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2012-10-12 06:31 28226069 Anonymous (Untitled.png 296x128 24kB)
I'm paying for 20Mbps. Why am I getting this? This wasn't a problem until maybe two or three weeks ago.

0 min later 28226076 Anonymous
>2012, expecting to get the speed you pay for

2 min later 28226098 Anonymous (1346987454739.jpg 800x600 274kB)
probably getting capped by your isp you filthy pirate

3 min later 28226111 Anonymous (1328075126888.jpg 423x317 23kB)

4 min later 28226127 Anonymous
>>28226076 I could see 18, 16 or even 15Mbps with a 20Mbps plan but 0.6 is absolutely ridiculous. I'm the only one on the internet in my house so it's not like there's a lot of people using bandwidth. This is complete bullshit. >>28226098 I shouldn't be anywhere close to my bandwidth cap. I think Comcast is 250GB/mo and I definitely haven't downloaded that much this month. Maybe in September I pushed the cap but not in October.

5 min later 28226139 Anonymous (1349595998997.jpg 320x367 47kB)

5 min later 28226145 Anonymous (Untitled1.png 294x128 23kB)
retested, new result.

7 min later 28226171 Anonymous
>>28226139 It hasn't been that bad, for a long time I used to get the advertised speeds. I probably started having minor problems in August this year but they have been getting progressively worse.

9 min later 28226191 Anonymous (2236625516[1].png 300x135 33kB)
Shit sucks. Call your ISP.

11 min later 28226225 isac
you should be happy with unlimited bandwidths

11 min later 28226230 Anonymous (Screen Shot 2012-01-21 at 8.56.15 AM.png 291x131 40kB)
OP here, this is an old screenshot of the speeds I used to get for comparison.

18 min later 28226318 Anonymous (speedtest.png 300x135 32kB)
ITT we show our locations with speedtest images

18 min later 28226324 Anonymous (finalbosszyzz.png 720x444 535kB)
>mfw American internet oh well, at least we're not Canada

21 min later 28226371 Anonymous (33937f3b84ea6a5878f58d4f2bf9024d.png 297x136 31kB)
>>28226069 Canada has better internet

23 min later 28226395 Anonymous (not in deerborn.png 300x132 30kB)
>>28226371 45 for 6 down. Long live america!

28 min later 28226466 Anonymous (2133617152.png 300x135 31kB)
>>28226069 reset router 17.99 a month, bitch.

37 min later 28226549 Anonymous (cwchi.jpg 300x135 22kB)
Not bad for 4g that doesn't include C&D letters.

39 min later 28226560 Anonymous
>>28226324 Canadafag here, feels pretty bad, but at least I've got unlimited cap, unlike most people.

40 min later 28226574 Anonymous
do you have DSL if so then one of your filters died start disconnecting phones to test

41 min later 28226583 Anonymous
>Comcast fuck them,it's probably your router OP,I went through two routers with those faggots because the ones they give are fucking garbage. Find a new ISP.

42 min later 28226603 Anonymous (2236656713.png 300x135 32kB)
So anyone else apart of the DSL master race.

45 min later 28226632 Anonymous (3rdworldfagsarejelious.jpg 297x130 21kB)
>>28226139 whach u talkin about with comcast?!?! paying for 12 down and 2 up, jelly?

45 min later 28226638 Anonymous
>>28226583 I can just replace the modem. Comcast doesn't require you to use their modem you know. I just don't know what modem to buy. I already have a 54Mbps Netgear router that Comcast didn't supply which is sufficient for my needs.

45 min later 28226647 Anonymous
>>28226191 How much do you pay for that?

47 min later 28226656 Anonymous (best speed.png 300x135 32kB)
guys halp

48 min later 28226674 Anonymous
>>28226574 Explain.

48 min later 28226675 Anonymous (2236661660.png 300x135 32kB)
>>28226603 Yes. PS: this is exactly what I am paying for, ~80$ a month uncapped, the people I live with need a landline for some fucking reason so that's bundled in with it. I did use to have ~20ms ping all the way to chicago, don't know what happened to that.

48 min later 28226688 Anonymous
>>28226656 Uni internet doesn't count as you can't get business class internet at home.

49 min later 28226696 Anonymous
>>28226638 I use a Surfboard

50 min later 28226697 Anonymous
>>28226675 Damn that sucks I pay 45 a month for a 3Mbps Dry line.

51 min later 28226711 Anonymous
>>28226697 Centurylink also doesn't give any fucks if you're pirating, so I make it up with that.

51 min later 28226713 Anonymous (speedtest.png 703x443 244kB)
Canadafag, not sure why the URL share wouldn't work for me today, but that feel when living in the middle of nowhere, unrated ISP even.

53 min later 28226742 Anonymous
Since your upload is not affected check your filters and reset router. Go through tests to check all devices connected.

53 min later 28226750 Anonymous
>>28226711 Frontier will hunt you down they don't care cause all there DSLAMs are over sold anyway.

