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2013-05-17 06:33 20005069 Anonymous (water-drop1.jpg 2429x1771 116kB)
Sup /fit/? How much water do you drink in a day? I've heard of all the benefits of drinking alot each day, and I want to know how much I should be drinking a day for maximum bonuses.

0 min later 20005076 Anonymous
shameless self bump

24 min later 20005456 Anonymous (20130509_225529.jpg 2560x1920 1425kB)
I fill up a gallon when i wake up, make sure to drink at least that but sometimes more. Seems to be okay Back pic from a few days ago after losing bout 70 lbs unrelated but to show im not just some fatty or skeleton

27 min later 20005501 Anonymous
>>20005069 (dieting fatfag here) I've been drinking like 20 glasses a day lately. Don't know if its good or not

29 min later 20005534 Anonymous (whoemilke.jpg 300x300 11kB)
>>20005069 None. I only drink >pic related

32 min later 20005567 Anonymous
Drink a glass of water with every meal. Drink a glass between every meal. Drink one in the morning, and one before bed. Size of glass depends on male vs female, active vs sedentary, etc. For an active guy, should be around 1 pint. Honestly, just never let yourself become thirsty, and if your pee isn't practically clear, you should be drinking more. It'll be a little darker first thing in the morning because you dehydrate during sleep. Not a lot you can do about that.

35 min later 20005609 Anonymous
A gallon a day is recommended

36 min later 20005629 Anonymous
>>20005534 Why give bad advice? Wouldnt you rather help people?

38 min later 20005666 Anonymous
>>20005629 B-but, I'm a hungry skeleton :(

41 min later 20005694 Anonymous
>>20005666 You shouldnt drink just milk tho either way. Water is very important

47 min later 20005792 Anonymous
Quick thread hijack: Is drinking green tea effectively the same as water? I drink water as well obviously but can the tea be counted towards the daily total? Does it need to be revised down for any reason?

50 min later 20005834 Anonymous
>>20005792 As far as I'm aware, the only difference would be the EXTREMELY slight diuretic effect of the caffeine in the tea, but it is negligible in comparison to the amount of water absorbed. Of course this is assuming you're drinking unsweetened brewed green tea, not the Arizona "green tea" syrup you can buy by the gallon at the grocery store.

50 min later 20005835 Anonymous
>>20005792 Tea should be fine, but some teas are diuretics (they make you pee more), so google your specific type of tea.

56 min later 20005922 Anonymous
>>20005694 Milk is 85-90% water... I don't even.

58 min later 20005948 Anonymous
half your bodyweight (in pounds) in ounces

1 hours later 20006190 Anonymous
>>20005834 Loose leaf organic green tea, nothing added but boiled tap water. I'm not even usually one of those organic crazies, but an extra dollar for a month's supply makes it worthwhile in my head.

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