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2013-05-17 06:55 20005420 Anonymous MJ (maricrack.jpg 320x450 43kB)
How does /fit/ feel about weed?

1 min later 20005441 Anonymous
Doesn't kill gains, helps hungry skeletons get their bulk on. Anti-inflammatory. Thumbs up from this fitizen, even though I don't smoke.

9 min later 20005557 Anonymous
i ask as i am a daily toker, 3-4 bowls. wondering if i need to cut back, or stop, worried mostly about lung damage.

10 min later 20005568 Anonymous
>>20005557 it'll get you eventually, unless you think you have what it takes to get it under control, you are defined by your actions, so think well on what you do.

11 min later 20005584 Anonymous
It's stupid and unnecessary. Helps you do nothing other than sit on your ass.

14 min later 20005630 invictus
>>20005557 invest in a vaporizer. it's much more efficient and doesn't damage your lungs.

15 min later 20005642 Anonymous
Enjoyable. Can't do it all the time, 'cause I got shit to do, but enjoyable.

15 min later 20005649 Anonymous
>>20005557 Well it has ~4x as much tar as cigarettes. The average cigarette is 0.8-1g of tobacco. So, if you smoke 1g of weed a day, its the equivalent of smoking 4 cigs which isn't much at all considering most smokers smoke between 12-25 cigs a day. If you're concerned about your lungs buy a vaporizer, and NEVER smoke resin.

16 min later 20005658 Dr. Feels
>>20005420 It's fine if you want to be a lazy commie hippie, contribute absolutely nothing to society, and want to smoke your pitiful life away

16 min later 20005662 Anonymous
A waste of money and time. Don't even need to bring up the healthiness of it, the high is temporary, the money is gone forever >inb4 le happy merchant

16 min later 20005667 Anonymous
Don't really like it myself but I have no problem with it

16 min later 20005668 Anonymous
yo last time i bought weed i made weed eggs i got super high and didn't smoke anything to me it seems a superior way to consume thc because it's healthier what says you fit

17 min later 20005680 Anonymous
>>20005584 weed is only for the weekends, freetime or before going to sleep. please dont tell me you tried to pre-workout with it

18 min later 20005690 Anonymous
>>20005662 Everything is temporary, you retard. Everything you have ever done for pleasure is "temporary." Every pleasurable feeling you have ever experienced was "temporary." >don't ever do anything >things are temporary

18 min later 20005693 Anonymous
>>20005420 >5420 >420 >weed thread

19 min later 20005701 Anonymous
>>20005668 weed eggs? elaborate

20 min later 20005721 Anonymous
Dunno. I stopped smoking the shit myself, but then I had terrible smoking habits and spent a long time doing nothing but blazing in the morning, working, then blazing till I fell asleep. Didn't like how sluggish and lazy i'd become so I just kinda stopped, along with the cigarettes. Felt like my mind worked slower and I was always tired or unhappy. Don't miss it. I think it's a misunderstood substance and many governments should rethink their stance toward it, but I personally lack the self-control to smoke it in moderation, so I just gave it up. I'm a hungry skeleton, and it might be useful for making me eat more, but at the same time it'd probably kill the motivation I have to go to the gym, so yeah.

21 min later 20005729 Anonymous (12342314.jpg 600x741 205kB)
weed can be useful if you let it and don't let it control your life also lifting high is one of the best experiences

21 min later 20005740 Anonymous
Weed changed my life. Made me think about my body. Also rem sleep helps release hgh, weed helps promote rem sleep. Something to think about

22 min later 20005752 Anonymous
>>20005668 weed eggs? i think i've heard of everything at this point. Alsso, my input is taken from scoobs. Now mind you, I smoke 3-4 bowls of weed every single day, but not until after my workout. 1. Lower oxygen level in blood slightly, which contributes to less liftan power. 2. makes you lazy, would never smoke before a workout. No study has ever been done to see if it is bad for muscle building. I'm a pretty strong guy whose been lifting for a few years.

22 min later 20005758 Anonymous
>>20005721 i feel remarkably similar to this. Damn, i just bought too...

23 min later 20005762 Anonymous
>>20005740 Weed destroys REM idiot

23 min later 20005764 Anonymous (1368201849532.jpg 579x720 58kB)
>>20005729 hngg

23 min later 20005766 Anonymous
>>20005740 im pretty sure it doesnt. REM sleep is best achieved when sober. I can never control my dreams when drunk/high

23 min later 20005770 Anonymous (1332884908036.jpg 180x291 68kB)
>>20005420 >420

23 min later 20005771 Anonymous
>>20005740 Uhh ... Weed makes it longer to get into REM sleep, I havn't heard your version ever proven. Do you have a study? because I can easily go find studies that say otherwise

23 min later 20005772 Anonymous
dnp cravings+munchies are terrible

25 min later 20005787 Anonymous
>>20005701 >>20005752 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKJ4 l-o_nHU that video cuts off but basically you cook the weed in the butter for a bit, it's gonna make the oil all brown n shit. cook it for a minute or two ad then just put some eggs up in that bitch and eat it. i got high for 2 days off of 1 gram