54 min later 28226758 Anonymous
>>28226647 $60/month I need a new router to really take advantage of it though

55 min later 28226779 Anonymous
>>28226758 I hate you so much right now.

56 min later 28226801 Anonymous
>>28226742 I did reset my router and modem. It looked like it fixed things as web pages briefly loaded faster but things slowed right down again and speed test is once again <1Mbps. I legitimately have no idea why upload is not affected though. I do remember 3Mbps being around my normal upload.

57 min later 28226803 Anonymous 5 torrents up and better than you (Capturer.png 739x82 56kB)

58 min later 28226819 Anonymous (jew.gif 501x585 11kB)
I can't see the problem, you're obviously not paying enough!

59 min later 28226831 Anonymous
>>28226750 except it was centurytel out here before it became cernturylink with the embarq merger. all the dslams were oversold before they merged and i was pirating back then too. 0 letters.

59 min later 28226834 Anonymous
>>28226674 DSL requires the phones to be on filters if you don't use them it will seriously fuck your speed sometimes they can die or the connectors get loose it happened to me. you can test this by temporarily removing all your phones.

59 min later 28226837 Anonymous
Is it true that you can raise your speeds by fucking with the modem and that's why they come with no screws?

1 hours later 28226847 Anonymous
>>28226801 Did you factory reset your router? So it's back to default. Also unplug everything and connect your PC directly to the router and test everything like that.

1 hours later 28226863 Anonymous
>>28226837 no.

1 hours later 28226879 Anonymous
>>28226847 No, I just unplugged it for about a minute or so. It's hard to connect my PC to the router as it is downstairs and I am up but I can if things don't improve.

1 hours later 28226883 Anonymous (2236676276.png 300x135 32kB)

1 hours later 28226894 Anonymous (2236677240.png 300x135 33kB)
>>28226069 GET ON MY LEVEL

1 hours later 28226901 Anonymous
OP make sure there is no filter between your router and the socket everything else goes through a filter.

1 hours later 28226934 Anonymous (Untitled2.png 296x128 24kB)
OP here, things are looking better now but I'm still getting less than half my advertised speed.

1 hours later 28226939 Anonymous
>>28226879 You gotta factory reset, then just put in your details to connect and see if it changes. When I say directly, just have it so nothing else is connected or between your PC and the router. Try a laptop or phone over wifi if you can.

1 hours later 28226948 Anonymous
>>28226901 How do I do that? I didn't even know there was a filter.

1 hours later 28226953 Anonymous
>>28226901 *modem

1 hours later 28226972 Anonymous
>>28226939 Wait, router or modem? I don't have a combined router/modem so there are literally two separate boxes.

1 hours later 28226997 Anonymous (2236681017.png 300x135 33kB)
>tfw the city you live in is begging google to bring its internet to town so your cable company triples your download and quadruples your upload speed so people wont switch

1 hours later 28227026 Anonymous
>>28226713 Here... I thought my Canadian internet was supposed to be shit....

1 hours later 28227031 Anonymous
Upgrade your wireless router. Seriously. I was getting 5 mbps, upgraded it, im gettinng 35 mbps.

1 hours later 28227068 Anonymous
>>28227031 You sure you don't mean the modem? Because I already have a 54Mbps router which I'd like to think is sufficient for my ~20Mbps internet with me being the sole user.

1 hours later 28227206 Anonymous
>>28226711 Tis true, I have been told by Centurylink employees that the company does not give a fuck about what you do with your internet. Mediacom needs to take lessons from this.

1 hours later 28227265 Anonymous (2236704702.png 300x135 30kB)
>tfw I pay $80/month for this

1 hours later 28227332 Anonymous
My area doesn't have Fios, stuck on Verizon's shitty 3 down/ 1 up. What sucks is, the area code a 10 minute walk away has Fios available.

2 hours later 28228157 Anonymous
>>28226688 Yes you can

4 hours later 28229283 Anonymous
>>28226779 What if I told you that bill was set up by my ISP to be $60 after taxes and has no weird fees. I literally get an automated bill that is exactly $60.

4 hours later 28229583 Anonymous (2236922286.png 300x135 32kB)
I pay about $90 a month for this, but I do get phone and TV with it.

4 hours later 28229634 isac (speed.png 312x143 33kB)
i'm fastest on the internets

4 hours later 28229644 Anonymous
>>28229583 >$90, shit speeds, mentions phone and tv my sides

4 hours later 28229727 Anonymous
>>28229644 In my area its the best speed to price option. Tried to go direct tv for tv, and only get my phone and internet through my current provider. cost way to much. I have been torrenting a lot lately so is slowed down.

6 hours later 28231132 Anonymous (2237121275.png 300x135 33kB)
I'm paying for 10Mbps. Why am I getting this?

7 hours later 28231239 Anonymous (slowfuckingslow.png 293x131 12kB)
I pay for 10mbps, AND THIS IS THE SHIT I GET? Damn phils. have slow internets.

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