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2013-05-17 06:40 20005204 Anonymous (image.jpg 640x753 63kB)
>Tfw it has been half a year since she broke up >tfw still checking her face every once in a while >tfw she found some new tool bf >tfw no gf :'(

1 min later 20005231 Anonymous
>going through old messages >seeing how happy you were together >in that moment cant even remember how it all ended the feels...

1 min later 20005240 Anonymous
sorry, bud.. =/ i wish i had some advice other than try to meet new chicks, and wait it out until it gets better. it will get better eventually, anon.

3 min later 20005280 Anonymous
you'll make it brah

4 min later 20005287 Anonymous (1317698195449.jpg 640x590 143kB)
What would General Pershing do?

5 min later 20005309 Anonymous
>>20005204 purge everything and start anew. delete her number, delete all texts, pics, and vid clips, block her on fb and never look back. trust me breh it's for your own good

8 min later 20005342 Anonymous
>tfw you were best friends with her >tfw when you take the big step and actually date >tfw it all goes suddenly wrong >tfw she wants nothing to do with you anymore I just want to go back to being friends with her ;_;

10 min later 20005374 Starbuck (starbuck_20.png 570x469 130kB)
>>20005342 Right in the fucking feels.

14 min later 20005413 Anonymous (1368601963945.png 480x413 85kB)
>>20005374 Hold me ;_;

16 min later 20005445 Anonymous (concerned george.jpg 333x500 137kB)
>>20005204 >tfw broke up with gf because i wasnt sure if i actually like her anymore or i was just keeping her around because i have no one else

18 min later 20005470 Anonymous (KLOKOV.jpg 1920x1080 116kB)
>tfw she is finally back in your hometown >She wants to chill and watch game of thrones all day with you >You guys are going to get back together ..... ..... >Tfw her friend tells you she has a boyfriend >tfw feels are turning to rage We're gonna make it Fuck em, we dont need em Ive never been more ready in my life to conquer

18 min later 20005480 Anonymous
>>20005374 Kara go home

19 min later 20005493 Starbuck (starbuck_18.png 645x463 296kB)
>>20005480 Don't feel like it.

21 min later 20005518 Anonymous
>>20005342 Same story for me in High School. Realy good friends with this girl. We both agree to start dating. Relationship changed altogether. We both agree it's over and didn't like how friends to dating turned out. Stay as friends. Haven't talked to her since graduation 8 years ago.

21 min later 20005519 Anonymous
>>20005342 this happened to me with a girl i was best friends with for 3 years. id literally get a couple thousand texts from her in a month. then we dated and it went down in flames. havent seen/heard from her in a very long time. i dont want to be friends with her or anything, but its just odd knowing ill never see her again. whatever, im dead inside now anyway.

21 min later 20005521 Anonymous (tumblr_meqhbrJ7t41rmlesqo1_500.png 500x322 330kB)
>>20005470 I love you, anon.

25 min later 20005566 Anonymous
When I was young >Finally get the courage to ask a girl to be my gf >She says yes >We go on a date a few times >parents tell me we are going some place far >I ask "for a vacation?" >no, for good >When, where? >USA, in 2 months >tell my gf about it >we agree to go LDR >LDR for a whole year >I finally broke up over email because I did not want to hear her cry on the phone. >the worst part, I lied about saying I like someone else and did not want to cheat on her. >to this day, I still don't know why I broke up with her.

25 min later 20005569 Anonymous
>>20005519 I'm dead inside too. She made me feel alive again when we're friends/dating. Now gone back to being dead. The relationship was completely fucked and so was our friendship. She messaged me the other day to "vent out what happened" and my heart sunk. She still doesn't want to talk to me.

