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2012-12-20 06:01 30002411 Anonymous (y580.jpg 640x440 20kB)
Bought a [spoiler]laptop[/spoiler] for Christmas. i7-3630QM @ 2.4Ghz 6MB Cache 8GB of 1600Mhz RAM GTX 660M 2GB 1TB 5400 RPM (Not amazing, I know) 15.6" 1920x1080 How'd I do for $900?

0 min later 30002418 Anonymous
>>30002411 shit

0 min later 30002433 Anonymous
It's ok, but you'll have to run planetside 2 on low settings

1 min later 30002443 Anonymous
>>30002433 Do you think it would be alright to OC the 660 a bit?

2 min later 30002455 Saucey
>5400 rpm well shit at least you got a decent hdd for movies and stuff when you throw in an SSD in that bitch

2 min later 30002467 Anonymous
>>30002443 Probably, if you have the option. Adding voltage is what adds heat and you won't be doing that on a laptop, you will get some gains from overclocking though.

5 min later 30002523 Anonymous
>>30002455 Because I was going to that relatively soon, what would be a solid choice? I only really want enough room for Windows and a few games, so around 64GB. I believe it has room for an M SATA.

7 min later 30002550 Anonymous
>>30002411 Depends... Whar OS does it has??

8 min later 30002571 Anonymous
>>30002550 Windows 8

9 min later 30002603 Anonymous (image.jpg 896x481 158kB)
>>30002443 Got the Y580 myself, seems like everyone has one by now. Here's about the limit for safe OC on the GPU, though I'd recommend keeping it a little lower or you'll have voltage issues

10 min later 30002613 Anonymous (IMG_1432.jpg 1067x1068 510kB)
>mfw not a ThinkPad

11 min later 30002630 Anonymous
>>30002613 your faces turns into a retarded bitch?

12 min later 30002665 Anonymous
>>30002603 Was such a great deal for the money, couldn't pass it up! Thanks for the picture, man. Is the OC noticeable that much?

17 min later 30002747 Anonymous
>>30002665 It helps out a lot, even skyrim runs great, not quite maxed out settings, but for a laptop I can't complain. I'd stick with a max stable clock of 1160/2700, in case you want specific numbers

21 min later 30002814 Anonymous
>>30002747 Alright, thanks a lot, dude.

26 min later 30002893 Anonymous
>>30002613 fuck your face is disgusting.

29 min later 30002950 Anonymous
>>30002613 Why should someone buy a workstation GPU for gaymen?

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