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2013-05-17 07:14 20005685 Anonymous (33190110.jpg 323x585 101kB)
So I got a girl's number after I helped her take some stuff from her car to her apartment because she was moving in. Apparently /fit/ came through and she asked for my help as soon as she saw me walking by. I had just woken up from a high nap and I was still a little delirious so I feel like I might not have come as smooth as I would've wanted to also I kept fantasizing about her asking me inside and me getting lucky like they do in porn but anyways I still got her number. Now what I want to do is have her as a fuck buddy, just imagine whenever I'm feeling lonely I can just go down the street or have her come over. With this in mind what do I do with her number and how long shoukd I wait before calling/texting her? And please I need serious advice those pickup lines you guys post is only gonna crush one of my lifelong dreams.as a matter of fact I'm not looking for you to tell me what to text her but just guide me or give me aome tips instead.

2 min later 20005734 Anonymous
Don't call her. It will make her wonder why and question her self worth. Next time you see her say you were busy.

2 min later 20005736 Anonymous
3 day rule ay gurl r u a beaver cus dam enjoy that sweet puss OP

8 min later 20005809 Anonymous
>>20005685 OP, i sincerely want to help you out. This is what you do; don't call her yet, wait for a week and if you haven't seen her in person then you call her. If you do see her, just start a friendly conversation, if you are in a good or decent shape then she will want you, so what you need to do now is make little eye contact, and when you do dont ever stare at here tits or ass. This will fucking drive her insane. If she hasn't already asked you over then you do it, ask her if she wants a drink or something at your place. If you've established some sort of common ground eg same music, same movies, same dildo collection whatever use that as a basis and an excuse for her to come over. Once you are alone with her, just start making out with her. then fuck her. This will work. It has never worked for me since ive never done this before but using my limited knowledge on woman this is the best advice i have.

8 min later 20005810 Anonymous
>>20005734 The thing is it's not like I will run into her that often because she lives on one of those apartment buildings with underground parking.

13 min later 20005880 Anonymous
>>20005685 so if you actually wanna get laid, pretty much take the opposite of all of these advice

14 min later 20005895 Anonymous
>>20005880 But if he takes the opposite of all these advice, then that also means the opposite of your advice.

15 min later 20005907 Anonymous
>>20005895 Well, I guess he's fucked then (not literally though)

15 min later 20005908 Anonymous
>>20005809 Thanks bro I am not too sure about how efficient the first part is but the latter part has worked for me before. Once I get her to invite me over her place it's a wrap, it's just that I want to ruin my chances of that happening which is why I want to do this carefully.

15 min later 20005917 Anonymous
>>20005908 *dont want to ruin my chances

16 min later 20005926 Anonymous
I think the best piece of advice another guy can give is just don't get your hopes up. This shit almost always leads to more disappointment than happiness.

18 min later 20005950 Anonymous
>>20005685 Why don't you hang out with here and decide if you like her before concluding that she should be your fuckbuddy? She's a person too, and she just might get along with you perfectly.

18 min later 20005961 Anonymous
Anyone else got a semi after reading this, I've always fantasized about a girl asking for some type of help in her home and then fucking her. I need to cancel my naughtyamerica and brazzers sucscriptions.

20 min later 20005981 Anonymous
>go to /fit/ >first thread has pic of me on it You bros never forgot about me ;_;

20 min later 20005982 Anonymous
You are a huge faggot for not knowing this. It's very simple to have a "fuck buddy". You just lie to her and make her think that you are her "Everything". She will put out, and you will nut in her whenever, then rinse and repeat. Only in very extreme circumstances (you are a God, or she is a complete fucking moron) can the "fuck buddy" scenario last for longer than a few sessions. As you post on 4-chan for advice like this, I can only imagine that you don't fall into those categories, so don't sweat it. Just llie, get laid, and keep the lie goin until she finds out.

20 min later 20005987 Anonymous
>>20005809 >same dildo collection lel

26 min later 20006069 Anonymous
>>20005809 >don't make eye contact >not staring her down and letting her feel your dominance over her with her eyes >I sincerely hope you gentlemen don't attempt this.

32 min later 20006146 Anonymous
theres a lot of things you could do here OP. The girl just moved into a new place..thats a start. Don't wait too long to make your starting move. You could ask if shes knew to the area and show her around or whatever. Also, girls are a hit or miss to fuck in a short period of time of knowning you if they are sober

3 hours later 20008868 zyzz
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