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2013-05-17 07:29 20005905 Anonymous (image.jpg 3264x2448 1370kB)
Wow, if you're shredded with zyzz genetics you Still won't make it. I must have a 0/10 face. Got shit on at this club right now. Lost a beach body contest to a 350lb 5'9 kid. Pic related it me I want to die

1 min later 20005928 Anonymous
i just got rejected by a chick cuz im "too quiet"

2 min later 20005936 Anonymous
post face

4 min later 20005963 Anonymous
>>20005928 I'm sorry bro, I know the feel

5 min later 20005972 Anonymous
Holy fuck mirin insertions. Sorry to hear you're an uggo

6 min later 20005999 Anonymous
Well post your face obviously

6 min later 20006005 Anonymous (1367180181009.png 1167x879 458kB)
>>20005905 >>20005963 >>20005928 I know that feel too. It's not going to matter how good of a body you have, if you aren't socially graceful. You'll still be able to get lucky with a few good looking "loose" chicks though.

6 min later 20006006 Anonymous
>>20005905 post face

9 min later 20006046 Anonymous
>>20005928 go after quiet qtpies then.

9 min later 20006047 Anonymous
I'm too ashamed to post face what's the easiest way to dies

10 min later 20006051 Anonymous
post your face

10 min later 20006056 Dr. Feels
>>20006047 Creatine

11 min later 20006065 Anonymous
>>20005905 >dat quad wut

12 min later 20006083 Anonymous
>>20005905 come on bro post dat face

12 min later 20006098 Anonymous
post face

13 min later 20006105 Anonymous
>>20005905 > Lost a beach body contest to a 350lb 5'9 kid. Kid must have had confidence to take off his shirt with a fat as fat ass body. Chicks dig confidence

16 min later 20006137 Anonymous
This girl just walked past me when I was sitting down and said I'm sexy as fuck. Maybe I'm good fit. Ill update in a bit

18 min later 20006162 Anonymous
Oh god As an ugly beginner is this what awaits me?? My feels...

20 min later 20006193 Anonymous (image.jpg 716x960 201kB)
>>20006162 Yea bro gym can't fix ugly You'll get ripped but only fat chicks that never get dick will e after you an not the hot thin chicks you want Sorry ugly bro

21 min later 20006204 Anonymous
>>20006162 do it anyway do it for yourself youll thank me

21 min later 20006206 Anonymous
>>20005905 Fashion, skin care, and the right hair cut can easily bump you up quite a few points if done correctly. You have to be pretty hideous for you to have no control. On another note, you might want to try some pick up artist books. I think there might be some on /rs/.

22 min later 20006220 Anonymous
>>20006193 jesus christ. You're like a slightly more cut, slightly less muscular me (without the shoulder stretch marks). U a mulatto bro?

23 min later 20006228 Anonymous
>>20006193 Holy shit dude, nice shlong. Just wear some really tight pants and you might be good to go. a little homo

23 min later 20006230 Anonymous
>>20006193 .....Nooooooooo

23 min later 20006233 Anonymous
>>20006193 can still see your dick dude.

23 min later 20006242 Anonymous
>>20006193 mate do ppl even notice you lift when you put on a shirt? I hate these dyel faggots who keep talking shit about girls not mirin their avg body. Keep bulking mate. One day youll make it

24 min later 20006258 Anonymous (image.jpg 640x960 137kB)

24 min later 20006267 Anonymous
leave it to /fit/ to point out his dick is visible in the pic

25 min later 20006271 Anonymous
>>20006242 Yea people notice my traps give my upper body the best look lol Stay upset bro

25 min later 20006277 Anonymous
>>20006242 >avg body. Being slightly out of ottermode is not average by a long shot, and even for people that go to a gym it is still not the norm.

25 min later 20006287 Anonymous
>>20006271 lol so you think you look muscular?

26 min later 20006299 Anonymous (image.jpg 640x960 100kB)
>>20006277 >avg

27 min later 20006305 Anonymous
>>20006277 says the fatty mate unless you are really buff ppl wont look at you differently thats why OP is complaining. Imagine some fat kid next to that fag, he would look tiny

28 min later 20006318 Anonymous
He needs to bulk, but he's on his way. >>20006299 see >>20006206 That haircut is terrible

28 min later 20006320 Anonymous
>>20006299 mate if you think you arent avg then i must look like hulk

28 min later 20006321 Anonymous (image.jpg 640x960 135kB)
>>20006287 Lol I have my shoulders back so I look dyel Push my shoulders forward and bam Stay upset bro

29 min later 20006334 Anonymous
Sup OP, get more chest and it'll be set.

