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2013-05-17 07:26 20005864 Anonymous (images (1).jpg 183x275 6kB)
hi /fit/ strange topic, but let's talk academics. i am normally a B average student, for some reason. i always found it hard to achieve A's, and well, getting A's is important for entering a field in nursing. my gpa of 3.3 needs to improve in order for me to get into a fucking school. my beaner skin, or male genitalia did not help enough. how do i achieve A's?

4 min later 20005925 theprplehaze
making time to be successful, i'd say. work THEN play. scheduling. caring enough to pay attention. there are no "secrets", really. i have a 3.7 GPA at my honor's college. with a little more effort, I'd have a 4. i hate myself for that. i plan to turn things around for the rest of my years. procrastination is my greatest enemy

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