30 min later 20005646 Anonymous
>>20005204 >tfw has been 2 weeks since broke up >tfw hungout all weekend, fuarked, all the relationship feels... > tfw emotional barf We're all gonna make it brah

30 min later 20005656 Anonymous (1368335378988.png 666x1207 427kB)
>tfw dog is in pain from bladder infection

34 min later 20005702 Anonymous
>walking in to gym >qt3.14 swiping her card turns around and smiles at me >see her riding the stationary bike while i lift >she is mirin my lifts (i h-hope) >smile at her as i leave, she smiles back >lay in bed and imagine our life together

35 min later 20005720 Anonymous
>>20005702 liek dis if u cry evry tiem

38 min later 20005769 Anonymous (1365736323490.jpg 214x200 11kB)

38 min later 20005773 Anonymous (1368745538538.jpg 800x814 223kB)
>broke up 7 months ago >was shitty at first >bro reminded of all the cool shit we can do now that i never had time for when i was with her >more liftin >more hangin with ma bros >hobbies and shit >freedomz >tfw no gf fuck relationships, never again /fit/

40 min later 20005796 Anonymous (1365960157117.jpg 315x310 16kB)
>tfw you think you move on from ex gf >tfw she has been showing up in your dreams recently >tfw not sure if I actually still love her deep down inside

41 min later 20005807 Anonymous (1352499981060.jpg 205x246 6kB)
>>20005702 I know that feel all to well

41 min later 20005811 Anonymous
>tfw you have a gf but you're sick of all the attention she requires >tfw all you really give a shit about is university work and lifting >tfw you want to separate yourself from everything and everyone and just get fucking huge and strong

42 min later 20005825 Anonymous (1354221915917.png 740x773 21kB)
>>20005796 >still dream about high school girlfriend i lost my virginity to sometimes >we broke up 6 years ago and i haven't really spoken to her since

42 min later 20005827 Anonymous (1360532732207.gif 784x811 96kB)
>>20005796 i still dream of my ex from 7 years ago

43 min later 20005838 Anonymous
>>20005769 feel hard

43 min later 20005845 Anonymous (1352143342885.jpg 794x767 63kB)

48 min later 20005912 Anonymous (1352099576879.png 500x461 41kB)
>>20005796 >>20005825 >>20005827 do you ever wonder if she still dreams about you sometimes?

48 min later 20005916 Anonymous brotherhood of feels (The_brotherhoodx.png 612x798 1012kB)
join brothers, "The brotherhood of feels". You are always welcome.

49 min later 20005927 Anonymous (1365140752354.jpg 500x490 39kB)
>>20005912 all the time >>20005827

50 min later 20005939 Anonymous
>>20005796 >been dreaming of my ex for a week >today after a lame fap i text her "hey" >tfw no response >itsokshewilltextme2weeksfromnow.jp eg >friend request from a girl on facebook >maybe she is the one i will fall in love with next? >tfw she is fat and has a kid >friend request denied! >go for walk >see cute white girl >maybe she is the one? >nope.png >she runs right past me and gives me no smile >go home >atleast a steak wont let me down >start the grill >feeling emo >listen to scary kids scaring kids >feel more emotional and suicidal >cry while i eat my steak >steak was dry as Fuck >tfw my mom was right 8 years ago when she said i have a chemical imbalance in my brain Feeeeeeels lol

51 min later 20005944 Anonymous
>>20005912 >tfw she left me for another guy and they both started to make fun of me >tfw I got revenge on them >tfw she had confused feelings for me as I was going through with my revenge >tfw sometimes catch her staring at me in class I don't know man, probably, she was my first love and everything went down the shitter.

51 min later 20005953 Anonymous (feelsohard.jpg 196x258 8kB)
>>20005912 Always. I don't dream of her anymore, but I always wondered if she did the same It was just bcuz I have such a hard time relating to anybody emotionally (probly some level autistic) and we connected really well man i've gotten over it since then I hope you all do so too, lot more to life

52 min later 20005962 Anonymous (1356896980690.jpg 700x525 137kB)
> Be dating girl for 3 years. > Great gf. Fun. Plays video games. Makes me food. > Meet new girl and start talking. > Radiant, natural beauty. > Smart. Similar interests. > She's fucking perfect. > We text all day and night everyday. > She's in a long-term relationship too. > Guess I'll just wait until this fizzles out.

