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2012-10-28 08:13 28623906 Anonymous (1347469660824.jpg 446x362 39kB)
Have you seen the new youtube they're turning it into google plus google hates anonymity

1 min later 28623939 Anonymous
I signed into youtube and it asked me if I wanted to use my real name. What the actual fuck.

2 min later 28623961 Anonymous (Skärmbild-11.png 1280x800 449kB)
>le giggolo faec

4 min later 28623994 Anonymous (Capture.png 1325x806 741kB)
Isn't just pretty much the same?

5 min later 28624014 Anonymous (Skärmbild-12.png 1280x800 418kB)
>>28623994 no

8 min later 28624067 Anonymous
>>28623906 >>28623939 Inevitability. Do seriously think the net will continue the way it is, forever?

10 min later 28624096 Anonymous
>>28624067 no, but I expect them to not be evil fucks and not use their most valuable IP besides search in a pissing match with facebook naw meen?

10 min later 28624113 Anonymous (1349479740160.png 1024x877 786kB)
It hasn't been rolled out to me yet, but i've seen it. Google doesn't seem to realize that G+ is a failed abortion.

11 min later 28624120 Anonymous
The EU and UN admittedly want to remove internet anonoymity fuck the government and fuck google

12 min later 28624140 Anonymous
>>28624096 Its all about this: $$$ Anonymity is a pain in the ass for targeted advertising. Welcome to the Corporatocracy

12 min later 28624141 Anonymous
>implying my google+ identity isn't Ivanto Humpalot

13 min later 28624165 Anonymous
>>28624140 also >internet terrorism

15 min later 28624199 Anonymous
I seemed to fix it so it would revert. Step 1. Clear Cookies for youtube, I like to use a chrome extension called edit this cookie to do so Step 2. Refresh Step 4. ??? Step 5. Profit

15 min later 28624201 Anonymous
>>28624165 True, which means not only will anonymity by name obfuscation be outlawed in legislation, so will, in time, encryption, unless of course it is done with a .gov approved tool.

16 min later 28624222 Anonymous
>>28624140 >>28624201 which is why you donate to the EFF, as you should be doing if you have the cash, and talk to people about these issues

17 min later 28624228 Anonymous
hurr durr youtube layout https://www.youtube.com/feather_beta problem solved

18 min later 28624240 Anonymous
>>28624222 Yes indeed - prolong the 'inevitability' for as long as possible. Captcha: oldnmen readers

18 min later 28624256 Anonymous
>>28624228 FUCK YES

19 min later 28624265 Anonymous
http://www.infowars.com/for-dhs-cybersecurity-education-begins-in-kindergarten/ >In a blog titled, “Inspiring the Next Generation of Cyber Professionals,” Napolitano said, “In addition, we are extending the scope of cyber education beyond the federal workplace through the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education, involving students from kindergarten through post-graduate school.” http://csrc.nist.gov/nice/

21 min later 28624292 Anonymous (Screen Shot 2012-10-28 at 12.34.18 AM.png 987x663 477kB)
>>28624014 >>28624014 Yeah, mine does not look like that.

25 min later 28624358 Anonymous
>>28624265 >Alex Jones

26 min later 28624366 Anonymous
I guess I got randomly selected for some random shitty beta again then. Last time this happened the changes were improved site-wide after a month or two.

27 min later 28624379 Anonymous
>>28624358 I see you still have the wool over your eyes.

27 min later 28624382 Anonymous
It does suck to a big degree, I wanted to comment on a video recently (and I've had a YouTube account going on 8+ years now) and suddenly it wouldn't let me unless I create some new damned fucking profile page or whatever so I said fuck it, no more comments from me, oh well.

28 min later 28624393 Anonymous
>>28624292 But it will as they're rolling out the changes slowly to different regions of the world.

28 min later 28624394 Anonymous
>>28624358 >Janet Napolitano

28 min later 28624400 Anonymous
Why does google redesign the website every year?

30 min later 28624420 Anonymous
>>28624379 >wool over your eyes >Alex Jones Maybe you should go back and listen to his painful 'pig' impression and buy oranges or whatever the fuck he is shilling for this month. also, >>/pol/

31 min later 28624430 Anonymous
>>28624420 Those news are technology related and related to this thread, you were the one who started spamming >>/g/

31 min later 28624436 Anonymous
>>28624420 so many mistakes, mah bad. I was typing angry. >wool over your eyes >Alex Jones Maybe you should go back and listen to his painful 'pig' impersonation and buy oranges or whatever the fuck he is shilling for this month. also, >>>/pol/

32 min later 28624449 Anonymous
>>28623939 When i tried to comment on video it asked my if i want to display my credit card information next to my real name. I clicked yes. You can't fite the progress motherfucker.

33 min later 28624462 Anonymous
>>28624430 >anonymity >Alex Jones Computer says no

34 min later 28624467 Anonymous
>>28624462 The thread is semi related to anonymity, the link was about DHS teaching kindergarten kids about "cybersecurity". Stop being mad.

34 min later 28624476 Anonymous
>>28624265 There is more http://www.infowars.com/un-seeking-global-internet-surveillance-for-terror-propaganda/ http://www.unodc.org/documents/frontpage/Use_of_Internet_for_Terrorist_Purposes.pdf

35 min later 28624487 Anonymous (dont_need_drug_zoloft.jpg 261x310 31kB)

36 min later 28624497 Anonymous
>>28624487 lol that's a good one

37 min later 28624502 Anonymous
>>28624476 please no link alx jones here. furking hell man. dekorum

38 min later 28624510 Anonymous
>>28624436 >getting angry at things on 4chan >not deleting your post How new are you?

39 min later 28624518 Anonymous
>>28624502 Why not, what's your problem? They're about as reliable as "mainstream media" nowadays. They're both utter shit but at least infowars lifts important issues like internet censorship.

43 min later 28624577 Anonymous (09-YouTube-comment.jpg 640x320 28kB)
>>28624228 brilliant

44 min later 28624589 Anonymous
>>28624518 infowars is a fucking joke, seriously, find a better source, they are out there. Alex Jones is a fucking raving lunatic.

45 min later 28624606 Anonymous
>>28624589 The source is in the article, are you illiterate?

46 min later 28624615 Anonymous
>>28624228 This isn't feather.

47 min later 28624632 Anonymous
what the fuck are you doing on youtube that you need to log in? google killed youtube years ago when it started censoring people

49 min later 28624657 Anonymous
>>28624577 This is how my youtube is, except its the same exact name. I'm afraid to click the button because my brain might explode.

51 min later 28624675 Anonymous
I think the bigger thing that scares me is that Its been like this for about 2 months with the name change thing and everytime I search it, practically nothing comes up explaining anything or any debate, problems etc. Just that stupid page with Joey The Cat.

55 min later 28624735 Anonymous (Untitled.png 1251x861 796kB)
>What new layout?

1 hours later 28624962 Anonymous
google sucks

1 hours later 28624981 Anonymous
The thing that pisses me off the most is all the wasted space on the right.

2 hours later 28625871 Anonymous
I found out that if you change your username to google+ theres an option to change it back under your settings where it has your picture and you click advanced and then something like change username which reverts it back to your original youtube name.

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