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2013-05-17 06:11 20004706 Anonymous (cheekboner.jpg 566x478 57kB)
Do cheekbone exercises work? I kinda look like a chipmunk...

0 min later 20004712 Anonymous
>>20004706 forgot link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?featur e=player_embedded&v=O546OefzTMg#!

44 min later 20005434 Anonymous

51 min later 20005526 Anonymous
Cheekbones are, how do they say it... bones. You can't exercise them like regular muscles, so here's what you do. Get a needle and punch holes in them once a week, this will let blood and nutrients in making them bigger.

1 hours later 20005768 Anonymous (image.jpg 640x480 91kB)
>>20004706 Tfw cheekbones

1 hours later 20006313 Anonymous
>>20005526 wut. explain this further anon

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