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2013-05-17 05:59 20004424 Anonymous making my own inspirational wallpaper. (1368632796662.jpg 1160x960 138kB)
I am making my own inspirational wallpaper to help keep me motivated to lift and eat properly! I will post it when it's completed. It's mainly just going to be a bunch of pictures crammed together, but I figured I would request some help. Considering adding pictures of... Frank Yang Scooby Zyzz Elliott Hulse Ahnold Frank Zane Lou Ferrigno I already have some pictures already chosen that will for sure be on the wallpaper. I will post it when it's done.

1 min later 20004453 Anonymous
btw, the names I listed, I am requesting pictures of those people you think are the best to be adding to wallpaper.

2 min later 20004478 Anonymous
if you need motivation to lift then you shouldn't be lifting. and you wont in a couple months

3 min later 20004515 Anonymous
>>20004478 I'll be liftin more than you!

28 min later 20004987 Anonymous
>>20004478 Bullshit i used to love motivational threads and I've been lifting three years eventually you do it because its part of your life but for a few months they help.

39 min later 20005173 Anonymous
Looking forward to it OP!

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