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2013-05-17 06:21 20004877 Anonymous (fat-people-love-cookies.jpg 600x439 33kB)
okay fit, quick question. my final exam is tomorrow and i'm out of school so that means just working from here on out this summer. i'm going to start the push/pull/legs workout next week, but i'm afraid i won't gain because of my fucking high ass metabolism. how do me get big >pic from google hahah

15 min later 20005136 Anonymous
>>20004877 bump

16 min later 20005151 Anonymous
>>20004877 Eat! damn it's that fucking easy

19 min later 20005194 Anonymous
>>20004877 Eat more you stupid sack of shit

27 min later 20005328 Anonymous
>>20005151 >>20005194 no fuckin shit. i'm saying i burn literally everything i eat without even being physical it's a nightmare

1 hours later 20006205 Anonymous
>>20005328 I'm going to guess you eat a bunch of empty calories from chips and cookies. Eat big meals, lots of vegetables, and protein shakes in between. If you don't feel full then you're not eating. Count your fucking calories too you lazy piece of shit. Eating right is a job of its own and is the only thing that'll make your body bigger.

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