30 min later 20006345 Anonymous
>>20006321 I suppose you could build your quads a bit more, harden your abs up, other than that you p good to me.

30 min later 20006349 Anonymous
>>20006321 >shoulders implying you have any delts there mate you think you are trolling me but im having quite a giigle at your tiny muscles

31 min later 20006355 Anonymous
>>20006220 Nah

31 min later 20006357 Anonymous (image.jpg 960x717 157kB)
>>20006345 >build quads

31 min later 20006366 Anonymous
>>20005905 lolololol "shredded w zyzz genetics" l2eat, dyelfaggot

32 min later 20006370 Anonymous
>>20006349 The pic you quoted was a while ago this pic >>20006299 was like yesterday Lol

32 min later 20006374 Anonymous
>>20006299 You are not average, that was the point I was making idiot. /fit/ seems to forget that overweight is the average weight of most modern countries. >>20006305 I'm 5'11 160lb at maybe 12-14% body fat. I'm not fat. Shirt on or off I look better than 70% of my gym, and with the shirt off I look better than most I've seen. Mass is not some sort of magical linear progression on the X/10 rating system, as OP has demonstrated. Your face followed by having an attractive (not fat, masculine) body is what determines your rating.

32 min later 20006378 Anonymous (download.jpg 238x212 6kB)
>>20006271 >my traps

34 min later 20006392 Anonymous
>>20006378 I can clean 225lbs and rep 205 like three times Traps are a necessity little boy

34 min later 20006397 Anonymous
>>20006374 lol avg bodybuilder mate even fat ppl look bigger and stronger than a tiny otter thats why I always recommend permabulk never forget /fit/ SQUATS AND OATS

36 min later 20006427 Anonymous (image.jpg 640x960 129kB)
>>20006397 You're dumb bro Oats have no nutrition Pls go summer

37 min later 20006438 Anonymous
>>20006392 i said you have no traps to be mired for >tfw thats baby weight bro bulk and then bang you will lift more and be mired more

37 min later 20006441 Anonymous
>>20006242 >>20006233 >>20006230 >>20006228 >>20006220 samefag 1/5

38 min later 20006465 Anonymous
>>20006438 Lol stay delusional People already mirin And not my body, but my face Like op knows Gym can't fix ugly Body is just a plus

40 min later 20006486 Anonymous
>>20006397 >mate even fat ppl look bigger and stronger than a tiny otter thats why I always recommend permabulk Who gives a shit if they look bigger and stronger? You think a sumo wrestler has more aesthetics than me? I will say this one more time because you clearly did not read my post: more mass does not equal better looking.

40 min later 20006494 Anonymous (images (1).jpg 259x194 8kB)
>>20006465 who cares mate i can outlift yo and rape you whenever i want stay mad no one can ever make me mad because im strong as fuck and can easily fuck them up

42 min later 20006520 Anonymous
>>20006486 who cares abot better looking mate? are you a girl? im a man and i wangt to be strong and big

43 min later 20006538 Anonymous (Implying.png 1450x797 251kB)
>>20006441 Implying

43 min later 20006545 Anonymous
Post face. We'll help.

43 min later 20006548 Anonymous (image.jpg 640x960 129kB)
>>20006520 >>20006494 Troll harder fat boys

44 min later 20006549 Anonymous
>>20006520 Go for it bro, but looking strong and big also does not equal BEING strong and big.

45 min later 20006575 Anonymous
>>20006549 mate why you so obssessed with looking? just lift bro just lift and youll be happy as fuck as i am now

52 min later 20006678 Anonymous
>>20006575 When did I say I was? I responded to the original guy because he implied that you had to be "really buff" in order for people to see you differently.

57 min later 20006743 Anonymous
>>20006678 deyl?

58 min later 20006752 Anonymous
Guys OP here, I'm seriously feeling like shit ... I had girls rubbing my abs but idm man. I cant get over losing like a serious failure

59 min later 20006771 Anonymous
>>20006752 Ugly boy stop posting

1 hours later 20006798 Anonymous
>>20006752 post face. Your problem could be easily fixable. Mabe you just need the right haircut or a stubble

1 hours later 20006843 Anonymous
>>20006771 I'm a "model" for a&f so I don't think I'm ugly. Maybe just a bad night. Gonna stop posting though. It's Cheat day now so I'm just goin to enjoy myself and call it a night

1 hours later 20006871 Anonymous
>>20006843 >I'm a "model" oh so you are just a fucking faggot who made this thread because you wanted some attention. I thought only girls did that. Anyway you should just kill yourself

1 hours later 20006954 Anonymous
>>20006871 Done and done

1 hours later 20007024 Anonymous
>>20005905 Stop fishing for compliments and post a pic of your face.

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