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2013-05-17 05:58 20004416 fatlifts (clipimage0097121531[1].jpg 223x272 31kB)
I hadn't made a thread about this yet, just mentioned it in a powerlifting general. Figured I'd let you normies get your cracks in on a fatty achieving one of his goals. 5 plate in a bit over 11 months of lifting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5X oa_WgGt8 >inb4 storm of edgy dislikes

12 min later 20004694 fatlifts (ski-boots-the-masochist-small-75674[1].jpg 600x851 67kB)
How disappointing, here I primed myself for a swell of hatred. Now who will tell me I'm a fat piece of shit with no reason to live?

20 min later 20004852 Snake (1311134555574.jpg 640x480 67kB)
>>20004694 Nice squat, deep too Any tips on improving squat? Stuff that's helped you personally?

24 min later 20004918 fatlifts
>>20004852 I don't know if I'm one to dole out advice, but I just did the squat every workout, doing my max 1RM every session, 3 times a week. The only other thing was my set/rep scheme that I used since I was in the mid 200's or so 1RM.

26 min later 20004940 Anonymous
Why would i make fun of that? THe dude may be fat but hes doing something rather than eating bonbons and chugging a leter of diet double dew

26 min later 20004941 Anonymous
holy fuck brah, nice squat but fucking cut

29 min later 20004984 Anonymous
mirin how much have you lost so far?

29 min later 20004998 Snake (1311134576260.jpg 640x480 31kB)
>>20004918 Well I mean you squat 5 plate with what looks like good form I don't see why you wouldn't be able to give advice, good work man and start cutting you have a lot of muscle under there

30 min later 20005005 fatlifts (1365745096093.jpg 512x460 20kB)
>>20004940 True, I only do that when I'm not in the gym, hue. >>20004941 b-but 6 plaet...

31 min later 20005022 fatlifts
>>20004984 from the absolute beginning? 35lbs, currently 435.

32 min later 20005033 Anonymous
'mirin. is your roommate gonna help you with the money you lost though? thats some fucked up shit, brah

33 min later 20005046 fatlifts (1366772377001.gif 172x192 928kB)
>>20004998 >you squat 5 plate with what looks like good form now you're just fucking with me, I full on squat-morning every rep with high bar positioning and so much forward lean it ends up looking like low bar form.

34 min later 20005070 Anonymous
>>20004416 Good job. One thing you could improve is your walkout. You have the bar set too low, go from a wide to narrow stance after lifting, and take too many steps backwards.

35 min later 20005085 fatlifts
>>20005033 >is your roommate gonna help you with the money you lost though I don't anticipate that they will be, they're both jobless. They floated me for a couple months of rent/bills several months back, so I was cool with floating them a month or two, but after this I'm pretty much resolved to move out of this shit-hole neighborhood, they can go ahead and get evicted, their choice.

37 min later 20005116 fatlifts
>>20005070 I haven't really felt the walkout is a weak point, lately, feel pretty stable walking it out, actually.

38 min later 20005146 Anonymous
>>20005116 Doesn't make it any less efficient. Eventually it will catch up to you.

41 min later 20005196 Anonymous
>>20004416 >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5 Xoa_WgGt8 loooooooooooooooooooooooooooool you are so fat dude wow that's incredible is that even a bodyweight squat? you could like be in a circus or something, did the albuterol do nothing? i like you though, no hard feelings, these are legitimate questions

43 min later 20005223 fatlifts
>>20005146 I'll probably be stopping squatting every workout and begin working on my deadlift, which I've only done a handful of times because it murders my lower back.

43 min later 20005234 Anonymous
I not sure whether that's impressive or not But I am seriously amazed at how your ankles haven't snapped. I mean, it's your bodyweight + 500lbs, and your legs are out at a super wide angle. It looks like two skinny sticks holding up a shitton of weight mirin

46 min later 20005290 fatlifts (DSC_4224[1].jpg 2848x4288 429kB)
>>20005234 if I didn't stretch my ankles/calves before that, I'd probably have torn a tendon, no doubt. I've been consistently straining my fibularis brevis every squat session leading up to that.

