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2012-12-20 05:40 30002003 Anonymous (Dell_U2412M_pic1.jpg 300x373 31kB)
Can I have /g/ approved monitors? Big sale on Dell in my country. Looking at pic. Dell U2412M 24" IPS

1 min later 30002032 Anonymous
>>30002003 >my country tell me your cuntry

2 min later 30002045 Anonymous
>>30002032 New Zealand

2 min later 30002063 ManaTea
>>30002045 Sorry.

3 min later 30002076 EKWTap
the 24inch 1920x1200 monitor is goat

4 min later 30002098 Anonymous
>>30002045 Chillybin

5 min later 30002125 Anonymous
>>30002098 It's fucking hot today. I'm sitting in my underwear. /g/ monitor guide anyone?

5 min later 30002129 Anonymous
I have a U2412M and this shit is the best monitor I have ever used. I have a samsung SMS27A550H next to it and the dell monitor makes this monitor look like shit. I also had an old HP monitor on my desk but removed it because I can't stand looking at its ugliness anymore, even for plain text.

8 min later 30002185 Anonymous
>>30002129 Have you gamed on it?

11 min later 30002223 Anonymous

12 min later 30002242 Anonymous (af18e2b7_input_lag_1.jpg 693x501 145kB)
>>30002185 the 23 has the lowest lag for gaymen

12 min later 30002253 Anonymous
>>30002125 underwear pics requested

14 min later 30002277 Anonymous
>>30002242 Will it be considerably noticeable?

14 min later 30002278 Anonymous
>>30002242 not OP. but the one thing that holds me back is the lack of hdmi on the 23inch. Wish dell would release a 16:9 ips monitor with hdmi.

14 min later 30002279 Anonymous (41xXPWfQX0L._SL500_AA300_.jpg 300x300 23kB)
this monitor was designed with nvidia in mind, wanna know how you can tell?

15 min later 30002314 Anonymous (1355716734012.jpg 383x354 10kB)
>>30002278 heard of adapters brah

16 min later 30002323 Anonymous
>>30002242 Except it's 60Hz so it's worthless blurry shit.

16 min later 30002327 Anonymous
>>30002279 irrelevant to topic

19 min later 30002391 Anonymous
Gimme /g/ monitor guide pls

21 min later 30002430 Saucey
>>30002314 >go to buddy's house >see his pc >old as fuck >slow as fuck >freezes, wtf not full with porn >one day he moves it for a party >bring my lcd monitor because he has a shitty crt >plug it >see plugs >3 or 4 adapters on it >wtf how old is this damn mobo or video card I'm letting him borrow my monitor til he can get one. I feel bad. >tfw I cant fix his computer without him without him paying 400 or so dollars for a new build he has an hdd with ide plugs... I think the mobo is going out cuz it freezes and shit from time to time

21 min later 30002431 Anonymous
>>30002314 im always worried/skeptical about adapters... would there be any loss of quality if i used a hdmi to display port adapter? or is there none because they're digital, etc. >>30002323 >m-muh 120hz until there's a 120hz ips monitor ima stay with IPS

21 min later 30002438 Anonymous (skidbriefsafe.jpg 200x201 24kB)
>>30002253 delivar with cash money

23 min later 30002459 Anonymous
>>30002431 >until there's a 120hz ips monitor ima stay with IPS wut

24 min later 30002487 Anonymous
>>30002459 No 120hz IPS monitors exist, at least none that i know of that are made for consumers.

25 min later 30002513 Anonymous
>>30002459 he means until there's one that is affordable also i wont be buying another monitor till i can get a 120hz ips high dpi ("retina") screen

26 min later 30002518 Anonymous (1355459532597.png 404x404 87kB)
>>30002487 So until a 120hz IPS monitor exists, you're going to stay with IPS?

26 min later 30002530 Anonymous
>>30002430 Stop abusing the greentext function kudasai.

28 min later 30002559 Anonymous
Not OP, but is there even a /g/ monitor guide?

