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2013-07-19 07:08 21413019 Anonymous (giSzA0D.jpg 1024x764 73kB)
Why can't /fit/ get any celebrities to post here?

1 min later 21413039 Anonymous
>>21413019 probably because 4chan is associated heavily with the actions of boards like /b/ and reddit is thought of some liberal intellectual paradise

2 min later 21413053 Anonymous
it's because we're on 4chan. they don't want anything to do with a website that regurlay has child porn and such

2 min later 21413060 Anonymous
>>21413019 so what he has an ok jawline so what he has some biceps but hes just another guy whats so special about him?

3 min later 21413067 Anonymous
>>21413019 scooby posts here frank posts here zyzz used to post here

3 min later 21413081 Anonymous
>>21413019 4chan has no filter for stupidity and obvious trolling. Why would anyone want to deal with that?

3 min later 21413087 Anonymous
>>21413019 /fit/ isn't conducive to large scale attention whoring.

4 min later 21413088 Anonymous
i don't think most celebrities want to be associated with child porn and extreme racism doesn't matter if that happens on /b/ /pol/ and others and not on fitness. same site so everyone would associate them together.

4 min later 21413095 Anonymous
>>21413067 scooby has gone into hiding frank get's told /fit/ and asians don't mix zyzz is dead Worked out well for them.

6 min later 21413122 Anonymous
>>21413019 larissa where r u?

6 min later 21413127 Anonymous
/mu/ and /tv/ get question and answer with famous people regularly

9 min later 21413170 Anonymous
>Ivan Drago posts on Reddit >not /fit/ >not bb.com >not anywhere but Reddit Why is that? Is it because 4chan overall has the reputation of being the internet hate machine?

10 min later 21413190 Anonymous
>>21413127 who?

10 min later 21413198 Anonymous
>>21413039 >>21413088 These obviously

11 min later 21413204 Anonymous
>>21413170 Reddit is more mainstream. 4chan, for those who know about it, has a bad rep.

11 min later 21413213 Anonymous
Deadmou5 posted in /mu/

12 min later 21413231 Anonymous
>>21413019 >ivan drago >being a pussy and losing to the italian stallion pick 2

13 min later 21413238 Anonymous
>>21413019 fuark, I'm mirin dat kitchen hard

13 min later 21413246 Anonymous
>>21413060 hes 70 something bro

14 min later 21413255 Anonymous
>>21413019 well he certainly looks happy to be on reddit

14 min later 21413260 Anonymous
This is a niche board with no persistent system that would have a celebrity's presence recorded. Andrew W.K. ended up with moot somewhere and had a whole Q&A on /mu/ before.

15 min later 21413282 Anonymous
>>21413246 Bullshit. He's 50s tops.

16 min later 21413284 Anonymous (specialedition.png 831x826 161kB)
he looks great for 55 >tfw you will never look that great

17 min later 21413298 Anonymous
>>21413255 >quick grandad, hold this!

17 min later 21413300 Anonymous
>>21413019 Cuz they get doxxed.

17 min later 21413301 Anonymous
I could beat up that wrinkled old fuck now. >DRAGGGGOOOOOOO

17 min later 21413310 Anonymous (1374063532836.jpg 480x358 35kB)
because we're too hardcore, they cant handle our swag

18 min later 21413316 Anonymous (image.jpg 640x944 158kB)
>>21413060 >implying you aren't jelly

18 min later 21413321 Anonymous
>>21413060 that's dolph motherfucking lungren, bro. Haven't you ever heard of the Fifth Sense? He played a detective that could SMELL crime.

18 min later 21413322 Anonymous
>>21413019 >my feet hurt >where's rocky ? >what is reddit >i wish i was at home working out

19 min later 21413338 Anonymous
>>21413284 How do you know ? Stay healthy, work out, eat clean, stay way from juice and you will look great as well. Not back breaking job is a bonus too

20 min later 21413352 Anonymous
a guy from /sp/ got drafted into the nfl this year

21 min later 21413361 Anonymous
>tfw you will never fuck Dolph's qt3.14 daughter.

21 min later 21413364 Anonymous
>>21413321 based alwayssunnybro

21 min later 21413366 Anonymous
>>21413338 look im in shape, but just look at that jawline i can look good, but some people are just born better looking. no big deal

21 min later 21413367 Anonymous
>>21413352 He actually spends a lot more time on /a/ than /sp/

22 min later 21413369 Anonymous (spfoundaway.jpg 241x239 25kB)
>>21413352 and another /sp/artan won big brother last season

22 min later 21413370 Anonymous
>>21413352 he's a weaboo , too

23 min later 21413387 Anonymous
>>21413369 >fucking ian threads so stupid yet funny also >2012 >not having a strategy

28 min later 21413447 Anonymous
>>21413367 >tfw /a/ is the most successful board in sports Feels good, man.

29 min later 21413462 Anonymous

29 min later 21413466 Anonymous
>>21413338 >implying he's not at least on TRT

29 min later 21413471 Anonymous
>poster of his own movie in his kitchen doho

32 min later 21413520 Anonymous
>>21413095 /Fit/ can practically summon Fronk. I love Fronk. He gets along well with the /fit/ humor regardless.

33 min later 21413537 Anonymous
>>21413520 That's because Fronk humour is one of /fit/'s founding pillars. Newfags may now know it, but his videos have been posted here since pretty much day one. Others come and go. Fronk stays.

34 min later 21413553 Anonymous
>>21413466 Yeah but he can afford top quality shit, plus blood plasmas and all the other shit

35 min later 21413570 Anonymous
>>21413338 >stay way from juice this is the one thing you do need to do, not stay away from

36 min later 21413588 Anonymous
if i waz a scelebrry i wild pos on fit but i auges s thatsnot why im a celebrity?

36 min later 21413589 Anonymous
>>21413520 >>21413537 Frank is /fit/ incarnate. >looks at lifting as a philosophy rather than a science >loves BBC >started off skinny as fuck >fascinated by Zyzz >laughs at the same birdbrained shit

37 min later 21413601 Anonymous
>>21413588 You're not a celebrity because you can't spell.

38 min later 21413608 Anonymous
>>21413601 sory

39 min later 21413623 Anonymous
I know for a fact a very well known Olympia-tier bodybuilder posts or has posted here as anon. I know it because I went to some bodybuildng expo in my country and noticed he had /fit/ on his tablet. It's pretty much the reason I come back here. It's an anonymous board, you have no idea who may be replying to your post.

39 min later 21413624 Anonymous
Because they all know if they posted on /fit/ we would ask them questions that actually require them to use their brains. the Faggots on Reditt don't ask about lifting

41 min later 21413649 Anonymous (FUCK YEAH FRANK YANG.png 485x217 20kB)
>>21413589 >fascinated by Zyzz

42 min later 21413665 Anonymous
>>21413649 He talks about him in videos all the time.

42 min later 21413666 Anonymous (Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 3.49.51 AM.png 521x446 317kB)
>>21413338 >stay way from juice and you will look great as well >71 years old still on that test train

44 min later 21413698 Anonymous
>>21413282 he is 55

45 min later 21413710 Anonymous
>>21413338 it's called google

46 min later 21413720 Anonymous
>>21413649 >frank >natty pick one

47 min later 21413732 Anonymous
Chris Kluwe is a redditor. He's such a bro

1 hours later 21414141 Anonymous
>>21413665 he's just joking dude

1 hours later 21414311 Anonymous
/co/ gets a bunch of creators.

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