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2012-12-20 05:41 30002023 Anonymous (1355885546124.png 1217x960 1776kB)
Good evening /g/ents, I just got my sister a 160GB ipod classic and im putting all her music on it. She has a lot of music (over 130gb), however a lot of it is really disorganized. about half of it is just in one folder of unorganized MP3s that have weird names (with numbers in the beginning and artist names in the title etc). Im wondering if there exists an actual "music cleanup" program that could organize it and rename it. When i google it a bunch of super sketchy stuff shows up and i dont want to try any of it. Does this software even exist? If so do you have a recommendation of what to use? TLDR: Need a program to cleanup and organize music (if that even exists)

4 min later 30002110 Anonymous
shameful self bump

7 min later 30002176 Anonymous
Bump for interest Also have shit ton of music

9 min later 30002207 Anonymous
Do it yourself or use itunes

10 min later 30002225 Anonymous
I have a sister, I hardly talk to her. Whats wrong with me /g/

13 min later 30002280 Anonymous (Hahaha_Cat.jpg 600x399 41kB)
>>30002023 >MFW your sister can't into MP3 tag

13 min later 30002289 Anonymous
I use MP3 Tag. It's got handy mass renaming/mass numbering functions. It may help.

14 min later 30002312 Anonymous
>>30002280 yeah she is pretty tech illiterate. most of this is straight off of limewire back before it got shut down or other random torrents and she just threw it in a folder and never did anything about it. I personally organize my stuff along the way but this is too much music to go through and edit by hand

15 min later 30002318 Anonymous
Use iTunes. And then spend 6 hours undoing it from iTunes. This is the most efficient way

15 min later 30002319 Anonymous
>>30002289 >>30002280 alright thanks ill look into it

17 min later 30002374 MaineFag (Meatwad_Manly.jpg 300x225 17kB)
By. Fucking. Hand if you want it right anyway That was always my biggest assburger. Had to fix everything as I download or uploaded it.

2 hours later 30004677 Anonymous (saeko.jpg 1280x720 313kB)
>>30002374 No. The horror. This is what software is for. There are a few ways, a few years back I torrented tuneup media and that did it for me pretty well. Now I would just go with anything that utilizes musicbrainz or freedb for correction. I think there was a program called picard, mp3 tagger might do this, foobar had a plugin for it. Yep.

2 hours later 30004804 Anonymous
>>30004677 damn, you got that to work? I remember a crack was out, but it stopped working

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