25 min later 20005797 Anonymous
>>20005770 >>20005770 >>20005770 >>20005770 wow, that is incredible

26 min later 20005799 Anonymous (1360279417561.gif 300x200 2464kB)
>>20005772 I dont get people who have problems with munchies Its all about having good food around, when i smoke and get munchies i usually have a protein bar or some diced fruit with chilli powder

26 min later 20005808 Anonymous
>>20005787 forgot to mention that i scrambled the eggs, 4 of em to be exact

28 min later 20005842 Anonymous
>>20005762 I sleep like a dead baby when I smoke. And I wake refreshed and ready to workout. I cant say "weed increases my rem sleep" because I dont know exactly what it feels like but it helps me sleep without waking up in the middle of the night. Good nights sleep = great morning workout. It might be anecdotal but im not the only one

28 min later 20005846 Anonymous
>>20005758 Gotta make a decision, bro. For me, I liked getting good grades and writing/reading too much and I felt like dak was getting in the way of that. If you're more on a lifting kick maybe the benefits and downsides are different, but still. Also I got sick of bags under my eyes all the time.

30 min later 20005866 Anonymous
>>20005808 What was the point other than to get high? I'd rather just smoke the weed and then eat the eggs. I fucking hate how ingesting weed makes it last for days. >make pot brownies >threw in a qo >`12 brownies, I ate 4 >soo tired >felt nauseous >fell asleep on bathroom floor on tuesday >woke up thursday >took longest piss of life, took big shit too >drank many cups of water because dehydrated >drove to mcdonalds as fast as I could because starving >go home and feel groggy until the next day

32 min later 20005888 Anonymous
>>20005690 but jacking off is free

32 min later 20005898 Anonymous
>>20005888 trips confirm i am right

32 min later 20005899 theprplehaze
>>20005799 >some diced fruit with chilli powder how do you go about doing that? sounds interesting

32 min later 20005900 Anonymous (1355710899862.png 445x612 357kB)
>>20005758 Just learn to control it bro, I always advocate for proper weed usage, dont let it get in the way of you lifts/school or social life Dont do it as often and learn to enjoy it like if it was your first time smoking >sick pipe

35 min later 20005934 Anonymous (1354926060655.jpg 500x639 127kB)
>>20005899 Just a big ass bowl of diced fruits I always use apples, mango, pear, and oranges, put some lemon juice on those bitches then sprinkle some chilli powder somtimes i add some nuts to the salad thing that always kills my munchies

37 min later 20005967 Anonymous
>>20005866 Those sound like some sick brownies, bro

39 min later 20005993 Anonymous
"weed is not a drug, its a leaf" - arnold schwarzenegger.

40 min later 20006012 Anonymous
>>20005420 It's ok but like any drug, you probably shouldn't be doing it on a a daily basis.

43 min later 20006048 Anonymous
>>20005420 It's a waste of time.

44 min later 20006061 Anonymous
>>20006012 People use drugs on a daily basis and they dont even know about it

45 min later 20006071 TIM Chainz (real quarters.jpg 500x617 95kB)
>used to smoke pot all the time >never any health defects aside from always thinkin pot made life better. If you need weed to make you forget the bad day at work you had, or to get your day started- you are a sad individual

45 min later 20006082 Anonymous
>>20005993 Cocaine is extracted from coca leaves.

46 min later 20006104 Anonymous (1336159686870.jpg 520x638 21kB)
>>20006071 >my way of life is better than your way

47 min later 20006111 TIM Chainz (those blacks.png 470x2870 100kB)
>>20006071 Ex stoner here, so I'm semi-legit

47 min later 20006117 Anonymous
>>20006061 You know what I mean, stop acting stupid.

47 min later 20006120 Anonymous
>>20006082 Weed is not a drug, THC is. Coca leavea aren't a drug, cocaine is. Do you understand now? stop being edgy 15 year old.

48 min later 20006121 Anonymous
>>20006082 Weed isnt extracted or processed. You can put the seed in the ground, let it grow, and smoke it afterwards.

50 min later 20006143 TIM Chainz
>>20006104 im just sayin, the money you save by not buying weed. The paranoia you avoid by not smoking weed. the clothes you don't ruin with the smell of pot. the missed opportunities to talk to women because you were to stoned to function. >the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence >where the bulls are shitting I guess

57 min later 20006259 Anonymous
>>20006143 >>20006143 I dont know brah, most of those problems you mention have an easy way to fix them, and dont really relate to pot, except the smell... Its all a matter of learning to control yourself, not smoking everything in sight or quitting just because of a bad streak But yeah, these are the kind of thing that rely to much on personal choice, in the end people should do whatever the fuck they wanna do

1 hours later 20006300 Anonymous
It makes you feel fucking great, it has no real negative side effects, but it's just another useless waste of money. Unless you've really optimized your bulk and can't take it, it's like buying fucking action figures

1 hours later 20006352 TIM Chainz
>>20006259 I smoked everyday for the last 5 or 6 years. I haven't for the last 4 months. I'm just sayin that pot is a drug that makes you feel better. it doesn't actually make you better. I save like $70 a week by not smokin

1 hours later 20006363 Anonymous (Relaxing-kitten1.jpg 433x326 44kB)
tfw I buy an 1/8, toke 2 times maybe 3 times max a week after work and gym while laying in bed watching tv.