54 min later 20005995 Anonymous thanks brotherhood
>>20005916 >be lifting >feeling weak >remember the teachings from, "The BrotherHood of the Feels". >listen to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7I-d 8X3tGig >feel all the feels in the world >energy increase >perfect squat T-Thanks Brothers

55 min later 20006010 Anonymous (1366776584782.jpg 500x456 68kB)
>tfw the only escape from the agony of loneliness is the bottom of the bottle

55 min later 20006013 Anonymous
>parents go to wedding and tell me to come >tell them I would rather stay at home and relax instead >they come back and tell me they met an old childhood friend of mine >tfw they tell me she has changed from when she was a kid and is really smart and beautiful >tfw look her up on Facebook >tfw they were right >tfw regret not going to the wedding >tfw too scared to message her because I think she doesn't remember me Well I guess I lost a potential chance at gf

55 min later 20006015 Anonymous
>tfw ex got with your good friend >tfw start lifting >tfw go on school trip to Stanford with ex and her bf and other ppl >tfw meet up with this 8/10 girl we both know >tfw I hook up with her and ex finds out >tfw ex gets so mad about it and bitches to her bf >mfw that was the best week of my life. breakingup with her at the time felt so dumb...turned out to be the best decision I've made

56 min later 20006023 Anonymous
>>20005912 >tfw ex gf is popping up in my dreams and we just broke it off 3 weeks ago...sucks because I never had closure ;_;

57 min later 20006033 Anonymous (Bulk.jpg 700x493 51kB)
>tfw been a year since we broke up >absolute 10/10 love of my life >cheats on me a week before my senior prom >Drink heavily, hooked up at parties a couple times >Date girl for 8 months >just not the same >nothing like the emotional connection we had >start going to gym >fall in love all over again Fuck you, Allison. I'm making it. I don't need you.

57 min later 20006045 Anonymous (1365466271645.jpg 424x394 12kB)
>tfw dated first gf for over a year >she dumped me and had sex right after >became total slut >still in love for years >deep depression >6 years later >she shows up at my house >spend half the time on the phone yelling at her bf >give her ride to store like a beta >asks me to come in and meet her bf >n-no >"ill always think of you as a little boy, anon" >she gets out of car >drive home >cry >now fueled by hate 2 years later

59 min later 20006070 Anonymous
>>20006045 What the fuck the beta influence is too strong

1 hours later 20006140 beta_runner
>>20005702 That fuckin feel, breh.

1 hours later 20006180 Anonymous
>>20005939 you need to let go of your ego LSD my friend...salvation is not far away

1 hours later 20006260 Anonymous
>>20006180 Thats the plan as soon as finals are over How did you...know? My post was a lil dramatic but i still had a shitty day. Ive tried shrroms before plenty of times and finally discovered a silky road towards acid :). Cant fucking wait

1 hours later 20006279 Anonymous
>>20005939 > Feeeeeeeeels lol > dat 'lol' to make yourself feel as if it's not as bad as it is, make it less awkward by fake-laughing it off > tfw i know that feel too well

1 hours later 20006289 Anonymous (1326482182875.jpg 126x126 10kB)
>>20006180 >mfw i was on acid staring at my wall and it looked like water was running down it

1 hours later 20006323 Anonymous (1325275788468.jpg 287x301 23kB)
>tfw meet what I thought was the love of my life junior year of college >tfw ecstasy for ~6 months because oxytocin is an evil fucking chemical >tfw she progressively gets more distant, less affectionate, etc. >tfw eventually break up >tfw sad cunt trying to get her back Until... >tfw I manned up and told her what a callous, self-centered, frigid cunt she was and to never contact me again Since then: >religiously adhered to a free weight regimen and have become swole as fuck to the point where her best friend commented on it (inb4 descartes, she's fugly) >won a bunch of awards within our department (chemistry), one of which she was nominated on >got my name on four peer-reviewed papers, one of which I wrote (first author) >got into a top 5 chemistry graduate program Feels good man. I swore to myself I would not let her make me a sad cunt. >tfw the other day she left a note on my car wishing me good luck and saying it would be "awesome" if I won a Nobel Prize >mfw I sent a text to her saying "Do you have some sort of problem? I told you never to contact me again. I will not be a part of your schadenfreude games.", proceeded to delete the message thread and her contact, and drove into the sunset Women are nothing more than an impediment to our development, brahs. Use them for what they were created for: sex.

