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2013-05-17 07:20 20005780 Anonymous Ab Workout (ngbbs514983bb11a66.jpg 312x450 30kB)
Anyone on /fit/ know a good workout regiment, diet, tips, tricks to get a good ab game in 3 months

1 min later 20005800 Anonymous
>summerfag keto, thats all ill say

4 min later 20005850 Anonymous (photo.jpg 475x315 105kB)

22 min later 20006112 Anonymous
read the fucking stick, faggot.

25 min later 20006141 Anonymous
>>20005780 This has to be a troll. OP there are no tricks. The more you exercise the harder you push yourself, the more results you'll have. Show some discipline you faggot.

29 min later 20006185 Anonymous

32 min later 20006229 Anonymous
>>20006112 ya! read the god damn stick!

40 min later 20006358 Anonymous (frankie1.jpg 500x453 77kB)
>>20005780 FOREAL THOUGH and not OP here, we're not looking to get huge, we jstu want good ab game. pic related. dyel ass niggas with low bodyfat, sure. but how can we work our abs so they pop the fuck out like this? we know crunches are bullshit and squats are the best, but the idea is to avoid big legs and basically look like fucking teenyboppers until we take our shirts off. male model status. help us out you know-it-all SS-soaked fuckheads. tl;dr enough of that 'don't eat, don't lift' bullshit. we know you need a low bf%. assuming that's under control, wat do for dem rollz? >captcha: prodoos infant

43 min later 20006400 Anonymous
>>20006358 simmer down /fa/ggot >genetics

45 min later 20006419 Anonymous (marlon.jpg 533x800 71kB)

49 min later 20006484 DragonFlags DragonFlags (Dragon Flags.png 1201x548 117kB)

55 min later 20006590 Anonymous
>>20006358 how low does the body fat have to be to see good abs usually like in the pic?

58 min later 20006637 Anonymous
>>20006590 depends on the size of your abs. I'd say that he's roughly 10%, but doesn't have much mass.

1 hours later 20006655 Anonymous
>>20006358 Diuretics, a liquid diet and flattering lighting.

1 hours later 20006675 Anonymous
>>20006358 >crunches are bullshit I don't think anyone's ever said that.

1 hours later 20007129 Anonymous
>>20006419 7%?

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