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2013-05-17 06:41 20005210 Anonymous (2sREC.gif 390x269 247kB)
>Dat world view after you've faced your demons for the first time I've NEVER felt truly confident like I do now. I think the true test of strength is a man is his ability to overcome himself and his insecurities.

2 hours later 20007518 Anonymous
What are you avoiding, /fit/? Y-y-you scared?

2 hours later 20007575 Anonymous
>>20005210 Elaborate on what youre referring to. What demons and what did you do to face them?

2 hours later 20007605 Anonymous
My inner demons pretty much run my life. Can't seem to beat em.

2 hours later 20007631 Anonymous (1327381494023.jpg 800x600 76kB)
>>20005210 proceed op

2 hours later 20007637 Anonymous
>got drunk >fucked my first trap the other night seriously feels like i'm a new man. brimming with confidence wherever I go.. no one intimidates me anymore... who fuckin knew.

2 hours later 20007663 Anonymous
>>20007637 so you're gay now?

2 hours later 20007675 Anonymous
>>20005210 I bet you still lift for girls.

2 hours later 20007687 Anonymous
>>20005210 Just wait until the MDMA/shrooms wear off, you'll be back to normal and hating life in no time. :D

2 hours later 20007691 Anonymous
>>20007663 naw that ain't me. I don't know what it was but that combination of its feminine touch and masculine demeanor just awoke something inside of me.

2 hours later 20007696 Currently: 9iu Seros+8 Blast
Never though I'd see the day I'd say this on /fit/ sincerely but... I know that feel bro.

2 hours later 20007713 Anonymous
>>20007675 I lift to get pussy, not girls

2 hours later 20007715 Anonymous
>>20007663 Its only gay if her dick is bigger than yours! Amirite guize? ... guize?

2 hours later 20007734 Anonymous
>>20007637 I'm pretty sure all you did was let the demon in and he is now you. Brb calling the Pope, you need to be burned. Whoever OP once was he is no more. We're just talking to the demon here. Begone foul beast. But on topic, my demon is simply that i cannot enjoy life. I stress and worry about unimportant shit, scared out of my wits of the future for no definite reason, very bitter and last all humor i once had, no gf (of course), too assburgers to just have normal conversation with people and actually feel natural talking to someone and not pretty much running through a script or being tense for no reason.

2 hours later 20007763 Anonymous
>>20007687 way to burst his bubble bro

2 hours later 20007772 Anonymous
>>20007691 dick you suck her dick? or wank it??

2 hours later 20007821 Anonymous
>>20007637 tell me about the dick op

3 hours later 20007960 Anonymous
>>20007734 http://www.amazon.com/Thick-Face-Bl ack-Heart-Philosophy/dp/0446670200/ ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1368776529&s r=8-1&keywords=thick+face+black+hea rt Best book I ever read ..and I was a bookworm.. may help

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