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Hey /fit/ so I've never told anyone this, but I eat bugs and spiders every now and then, ever since I can remember. I enjoy eating ants and some house spiders that I find and keep in a jar. I have no health problems, and I have been eating these creatures for almost my entire life and I am 23 years old. Does anyone know, or can give me a rough estimate to how many calories/protein/carbs/fat about 50grams of ants and spiders are? If they don't contain that much, I'm sorry, it could be that I'm just autistic. I'm just trying to cut very hard for the summer and I need to be strict on these things.

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19 min later 20004978 Anonymous
>>20004623 what kind of spiders?

22 min later 20005016 Anonymous
They contain lots of brotein. You're gonna make it.

23 min later 20005026 Anonymous
>>20004978 cellar spiders mainly

24 min later 20005047 Anonymous
>>20005016 thanks. can you tell me how much approximately?

25 min later 20005054 Anonymous
50 grams of ants is A LOT of ants

26 min later 20005071 Anonymous
>>20005054 right

27 min later 20005097 sage sage
>>20004623 OP is scum that must be purged from this earth. Burn his house down. Raise the pitchforks, rally the soccer mums.

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>>20005047 I imagine that insects are mostly protein, there small size makes them very efficient, so they don't really store fat or sugars or water. I would guess they are 75% protein by weight. I just pulled this out of my ass

29 min later 20005138 Anonymous
>>20005047 heres a little something to get you started "Crickets seem to be a popular choice but with only about six grams of protein you can certainly do better then that. You could always step it up a notch and go for the Caterpillars and get about twenty eight grams of protein in for the day. If that is not protein packed enough for you then find yourself a big juicy spider, making sure it is the largest you can find, and start munching after you remove the fangs. That large spider can deliver about sixty three grams of protein." although they'd have to be pretty big ass spiders to have 63 grams of protons I'd esstimate the spiders you're eating have maybe 8-12 g if they're a decent size maybe a bit less.

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>>20005138 also if I had the balls I'd eat insects too OP make dem mega gainz

32 min later 20005185 Anonymous
>>20005118 Not really. I just looked it up, most insects are comparable to chicken breast. There wasn't any macros on ants, though

32 min later 20005191 Anonymous
>>20005160 I don't know where I can find big spiders though. I've always stocked up on them especially during the summers, but never found big ones that often

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>>20004623 >/fit/ in a nutshell

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>>20005191 you'd have to live in australia or asia to get the big ones probably. either way you're probably getting an extra chicken breast or twos worth of protein from eating 50g

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>>20004623 http://www.planetscott.com/babes/nu trition.asp BABES website

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