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2013-05-17 07:05 20005560 Anonymous (4MartianAmbassador.jpg 473x709 152kB)
it's 12:00 AM, I went to bed at 7 pm so I woke up an hour ago, so 11, and I'm hungry, theres bbq chicken in my fridge, should I eat it? or go to bed.

1 min later 20005578 Anonymous (83287737.gif 500x257 269kB)

2 min later 20005590 Anonymous

2 min later 20005595 Anonymous
you should go do some squats

3 min later 20005607 Anonymous
>totally warranted an entire thread

3 min later 20005608 Anonymous
>>20005560 no lol its gonna go straight to ur thighs xDDD check them btw

3 min later 20005613 Anonymous
If I roll odds, you must go to bed now if evens, eat the bbq

4 min later 20005626 Anonymous
Should I eat the chicken? Or save it for a lunch after todays workout, this afternoon?

5 min later 20005650 Anonymous (83256915.gif 500x281 1000kB)
>>20005613 thats the stupidist thing ever

6 min later 20005669 Anonymous
>>20005613 Gnight op! Don't let the bed bugs bite!

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