1 hours later 20006331 Anonymous
>>20006323 tldr

1 hours later 20006412 Anonymous (1364175994295.jpg 300x360 56kB)
>>20005231 these feels have left me in tears for the past 10 minutes... pic fucking related

1 hours later 20006444 Anonymous (1365571558662.jpg 475x536 288kB)
>I have have a gf >She loves me >Not sure if I love her >Feeling like shit that if I break up with her, she'll find someone else, and I won't.

1 hours later 20006446 Anonymous
>tfw jacked off to gay porn for the first time fucking kill me

1 hours later 20006456 Anonymous
>>20006412 >Not deleting that shit the second it was over It's guaranteed to make you put on the rose colored glasses. Now, remember the negative feels. The agony she put you through knowingly yet did nothing about. RELEASE YOUR RAGE.

1 hours later 20006460 Anonymous (1363851158844.jpg 184x184 7kB)
>>20006446 scooby would be proud

1 hours later 20006463 Anonymous (1255291823749.jpg 555x694 50kB)
>>20006446 You need to pick up bro

1 hours later 20006490 Anonymous
>>20005521 Thank you... You actually made me cry. I wont let you down

1 hours later 20006502 Anonymous
>>20005204 think about how she's looking up to her new big dicked aesthetic bf's face with his cum in her mouth and her face is red of all the orgasms she had only by blowing his huge dick

1 hours later 20006519 Anonymous
>tfw gf died in car accident while I was driving >tfw the drunk bastard who hit us only got 2 years in jail and get's out in 2 months This is why I lift.

1 hours later 20006544 Anonymous
>>20006519 cause you're a fucking retard?

1 hours later 20006598 Anonymous
>>20005204 >see this post >haven't checked up on the old flame for a while now >shes blocked my facebook, so I search with my troll account. >dem profile pics >slight pain in the heart WAIT >shes got dem fatter WOO >tfw it doesn't even matter because you already have tfwnewgf who is perfect. Time heals all wounds Do all the productive other things until lady friend comes along Never focus on >Tfwgf Remember how you're going to make it, but make sure you're proactive in actually make it (your gains will never appear by magics)

1 hours later 20006699 Anonymous
>>20006519 Gonna whup his ass?

1 hours later 20006755 Anonymous
>tfw hemorrhoids it hurts, brahs

1 hours later 20006845 Anonymous (1368572681922.png 534x627 24kB)
>>20006755 fuck it, I know that aggonising feel bro

1 hours later 20006952 Anonymous
>>20006598 broke up about 6 weeks ago with an awesome girlfriend of over 6 years kinda hoping I meet someone perfect like you did everyone I meet is average and I immediately decide there is no way I would date them how do I get off my high horse? Alternatively, how do I find dat der hot chick who is into nerdy things?

2 hours later 20006975 Anonymous
>>20006952 too much porn has ruined you m8

2 hours later 20006986 Anonymous

2 hours later 20007013 Anonymous
>>20006952 I've met girls who are very attractive and I could probably have something with, but then it turns out they have bad degrees in bad fields and watch made in chelsea, can't cook for shit, spend more on a prada handbag than rent and god knows what other rubbish. I have a good degree in a good field, have good taste, dress well, know how to cook, work out. Where are the equivalent women?

