (Screenshot 2012-12-20 at 04.16.png 1092x552 650kB)
I've also tried the other ports. This is the result with the drive plugged into the SATA3 port.

5 min later 30002657 Anonymous (Screenshot 2012-12-20 at 04.34.png 1077x567 640kB)
This is the benchmark result given when the drive is plugged into the GSATA port. Oddly enough it seems to outperform the Intel SATA3 port...

10 min later 30002727 Anonymous
Any ideas, /g/?

21 min later 30002918 Anonymous (1349243015011.png 687x504 529kB)
Please respond

36 min later 30003169 Anonymous
>>30002535 >>30002597 >>30002657 >>30002727 >>30002918 those numbers don't seem right, you have done the troubleshooting. the only thing i could think of is that the SATA controller is not in AHCI mode.

37 min later 30003183 Anonymous
>>30003169 I'm certain that it's in AHCI mode.

44 min later 30003278 Anonymous (MyCDMx3.jpg 1228x350 226kB)
>>30003183 i figures it would be if you checked the speed at different ports, well i wouldnt be pissed with those speeds. it may just be because its a small drive, the bigger the drive, the faster write speed.

46 min later 30003316 Anonymous (crystal[1].png 426x385 69kB)
>>30003278 But look at this result... It's exactly the same drive, hence my theory that it could be my mobo.

47 min later 30003340 Anonymous (Capture.png 414x372 68kB)
>>30003316 what is going on

52 min later 30003439 Anonymous
>>30003316 hmmm. i guess you could try it in a different MOBO, but that isnt always easy. a quality gigabyte Z68 board should be enough to make use of SATA3. i suppose you could RMA it as a defective product. but what if you get a new one back and you get the same speeds?

54 min later 30003476 Anonymous
>>30003439 I don't have a spare mobo lying around, and I don't want to buy one just to find that it's a problem with the drive.

1 hours later 30004319 Anonymous

1 hours later 30004473 Anonymous
>>30004319 im back. idk what else to try. i noticed that this drive >>30003316 has more empty space on it. i have no idea if that matters at all. try intel customer support, they may have something we have overlooked.

1 hours later 30004488 Anonymous
>>30004473 Yeah, that'll be my next step. Thanks anyway.

1 hours later 30004605 Anonymous (43979.png 550x470 52kB)
Looks normal. Smaller SSDs will have slower speeds, particularly under 120GB. http://www.anandtech.com/show/5508/intel-ssd-520-review-cherryville-brings-reliability-to-sandforce/ 4

2 hours later 30004619 Anonymous
>>30004605 i thought that too, but then this >>30003316

2 hours later 30004628 Anonymous
>>30003316 That benchmark is doing a 0 fill, while yours is doing a random fill. Go to file -> test data -> 0 fill and you'll get that same result.

2 hours later 30004675 Anonymous
>>30004628 Ah, thanks for clearing that up.

2 hours later 30004751 Anonymous
>>30004628 what is the difference?

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