55 min later 20005409 Anonymous
>>20004416 "and in that moment his knees exploded with the force of a thousand supernovas" -fatlifts grave

58 min later 20005447 fatlifts (1361347873430.jpg 633x758 27kB)
>>20005409 b-but that PT said it was a good p-push...

1 hours later 20005491 Anonymous (1346699930655.gif 300x200 924kB)
Awesome squat. I say fuck it bro, and accept your fatness. Go unlimited class power lifter, drop down to sub-400, get on massive amounts of gear, lift equipped, and total 2000lbs! Fuck the haters.

1 hours later 20005506 fatlifts (1368453688245.gif 250x187 2072kB)
>>20005491 but 2000lbs equipped blows ass...

1 hours later 20005509 Anonymous
>>20005447 I'm just messin it was pretty good. maybe its just the angle but it looked like your knees caved on the way up I know it was a 1RM but watch that shit.

1 hours later 20005540 fatlifts
>>20005509 they tend to do that when I use that wide stance, yeah, but that's the only way my knees don't get fucked. it's not optimal, but considering how knock-kneed I am, I had to make a little bit of sacrifice to continue squatting.

1 hours later 20005554 Anonymous
>>20005506 If you think you can get up towards Donnie Thompsons 3000lbs total then go for it. I'm in the 198 class and I total 1200. If I can squat 435, you can squat 1000lbs

1 hours later 20005571 fatlifts (1351103085628.jpg 256x236 89kB)
>>20005554 raw for life

1 hours later 20005583 Anonymous
Now that's a lot of fucking weight. Mirin' strength, sorry about aesthetics

1 hours later 20005587 Anonymous
Are you insecure and self hating? What's wrong with you?

1 hours later 20005596 Anonymous
>>20004416 Much better depth than your other squats dude, good work. Are you planning on getting down to any particular weight though? You look unhealthy.

1 hours later 20005601 fatlifts (1348375192997.png 500x599 67kB)
>>20005583 >sorry about aesthetics right in the feels

1 hours later 20005614 Anonymous
>>20005571 Have you ever squatted with knee wraps and a power belt?

1 hours later 20005617 fatlifts
>>20005587 Well, I'm hanging around here, aren't I?

1 hours later 20005624 Anonymous
>>20005617 Well...uhh... >tfw

1 hours later 20005633 fatlifts (1357183381350.jpg 1920x1880 242kB)
>>20005614 Nah man, that would be cheating.

1 hours later 20005655 fatlifts
>>20005596 >Are you planning on getting down to any particular weight though? Call me an optimist, but the current goal is 250.

1 hours later 20005659 Anonymous
>>20005633 Cheating? At least try a 10mm belt and you see a noticeable difference in stability. Also, stop with the self hate. Your life is only as bad as you want it to be.

1 hours later 20005670 Currently: 9iu Seros+8 Blast
>>20005005 No. Fuck you. No 6 plate. Time for cut.

1 hours later 20005681 Anonymous
you're a fat piece of shit with no reason to live

1 hours later 20005682 Anonymous
>>20004416 >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5 Xoa_WgGt8 I really wish you would just die and stop posting shitty threads of your ugly fatass doing squats

1 hours later 20005688 Anonymous
>>20004416 can't tell if fat, or on SS

1 hours later 20005695 Anonymous
I love your fatass. Congrats bro, your alpha as fucking shit.

1 hours later 20005700 fatlifts
>>20005682 can we watch you doing squats, Anon-kun?

1 hours later 20005706 Anonymous
this whole thread is samefagged. anyway, this is nice to know that while im working on some abs and having girls 'mire my arms and /fa/, its this cunt on here talking up the manlet threads, the weak threads, giving opinions on anything to do with a vagina while his bedroom smells of piss bottles and mouldy pizza. thanks for the confidence boost lardass.

1 hours later 20005713 fatlifts
>>20005670 oi m8, tell those Pinkos that I've got some Russky in me, so I can get some of those sweet, sweet Seros.