2 hours later 20007018 Anonymous
>>20007013 this was for >>20006975

2 hours later 20007042 Anonymous
>tfw graduated high school as a fat as fatass autistic faggot two years ago >tfw been getting fit for two years now and just started community college >tfw really would like a gf by now since never had one >tfw qt3.14 in one of my classes is nice, really short, adorable, and from same country as me (Albania) >tfw really want to ask her out after class >tfw pussy out at last second and just leave because I think she probably wouldn't be interested >tfw self confidence is non existent and inside still feel like a fat as fatass

2 hours later 20007056 Anonymous
>>20007042 are u me?

2 hours later 20007118 Anonymous
>>20007042 you'll never make it if you don't try to brah

2 hours later 20007179 Anonymous
>>20007115 implying deleting does anything its on the internet now

2 hours later 20007228 Anonymous
>>20007118 Right in the feels man. I would but I'm just so afraid of rejection. Seriously I've been rejected all my life and only finally starting to get a little confidence in myself now that people are giving me compliments and shit since I got fit. If I was to get rejected by her because maybe I'm too tall or she doesn't like guys that are naturally wide or maybe my facial aesthetics aren't good enough it would seriously just fucking shatter what little confidence i have now even more.

2 hours later 20007239 Anonymous
>>20005287 holy shit

2 hours later 20007258 Anonymous (1354077795568.png 659x959 102kB)
>>20005702 you forgot the part where you have a smash to a chick who looks like her on pornhub >feel transmited

2 hours later 20007343 Anonymous
>>20007228 at least you would know and stop obsessing over 1 girl you pussy

2 hours later 20007422 Anonymous
>>20005656 I had to put my dog down cuz of bladder infection. He was a golden retriever and only 4 years old. He was my only friend when I was an autistic fat as fatass before all te shallow people who only want to be friends now that I look good. Godamn feel threads man.

2 hours later 20007530 Anonymous
>>20005773 That is until you realize again that your actually alone and have no 8/10 gf to lay in bed all day with. It's a vicious cycle.

2 hours later 20007579 Anonymous
>>20007013 They are rare. Just keep looking and chewing through sluts until you find a decent keeper.

2 hours later 20007602 Anonymous
>>20007258 >receiving feels >dat feels

2 hours later 20007698 Anonymous
>>20006444 This happened to me, broke up two years ago because I wasn't feeling much anymore but we never really talked about it. She's been dating some guy for a while and I'm still here, no gf. I do regret sometimes.

2 hours later 20007738 Anonymous (1366955514740.jpg 1122x1122 203kB)

2 hours later 20007749 Anonymous
>>20005342 At least she became your girlfriend! I never even had the chance to ask, she just started drifting away from me, now we hardly talk outside of class. She was the only girl I ever actually liked. I'm dead inside, always have been. Maybe I was alive for a few seconds but not much more.

2 hours later 20007759 Anonymous
>>20006598 Wait, so if you block someone on facebook they can't go look at your profile?

2 hours later 20007823 Anonymous
>>20005944 First loves are the worst. I'm going to give my son the advice my Dad never gaveme - "Only fools rush in" I gave her my heart on a fucking platter and she turns out to be a soulless whore who stole 5 years of my life.

2 hours later 20007917 Anonymous
>>20007759 its as if you cease to exist. No profile No picture. Your name doesn't exist. Unsearchable. Mutual friends will have 100 count, but 99 entries. Comments and posts will go black. You cannot private message them etc

3 hours later 20007962 Anonymous
>>20007823 >tfw my first gf taught me more about betrayal than anything else.

3 hours later 20007987 Anonymous (feelsbadman.jpg 388x392 40kB)
>tfw so lonely i've started posing as a qtpi girl on okcupid just for the attention, flirting, and social interaction from other men ;_;

3 hours later 20008000 Anonymous
>>20007987 ...Grill? If not, why not pose as a qt guy on okcupid for the attention from women?

3 hours later 20008010 Anonymous
>>20008000 >attention >women HAHAHAHA

3 hours later 20008026 Anonymous
>>20008000 uh... i tried that, but as a grill my inbox gets fucking spammed it feels kinda good.. like i'm wanted and appreciated

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