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2012-12-20 05:49 30002182 Anonymous (laser-pointer6.jpg 2000x1456 560kB)
Tell me about your lasers /g/ pic related me and mah lazah

1 min later 30002193 Anonymous
I had a lazer surgically installed on my dick. Worst decsion I made in my life.

2 min later 30002210 Anonymous
>>30002182 i detect bullshit

4 min later 30002248 Anonymous
>>30002210 zYour ladar dector is off

6 min later 30002297 Anonymous (MG-McDowellFirstPerson089_1348704360.jpg 606x412 34kB)
Mah lazah reporting in

9 min later 30002355 Anonymous
Hum. Used to have some HeNe laser tubes. Long gone now. I've got dozens of red laser diodes for a project. Would really love to find some of the yellow laser diode modules for under $20 a pop.

10 min later 30002386 Anonymous (file3783.png 715x473 300kB)
Some might consider this shit posting i consider this giving /g/ a chance to discuss something other than consumer electronics.

10 min later 30002390 Anonymous
>>30002297 i didn't know lazors were made of photoshop, you learn something new every day I love this place.

14 min later 30002456 Anonymous (IMG_0057.jpg 2592x1944 1814kB)
>not using giant lasers in a 4 km long tunnel >2012 i shiggy diggy.

14 min later 30002464 Anonymous (663-Laser-025-725769.jpg 450x338 23kB)
i recently went to a trans Siberian orchestra concert and there was a cool laser show. If you think its going to be a show about transsexuals you are going home disappointed.

15 min later 30002480 Anonymous
>>30002456 Is that CDE on an HPUX box?

16 min later 30002491 Anonymous
>>30002480 Howd you know?

16 min later 30002500 Anonymous
Anyone know where to get reasonably priced bench lasers anymore? A few years ago there were several under $85 you could find from china. Can't find any now.

17 min later 30002526 Anonymous (Boeing X-37.jpg 410x289 19kB)
Does this thing have lazers?

18 min later 30002532 Anonymous
>>30002491 That age where people are sneaking beer out of their parents fridge, and getting laid in highschool? I didn't do that. Played with computers way to much instead. Also HPUX was and still is used for control systems all around the world.

27 min later 30002708 Anonymous (1351260328873.gif 320x240 375kB)

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