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2012-12-20 06:05 30002494 Anonymous (2.png 736x538 70kB)
Hi /g I wanted some advice. I'd like to upgrade me laptop, but I'm not sure what I should focus my upgrade on. I was think more of a video card. When play a game like planet side 2 of gta 4 I get choppy fps on the lowest settings. Any suggestions?

0 min later 30002498 Anonymous (1.png 740x537 66kB)
also if needed

0 min later 30002511 Anonymous
>laptop >upgrade

3 min later 30002557 Anonymous
You can't upgrade either. Get Fusiontweaker and look into overclocking your CPU, that is the best you can do with that. I personally have overclocked my A6-3400M from 1.4ghz/2.1ghz turbo to 2.2ghz/2.9ghz turbo, it makes a significant difference in games and also improves battery life, however it's still shit gaming on this laptop compared to my desktop, so it rarely gets used for that.

3 min later 30002563 Anonymous
My laptop is a fuckton more shitty than yours and I can play gta 4 on near lowest just fine. Check your drivers.

4 min later 30002583 Anonymous
you can swap out video cards as long as its not integrated, which mine isnt

5 min later 30002601 Anonymous
>>30002583 i cant believe you are stupid enough to think a APU doesnt have integrated GFX.

6 min later 30002624 Anonymous
you should get a new computer. Planetside 2 is CPU heavy

9 min later 30002682 Anonymous
>planetside 2 that game is so shitty i wanted the money that i didn't pay for it back.

24 min later 30002947 Anonymous
>>30002601 it doesn't say integrated next to the name

31 min later 30003054 Anonymous
>>30002947 APU by definition have integrated graphics, which is why they don't need to specify if it's integrated or not

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