1 hours later 20006381 Anonymous
>>20006352 $70 a week? did you buy gram for gram and smoke 1 a day? that's nuts.

1 hours later 20006420 beta_runner
>>20005799 Mexican?

1 hours later 20006421 Anonymous
>>20005420 Im high right now

1 hours later 20006423 Anonymous (1362618308618.gif 500x375 2091kB)
Absolutely nothing wrong with it in moderation, but lung damage will occur with daily use, just because that's what smoke does to your lungs no matter what kind of smoke.

1 hours later 20006428 Anonymous
>>20006420 Yeah

1 hours later 20006437 Anonymous
>Ever smoked? >Ever smoked with your girlfriend? >Ever smoked with your girlfriend and both of you get horny? >Ever smoked with your girlfriend and both of you get horny and start to fuck passionately becuase you're both trippin'? Yup dudes it's true, marijuana is a natural aphrodisiac.

1 hours later 20006443 Anonymous
>>20005557 you know it burns your balls right?

1 hours later 20006474 Anonymous (1364784068851.png 642x767 1309kB)
>>20006437 >tfw no qt3.14 gf to smoke with

1 hours later 20006495 Anonymous
>>20006437 I have paranoia already so weed is shit. I can't get hard when I smoke

1 hours later 20006517 beta_runner
>>20006428 The pinche chilli powder gave it away. I do that to with some limes. Tasty as fuck.

1 hours later 20006547 Anonymous (1365749298595.gif 500x281 997kB)
>>20006517 mi negro

1 hours later 20006552 Anonymous
>>20006495 same, whenever i smoked before trying to fuck gf, could never maintain boner, my mind was always elsewhere.

1 hours later 20006606 Anonymous
>>20005729 >lifting high fucking this

1 hours later 20006657 Anonymous
I smoke because I'm lonely and have no friends. I find anime and video games to be very fun and exciting while high. Though, I'm smoking a lot and I'm worried about lung damage. Vaporizer the only way? I remember my friend had a vape pen and he said it wasted so much fucking weed it hurt.

1 hours later 20006687 Anonymous
>>20005770 hahaha oh shit

1 hours later 20006710 Anonymous (1359521315891.jpg 476x356 74kB)
>>20006657 I dont even know where to start to help you bro

1 hours later 20006711 Anonymous
>>20006121 you sound like a vegan lel

1 hours later 20006714 Anonymous
>>20006657 Use edibles fool.

1 hours later 20006737 Anonymous
>>20006710 Just trying to smoke more pot without killing my lungs. >>20006714 I wish edibles were cost efficient. For a gram of weed, I can make that maybe 3 or 4 sessions. An edible is the same price and I just eat the whole thing in one go.

1 hours later 20006764 Anonymous
>>20006737 >tfw live in cali and good weed is cheaper than broccoli.

1 hours later 20006768 Anonymous (5mJVl.jpg 944x786 113kB)
I prefer acid, alcohol, mushrooms, DMT, and painkillers to weed but to each his own.

1 hours later 20006797 Anonymous
>>20006737 >Just trying to smoke more pot without killing my lungs. What he meant is that you should probably inspect your life before plunging deeper into the pit. I found weed to be a booster. If you're having fun, it'll make that even more fun. If your life is bad overall, it'll make it seem like fun, but actually make it even worse. Been there, done that.

1 hours later 20006865 Anonymous
>>20006764 >tfw live in Canada and horrified at Cali's prices.

1 hours later 20006881 Anonymous
>>20006764 Yeah, I'm in Cali too. San Jose is pretty meh though for the weed game. >>20006797 My life's pretty good. Got an internship lined up for this summer, doing decent in my major, Microsoft leaning towards me for next summer's internship, and I just bought an eighth. I just want my lungs to stay safe. And Microsoft doesn't do any drug testing so I'm not worried there. >>20006865 How much a gram?

1 hours later 20006924 Anonymous (in canada cat pay you.jpg 700x533 58kB)
I like to lift high with my bro. Not too high otherwise those lifts take intense willpower. 3 times a week usually. We both invested in vapes and they really are worth it, at my rate 30 bucks worth lasts months. I really can't think of any way that it negatively affects me other than having to keep it on the down low because some of my social circle would probably react badly if they knew.

1 hours later 20007001 Anonymous
>>20006881 10$ a gram just like everywhere else, but only junior high kids buy one gram. 150-200$ an ounce, 100$ a half ounce, 60$ a quarter.

2 hours later 20007580 Anonymous
>>20007001 fuck that just like anywhere else 20 for a gram here in new Hampshire fuck you I'm jealous

5 hours later 20009694 Anonymous
>>20006120 >Tobacco is not a drug, nicotine is No, retard, marijuana is a drug. Don't tell others to stop being edgy 15 year olds. Don't you have school tomorrow?a

5 hours later 20009810 Anonymous (1361233061512.jpg 645x773 74kB)
>>20005420 you really want to know how we feel?

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