28 min later 30002562 Anonymous
>>30002518 stop pretending you didnt understand it

28 min later 30002564 Anonymous
>>30002518 regular 60hz IPS monitors instead of 120hz monitors. was it really that hard to understand? should be obvious when everyone on /g/ compares 120hz monitors vs IPS monitors

30 min later 30002617 Anonymous (Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 6.10.46 PM.png 775x362 141kB)
Well looky here >http://www.squidoo.com/gaming-monitor

31 min later 30002619 Anonymous
>>30002559 You get what's cheapest and something that fits on your desk.

32 min later 30002641 Anonymous
>>30002559 None that I've seen. the usual talk is >>30002564 If you're gaymen go with 120hz, if you care about image quality go with IPS. Dell IPS monitors are usually the first to be recommended. Dont know for 120hz monitors, maybe some benq shit or something.

33 min later 30002672 Anonymous
>>30002641 But what if I'm interested in both?

33 min later 30002673 Anonymous
>>30002617 because low input lag compared to other IPS monitors. 120hz purists will still lash out at you because you'll have lower kdr if you don't have a 120hz monitor.

35 min later 30002695 Anonymous
I dont think people understand how small even 30ms input lag is. You're much better off spending time each day increasing your reaction time than passing up a good deal on a monitor because of .03 seconds. Human reaction time is like .15-.25 depending on whether or not you are a pleb, with .06-.15 ping to the server affecting you as well. The .03 seconds will only ever matter if you are LAN and have an absurd reaction time, and even then it won't in most cases.

37 min later 30002734 Anonymous
>>30002672 go with what you prefer most, honestly 120hz isn't necessary imo, some people think it gives them an edge when MLG no scoping or some bullshit. Dell IPS monitors have low input lag so they're good for gaming coming to other IPS panels. Frankly I'd just go with a 23 or 24inch dell.

38 min later 30002752 Anonymous
>>30002734 >coming compared

40 min later 30002792 Anonymous (1327434976685.jpg 300x403 20kB)
Anyone have any widgets and things to help me rice my new gs3? I was also looking for any way to center the clock at the top rather than have it to the right. It currently has CM10 and the UBER theme chooser applied to it. Thanks /g/

46 min later 30002881 Anonymous
>>30002792 wtf r u

1 hours later 30003138 Anonymous (tumblr_lp2fxzSfZ01qd5fk9o1_500.gif 491x252 455kB)
>>30002792 Download CMOS to your micro sd card and update via ladder. Also, don't forget to open ports and gateway 49. lolso rad mon.

1 hours later 30003357 Anonymous
i have an acer x243w and it looks glorious from the wiki page of ips there are NO advantages for ips over my >tn shit so why would i ips when this tn is perfect?

1 hours later 30003454 Anonymous (1319507280370.png 1058x767 384kB)
>>30003357 >TN is perfect

1 hours later 30003500 Anonymous
IPS is shit tier for watching movies. Life is pain.

1 hours later 30003507 Anonymous
>>30003454 i have never seen a monitor that is better than it name one thing wrong with it

3 hours later 30005602 Anonymous
I debated for weeks and weeks about IPS vs 120Hz TN. I was convinced for whatever reason that I needed 120Hz for much games but I eventually got over myself and realized that 120 is just a gimmick to get gaymen to buy shit they don't need. I bought one of the u2412m's when they were on sale in Australia a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely love it. No remorse at all. Its a glorious monitor.

3 hours later 30005661 Anonymous
I was thinking about this monitor. but, that was a year ago. http://pcpartpicker.com/part/acer-monitor-etwg5hpa07 Is it still any good?

3 hours later 30005812 Anonymous
>>30002430 It's not the MoBo, scenario 1. single core CPU and freezing due to like 1500 services under svchost.exe. scenario 2. Shitty PATA HDD is fragged to hell and massive file clusters driving windows indexing crazy. scenario 3. display adapter fails making it seem like the machine's frozen

3 hours later 30005817 Anonymous (U2713HM.jpg 550x294 28kB)
just got my U2713HM the other day and it is glorious. It rapes my current card (4870) though so now I need to upgrade. Thinking of getting a 7950 as I can't afford a 7970.

3 hours later 30005997 Anonymous
>>30002003 I hear the anti glare film is horrible on the U2412M, it's what stops me from buying it. Looking for a good monitor too and I'm willing to pay up to $700.

4 hours later 30006522 Anonymous
OP, just a tip, get the ASUS PA248Q over the Dell. It's so much better.

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