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2012-12-20 06:00 30002388 Anonymous (rateit.png 1132x760 107kB)
well well well rate my build /g/ how did i do? its for gaming but not modern gaming more like playing games from 5 years ago and back

1 min later 30002432 Anonymous
>>30002388 Buy a cheaper case and cheaper 80+ PSU and get a 7850 with the saved money

2 min later 30002450 Anonymous
>>30002432 >case i can probably do but im not cheaping out on a psu i already had one bad experience with that

7 min later 30002543 Anonymous
The Phenom is obsolete. Get an i3/H61 combo. Your budget calls for ghetto-ass 1GB/5400 RPM "green." Don't spend more than $50 on a case. Go roadside recycled OEM case if you can. Get a refurbished PCP&C supply for pennies on the dollar at Directron. That RAm should cost $30-35. Kill yourself before you buy Nvidia shy of GTX660/horrible value proposition even at $90. Look at AMD HD 78xx and better. No HD68xx, thanks. If you go i3, you suck if you spend more than $45 on your motherboard. If you might upgrade to I5 K-series, geeks.com Asustek z77 refurbs. Those're hellacheap. also, lrn2shop, you silly nigger.

8 min later 30002561 Anonymous
>>30002450 Cheaper !=$20 "600w"

10 min later 30002595 Anonymous
>>30002543 and this build you just describe will blow up in about 3 days and proceed to be totally useless my goal is not to save as much money as possible its just to get a decent computer for playing older games with

14 min later 30002681 Anonymous
>>30002388 NOPE. This entire rig is a dead end and a waste of $600. I'll brb with something decent for the same price.

20 min later 30002785 Anonymous
>>30002595 Not really. Modern 3D accelerators put out little heat, all things considered, and therefore some pathetic Pentium 4-era OEM case can usually keep temps in the okay range. I've bought multiple Directron refurb PSUs, and all have not only worked, but come in the original box and with nary a scratch too. As for cheap-ass motherboards, a basic H61 should be okay. Spend $50 if you want a Gigabyte or something. That's a Mcdonald's meal of money, so whatever. But stuff for $45 should be okay too, as this really isn't rocket science and most people don't need eight SATA ports nor the ability to run two 3D cards. I have no idea of the quality of teh geek's.com Asustek refurbs, however if it's worth anything, I'm on my forth year of ownership of a $40 P35 refurb, running a C2D at 3.95Ghz, this plus a GTX460 wedged into a ~2000 whitebox gateway case. all running off a $25 Directron OCZ StealthXstream II 600 watt power supply. Yes. Balls-on prime-95 overnight stable. But, it's your money!

24 min later 30002837 Anonymous
i3/6850 instead on an h61 mobo, nzxt 210 case, smaller seasonic psu, and also you only need 4 gigs

26 min later 30002882 Anonymous
Get a 6850.

27 min later 30002895 Anonymous
>>30002785 i bet your temps are the stuff of legend im sticking with my build here because id rather not get laughed at stop being a cheapass and get a real job

28 min later 30002905 Anonymous (Clipboard01.jpg 1361x783 136kB)

30 min later 30002956 Anonymous
>>30002895 I looked at them under stress-testing, and they were fine. Not something to jerk off to, so not something I think of any more. Since everything is fine, I'm gonna keep on cheap-skating in a white case that hearkens to the Pentium III era and came with a ZIP drive fitted. Do as you will. Spend the extra money. Expect to gain little/nothing from it.

31 min later 30002970 Anonymous
>>30002905 >asrock >gskill >optical drive >farcry 3 no no no i already said im not interested in modern games

32 min later 30002984 Anonymous
>>30002970 >i already said im not interested in modern games Right but if your budget is $600 then buy the best hardware.

33 min later 30002997 Anonymous
What you have is fine for 5+ years ago. Maybe even a bit overkill.

34 min later 30003015 Anonymous
>>30002970 Then why are you buying a modern system? Or willing to spend the equivalent amount of money on a system that would last 3-4 years easily? Buy some core2duo shit box from craigslist for $100 and slap a refurbed GTX460 in it.

36 min later 30003045 Anonymous
>>30002984 but then why the hell would i want a brand new game like farcry 3 all new games are shit

37 min later 30003072 Anonymous
>>30003045 Cut and run now, Bro. You're arguing with Autists and teenagers. Seriously. what you have now is more than enough. A cheaper case could save you some cash.

41 min later 30003120 Anonymous
>>30003072 What he has is a waste of money. Night, you and OP are retarded.

42 min later 30003141 Anonymous (1355365721055.jpg 525x469 17kB)
>>30002681 Concurring strongly with this guy. Problems: >Case >PSU >Hard drive >GPU >CPU

43 min later 30003157 Anonymous
>>30003045 Because you aren't directly buying that game; the game is a promotion.

44 min later 30003163 Anonymous
>>30002970 Fuck your logic OP, you want a system for 600? Get the crucifix out of your ass and make that 600 stretch and last for several years.

45 min later 30003178 Anonymous
>>30002388 have fun playing starcraft on the highest settings. oh wait, there's only one

47 min later 30003207 Anonymous
>>30003163 >asrock >lasting more than a week

47 min later 30003221 Anonymous (1353772710434.jpg 436x333 20kB)
>>30003045 >>30002388 >>30002595 OP your flawed thought process makes me want to festoon my roof with your intestines.

49 min later 30003249 Anonymous
>>30003221 ut all new games ARE shit and i want to avoid them as long as possible

52 min later 30003275 Anonymous (engie herf.jpg 398x326 82kB)
>>30003249 That's not the point, you're wasting a lot of money on an imbalanced system and an overpriced case, for the sake of playing dated games. You want to play those, that's fine, but you need to lay off the K2 for a while.

