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2013-05-17 06:21 20004888 Anonymous Dogbros (947234_10151439563786662_1228724746_n.jpg 720x960 89kB)
/fit/ this is my sheltie. She has cancer and I am going to put her down on Saturday. I don't know how I'll take it but I hope I can give her the best day possible because she has been with me for 11 years and traveled all over the world. She was my friend when I was a worthless peice of shit and she's still my friend now. I'm going to miss her. Dogbro thread.

0 min later 20004901 Anonymous
>>20004888 /an/

1 min later 20004911 Anonymous
this is why I don't have pets

2 min later 20004931 Anonymous
>>20004901 /fit/ is my family and I wanted to share this with them. Here: What is the best /fit/ dog?

4 min later 20004949 Anonymous (fit dog.jpg 915x698 328kB)

5 min later 20004971 Anonymous (fit dog 1.jpg 800x600 75kB)
>>20004931 The most fucked up thing about this image is that the dog is the only one who lifts

7 min later 20005003 Anonymous (1368747186382.gif 260x146 582kB)
>>20004971 that dog is 1 sick cunt

14 min later 20005129 Anonymous (1355803625686.jpg 427x231 28kB)
>>20004888 >You will never love a hard as a dog does Truly what you needed when you were a worthless piece of shit. Pay it forward. Nothing will make your dogbro happier than to see you smile and love others from her big dog park in the sky where she's licking her own vagina.

19 min later 20005217 Anonymous
>>20004888 :'( I can't handle these feels. Cook her a nice t-bone or liver for dinner tomorrow. I know it'll be hard. But you gotta stay with her when they do it. To this day 15 years after the fact I still feel guilt over not being there with my cat at the end to tell her everything was ok. When we put our Akita down I just laid with her on the floor with my arm around her when they did the injection. She started going relaxed her eyes got a little wobbly and she licked my nose, i said "good bye sweety." and her head slowly went lax. I sobbed uncontrollably. I've lost a lover, friends, and family before. I've never shed a tear. I cried over a dog :'(

21 min later 20005246 Anonymous (1318815441674.jpg 1450x786 67kB)
>>20005217 truyl these feels transcend any other

23 min later 20005283 Anonymous (480341_151977008318346_1931029402_n.jpg 638x320 11kB)
>>20005217 ...only tears now

27 min later 20005340 Anonymous (feels.jpg 120x160 4kB)
>>20005217 Wow, so many feels ;-; You nearly brought me to tears, good job.

29 min later 20005368 Anonymous (manly tears.jpg 273x184 13kB)
its been about five years since my german shepherd was put down... i saw him before the end... he was so sick from cancer of the spleen i cried when i arrived at the vet... the worst part is he was so happy to see me and i hugged the shit out of him. i still miss him... my dogbro. Lancelot, king of the dog park, bitches aint shit to him. be with your dog till the end OP. let your tears flow. your dog is worth your sorrow.

29 min later 20005370 trollfulltrip (1348367752294.gif 245x278 400kB)
>>20005217 fuck gonna go hug my dog now

31 min later 20005392 Anonymous
Today I had to put down my dogbro OP he also had cancer It´s that fucking dogfood

37 min later 20005468 Anonymous (1346236543603.gif 520x213 1658kB)

39 min later 20005494 Anonymous
>>20005392 Dry dog foods are apparently incidental in increased cancer rates

39 min later 20005507 Anonymous
>>20005370 Lol. I was in bed on my phone when i posted that. After I posted I climbed out of bed and laid down with our current akita out here on the porch.

41 min later 20005531 Anonymous
>inb4 last minutes with oden

43 min later 20005561 Anonymous
>>20004888 >implying you're still not a worthless piece of shit.

46 min later 20005599 Anonymous (IMG_0752.jpg 1936x2592 945kB)
this is my dogbro, he's been with me since i got him with my girlfriend and she cheated on me after 5 years. he's my best friend

47 min later 20005606 Anonymous
>>20005561 I'm all for OP bashing... But the man is putting his dog down... not cool bro

59 min later 20005788 Anonymous (1367365786215.jpg 524x468 74kB)
>>20005217 >She started going relaxed her eyes got a little wobbly and she licked my nose pls no ;_;

1 hours later 20005818 Anonymous (IMG_0084.jpg 1600x1200 782kB)
>>20004888 i loved this dog more than anything in my life. she raised me better than anyone else ever could have, she taught me everything. i'd give anything to see her again. spend every second with her you can op, you'll miss her every day.

1 hours later 20005996 Anonymous (1315775415033.jpg 645x773 38kB)
>>20005818 OP here. I have a golden that is reaching his golden years (hah!) soon as well. Poor guy's joints are going to go out on him I'm afriad. Why must I feel these feels

1 hours later 20006032 Anonymous (x.jpg 218x231 8kB)
>>20005818 God damn it..

1 hours later 20006087 Anonymous
>>20004971 it took me a while to realize that they werent at a swimming pool and it's just concrete

1 hours later 20006089 Anonymous (1368383337255.gif 645x773 10kB)
Makes me think of my dog. Past almost a year ago. Fucking miss him hard, coolest dog I've ever known. RIP King

1 hours later 20006556 Anonymous
>tfw tearing up reading these because my dog is getting older and I worry that I'll have to put her down She's my best friend. I love you Sydney.

1 hours later 20006600 Anonymous
RIP Crash.

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