1 hours later 20005719 Anonymous
>>20005655 good shit you big fucker. i'm fat too, but, mirin that lift. what's your height/current weight? and any plans to start cutting or are you afraid to lose strength? not saying "afraid" as an insult, just didn't know how else to say it

1 hours later 20005724 Anonymous
>>20004416 We're all gonna make it brah. When the pounds start flying off, you'll gain some serious aesthetics. >tfw carrying sticks to beat off the bitches

1 hours later 20005725 Anonymous
>>20005700 no because I don't need attention on /fit/

1 hours later 20005728 Anonymous
idk about you guys but if it were up to me I'd rather only squat 2 plate and not be a fatass retard than squat 5 plate and be a fatass retard

1 hours later 20005744 Anonymous
>>20005728 100% this is nothing to be proud of and we shouldnt be encouraging it. its not healthy. dude will die before 40.

1 hours later 20005745 Currently: 9iu Seros+8 Blast
>>20005706 I'd like to see your abs and arms bro. I mean surely you have some great fucking development in those areas. Maybe you can come and give me some tips. But seriously a 500lb squat is impressive no matter what. Far more impressive than your limp 15"ers with zero bicep head seperation.

1 hours later 20005748 fatlifts (1348962768108.gif 400x225 3139kB)
>>20005706 I don't even post outside powerlifting generals or roid generals these days, trip or no trip. Honestly, who would want to post in any other threads on this board?

1 hours later 20005753 Anonymous
>>20005744 >>20005728 so much this.

1 hours later 20005779 Anonymous
>>20005745 you're also fat im guessing. Impressive is subjective. I dont find it impressive. To me, carrying that much disgusting, heart and artery clogging crap is NOT impressive. It far outweighs a squat of that size. If he cut all the weight off and then hit a decent lift, id be impressed. But for now, he's a fat autist who needs other fat autists to validate him.

1 hours later 20005781 Currently: 9iu Seros+8 Blast
>>20005713 You need to drop like 190lbs before the world economy could afford you using Seros. Fuck as much as I hate to say it, do some DNP maybe Clen. Drop a fuckton of bodyfat while trying to preserve the muscle mass.

1 hours later 20005783 Anonymous (1366344290192.jpg 275x142 34kB)
so then when DO the knees explode?

1 hours later 20005793 Anonymous
>>20005655 You'll get there bro, Would start saving for skin tuck/removal whatever it is though. Goodluck dude.

1 hours later 20005806 Anonymous
>>20005748 i dont believe you in the slightest and nothing you can say will convince me otherwise. Im guessing that by now you know how to trick yourself into thinking another cheeseburger is ok, so you're probably an expert on lying.

1 hours later 20005816 fatlifts
>>20005781 Lel, good one. Honestly, it'd just be nice for even a little bit of added skin elasticity, anything to hold out hope for not eventually needing a skin removal surgery that will leave me with horrendous scars across my entire body.

1 hours later 20005822 Currently: 9iu Seros+8 Blast
>>20005779 I walk around at 7-8%bf year round but eat more than fatlifts, the powers of pharma. It's not impressive to you or the other twinks because you guys can't even imagine 500lbs on your back. You have no frame of reference for why that is impressive. I swear, these fucking kids and their I Don't Want To Get Bulky and their Muh Aesthetics.

1 hours later 20005823 Xanderbrah
>>20005748 hi fatlifts, nice squat Are you ever going to cut, by chance? I really want to see how swole you are someday at like 8% bf or so

1 hours later 20005824 Anonymous
>tfw cutting fast but getting weaker by the day

1 hours later 20005829 Anonymous (1367412325889.jpg 1920x2880 426kB)
>mfw you actually got really deep on that squat. gj fatlifts. I booted that video 100% ready to hate you and every fiber of your fat being, but that was actually pretty good. You are one strong piece of shit.

1 hours later 20005854 fatlifts (1354018356759.jpg 500x326 16kB)
>>20005829 Damn, thanks...

1 hours later 20005858 Anonymous
>>20005822 prove it

1 hours later 20005862 Anonymous
>>20005823 no, hes just going to keep squatting and eating like a fatass until he dies at the ripe age of 29

1 hours later 20005863 fatlifts
>>20005823 >Are you ever going to cut, by chance cut started the same moment I finished that squat.

