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2013-05-17 06:02 20004509 Anonymous (Some+Causes+Of+Bloated+Stomach[1].jpg 900x675 84kB)
>feel bloated all the time >abdomen hurts, like it's being stretched out >always gas What are some foods I can stop eating to see if they affect me this way? Then again, this happens regardless if I've eaten or not.

7 min later 20004677 Anonymous
>>20004509 You look like an African toddler.

9 min later 20004729 Anonymous
Do situps, leg lifts, walk on your hands, or stick your ass in the air in some other way. Thats what I do when I'm gassy and it makes me fart until I'm no longer bloated.

10 min later 20004739 Anonymous
>>20004509 Grains, Legumes.

11 min later 20004769 Anonymous
>>20004677 kwashinkor

12 min later 20004772 Anonymous
>>20004739 Aw, but how will I bulk?

12 min later 20004788 Anonymous (Jesus+Christ+How+Horrifying+thread+_92eb6f9b46fd5beeb9e0e87c05acdf2b.jpg 225x220 57kB)

12 min later 20004792 Anonymous
>>20004509 dont eat raw vegetables, no wheat, no milk or dairy, pretty much avoid any suspicious food. Do eat something like greek yogurt (pretty sure theres little or no lactose), white rice, etc...

13 min later 20004798 Anonymous
>>20004772 Dairy, meat, fats.

13 min later 20004799 Anonymous
Wheat, beans. Also milk, if you're lactose intolerant.

13 min later 20004801 Anonymous
>>20004772 moar grains/legumes

15 min later 20004826 Anonymous
>>20004799 >>20004798 >>20004792 What else is there? Fruit, greek yogurt...what else?

16 min later 20004843 Anonymous
>>20004826 meat, white rice, potato, fish etc also maybe u have too much water

18 min later 20004873 Anonymous (dicks.jpg 251x251 6kB)
>wear slightly tight belt around belly and/or heavy bedsheets >go to bed >wake up in a room that smells like death and no more bloated belly

1 hours later 20006278 Anonymous

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