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2013-05-17 07:22 20005804 Anonymous Tattoo Advice (wdb90324_9233_bearded_vulture_danielburon.jpg 800x533 96kB)
Sup /fit/.. I'm about to pull the trigger on a rib piece. I've been wanting some kind of raptor for a while now, but didn't know which one. For the longest time I thought I wanted a falcon/hawk wearing a falconer's hood, but after seeing this beautiful motherfucker I knew he was the one. So what do you faggots think? Good idea? Pic related.

1 min later 20005819 Anonymous
>gettin tattoo >good idea pick 1

2 min later 20005840 Anonymous (Velociraptor_by_cthulhu_is_awake.jpg 675x750 170kB)
>>20005804 velociraptor

4 min later 20005872 Anonymous (Victoria_on_a_Velociraptor.png.scaled.1000.jpg 814x1000 103kB)
>>20005840 velociraptors get all the bitches

15 min later 20006028 Anonymous
>>20005840 I'd straight get this tatted if I had the cash, this is legit as fuck

25 min later 20006168 Anonymous
>>20006028 anybody donating?

39 min later 20006377 Anonymous
>>20006028 Put it on kickstarter. Worst thing can happen is you don't get the cash.

1 hours later 20007400 Anonymous (200px-Jurassicpark.jpg 200x282 23kB)
I have pic related on my forearm. no regrets. get the raptor.

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