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2012-12-20 05:48 30002167 Anonymous (19-115-072-02.jpg 640x480 28kB)
>low idle temps >high temps while playing games I really don't know what is causing this, I have reseated my cpu fan, re-applied thermal paste, cleaned my pc, etc. The problem started about a week ago, do you guys think my cpu is defective and I need to RMA?

10 min later 30002363 Anonymous
>>30002167 You have a virus. What do you expect if you persist in running Windows?

10 min later 30002371 Anonymous
>>30002167 Maybe its because when you're playing games you use your processor more

11 min later 30002402 Anonymous
>>30002167 define "high temps" also if you are still using a stock cooler, thats the problem.

13 min later 30002439 Anonymous
high temps, as in over 80'C or what

13 min later 30002440 Anonymous
In B4 HD Graphics 3000

14 min later 30002448 Anonymous (1354328293458.gif 256x192 1073kB)
>>30002167 Are you overclocking? Are you using the stock cooler? Are you using a shitty cooler? Are you considering 40C high temps? Are you a faggot?

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