54 min later 30003322 Anonymous
>>30003275 >impbalanced what the hell is imbalanced about it? and why do people keep recommending shit like asrock the only manufactuer worse than them is bio star

56 min later 30003356 Anonymous
>>30003322 I want you to calmly give me six legitimate reasons why ASRock is a bad choice for your target build.

56 min later 30003367 Anonymous
>>30003322 As Rock is fine. It's Asustek's value line, and suited for builds where one needs little expansion. The really bad brands like Jetway and PC Chips are gone, and now even ECS has seriously stepped up its game. Even an extremely cheap motherboard can be wholly reasonable these days.

58 min later 30003395 Anonymous
>>30003356 well 1 its a shit budget brand 2 every boardd i havev ever seen from them had major problem 3 its a shit brand 4 still a shit brand and 5 the brand is garbage budget shit that does ot deserve the praise it gets

59 min later 30003421 Anonymous (Capture.png 393x188 21kB)
Here, OP. Give me a few minutes and I'll make you a no offence, but superior build. for cheaper. My name is Scott and there should be more lan parties.

1 hours later 30003452 Anonymous
>>30003421 >entering the entire captcha

1 hours later 30003456 Anonymous
>>30003395 Sorry OP, don't expect help if you can't reign in your 13 year old edgy teen mindset.

1 hours later 30003495 Anonymous
>>30003456 can you show me pone ashit board thats last longer then 2 years?

1 hours later 30003521 Anonymous (1331094963653.jpg 263x317 42kB)
>>30003395 >mfw it's just fucking asus

1 hours later 30003553 Anonymous
>>30003521 no its asrock the shitty poorly made boards that asus rejects for good reason if its not true asus gigabyte or a good MSI board its a waste of money

1 hours later 30003556 Anonymous (Capture.png 1416x804 152kB)
>>30003452 Only this time. Anyway, here's my best. I used this motherboard in my brother's build. No complaints. Worked out of the box with the i3 3220. 7770 can overclock and kicks the crud out of a 550 ti. + 12.11 gave it a ~10% boost.

1 hours later 30003559 Anonymous
>>30003421 learn to captcha faggot

1 hours later 30003572 Anonymous
>>30002432 wow...talk about terrible advice.

1 hours later 30003611 Anonymous (1316896734925.png 667x670 360kB)
>>30003556 >430W PSU I would personally go higher.

1 hours later 30003617 Anonymous
>>30003556 >still asrock >still modern (shit) games included >seagate >crosair PSU >gskill anything ever >MSI gpu

1 hours later 30003627 Anonymous
>>30003611 How can you "personally" go higher? Wattage requirements for a computer aren't subjective.

1 hours later 30003694 Anonymous (1353784631552.jpg 166x231 6kB)
>>30003617 >asrock bad >seagate bad >gskill bad >MSI bad shiggy diggy >>30003627 Because to me a good PSU is a long term investment, and so is a good case for that matter.

1 hours later 30003714 Anonymous
>>30003617 Confirmed for retard.

1 hours later 30003718 Anonymous
>>30003617 >still asrock Yeah, it's a great board for the money. It works. >still modern shit Then don't play the games. Give them to a friend. I'm not sure why you wouldn't want a modern graphics card. I'm guessing you don't pay your own electric bill and don't care about saving money on power. It's not like you can't play old games with a new graphics card. >seagate There's a cheaper WD 1Tb blue on amazon if you want that >Corsair PSU Get a seasonic 520 m21ii modular if you want to spend more >MSI gpu uh...Yep. Nothing wrong with msi.

1 hours later 30003726 Anonymous
>>30003694 a case is a fucking box you tool, spending $100 on one doesn't make it better

1 hours later 30003758 Anonymous
>>30003726 >a box >cheaper ones always have shit airflow

1 hours later 30003774 Anonymous
>>30003726 If you don't want a loud, riced out, shitty air flow and bad cable management case then it would do good to do some research on a good case.

1 hours later 30003818 Anonymous (1353518631921.gif 800x801 51kB)
I found this picture of OP

1 hours later 30003838 Anonymous
>>30003726 Yeah, it does. Airflow, expansion, cable management, durability, accessories, and the list goes on. Anyways, I'm tired of this shitty thread full of the biggest retards on /g/ with the exception of a good few. >>30003774 >>30003758 >>30003714 >>30003694 >>30003556 >>30003367 >>30003356

1 hours later 30003876 Anonymous
>>30003838 asrock is shit though and if its not shit then prove it to me

1 hours later 30003889 Anonymous
>>30003818 The fuck is up with that thumbnail?

1 hours later 30003910 Anonymous
>>30003889 its a jiff moron

1 hours later 30003914 Anonymous (1355274021470.jpg 487x570 74kB)
>>30003876 Prove that it is. I've read some really good reviews off of PC Gamer for Asrock mobos, and if you don't like them I don't care either.

1 hours later 30004232 Anonymous
>>30003876 You're claiming that they're shit. The burden of proof is on you. We're waiting, bro.

1 hours later 30004311 Anonymous
>>30004232 fuck it just let him buy a shitty computer

1 hours later 30004343 Anonymous
>>30002984 He wants to build a budget PC for old games, leave the fucking guy alone. Jesus, it's like you stupid faggots just assume that shit put on the falcon list are the only parts available. Fuck off.

1 hours later 30004387 Anonymous
>>30004343 He's spending $600, we're trying to help him not fuck up. He asked for our opinions, he's gotten them.

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