1 hours later 20005882 Anonymous
you're scared of what you're going to look like when you cut that's why you don't. Seriously, you fucked up when you were growing up and now it's time to face the consequences Seriously, before you have some serious health issues.

1 hours later 20005883 Anonymous
mirin you should fix that squat morning though

1 hours later 20005886 Anonymous
>>20005854 Yup, you've got it in you bro, now go lose some fucking weight before you die.

1 hours later 20005901 Xanderbrah
>>20005863 Awesome. Can't wait to see the light. Really fucking proud of you brah keep being awesome

1 hours later 20005920 Anonymous
>>20005816 fuckin cut bro I wanna see what you look like after

1 hours later 20005923 Currently: 9iu Seros+8 Blast
>>20005858 As if I'd fall for that one. >>20005863 Weekly progress reports are expected.

1 hours later 20005937 fatlifts
>>20005923 don't do it man, they'll call the ATF on you, or even submit a tip to the FBI.

1 hours later 20005938 Anonymous
>>20004416 Damn, dude. Not many guys on here who squat that kind of weight. You've done good, bro!

1 hours later 20005971 Currently: 9iu Seros+8 Blast
>>20005937 I know man. I can smell them everywhere around here. That distinct fragrance of ATF. By Armani.

1 hours later 20005979 Anonymous
>>20005863 Think of what you could become bro. You have the opportunity to make this a legendary transformation.

1 hours later 20006003 fatlifts
>>20005971 you blastin' nootropics, man? >that rapier wit

1 hours later 20006027 Currently: 9iu Seros+8 Blast
>>20006003 I'm alllll natural baby, I only use MuscleTech(tm) Pre-Workout(tm) Energizer(tm)

1 hours later 20006034 Anonymous (1368732313040.gif 300x183 1649kB)
>>20005822 You're a walking hormone. You don't really get to judge people trying to get /fit/. This coming from someone with a 455lb squat natural. >>20005863 As for you, you are really a bro, man. A /fit/bro that's for sure. I am sure you have heard every joke in the book about your weight and what not, as I have too. But I was only 320 lbs at 14 years old 5'7". I am now 20 at 6'1" 185 lbs currently. Would be cool to see you actually manage your diet and fight through the hunger for a year. You would lose a good 150lbs at least. If you have the dedication to squat 5 plates without setting off a subsequent big bang, then shit man, I believe you could lose that weight and become something great. I still have the stretch marks all over my body, but they're white now. They are still really noticeable, however. Man, its disappointing to see you attempt a BW squat when you should be doing cardio. To each their own, I suppose. Also, fuck this guy >>20005822 >>20005822

1 hours later 20006038 Anonymous
>>20005971 Sup blast I respect the hell out of you, but I just want to politely inquire as to why you hate Dbol-only cycles. Aside from the 'you aren't ready for roids' mannerism (which I totally agree with) what exactly is wrong with running dbol on it's own for 6-8 weeks?

1 hours later 20006062 Anonymous (1340255129012.gif 274x237 2091kB)

1 hours later 20006063 Anonymous
>>20006034 Want to know how to make a hormone? Kick your mum in the vagina Get it? Because your mother's a whore

1 hours later 20006074 fatlifts (1272558182703.gif 320x240 622kB)
>>20006063 oh lawd

1 hours later 20006081 Anonymous
>>20004416 hey man do i have to account for the calories of my shots?

1 hours later 20006085 Anonymous
>>20006034 Jesus Christ was that a baby? That guy killed a baby.

1 hours later 20006114 fatlifts (1350344144185.gif 350x197 1664kB)
>>20006081 ...

1 hours later 20006127 Currently: 9iu Seros+8 Blast
>>20006034 If people are being faggots, I'm going to call them faggots. If you are going to put down Strength because the person doesn't look good I'm going to take a wild metric shit all over you. If you aren't competing, and you only have some pitiful muscle to you yet to talk smack about someones lifts... >>20006038 It's a waste of money put simply and it's just not a good solo compound. I've mentioned before that Tbol and Var can be run solo if you have some kind of fear of needles or whatever. But Dbol in say a 6 week cycle will only bloat you up on water, give you some sizeable strength gains, and some mass. All of which won't be really kept. You really need test and longer timeframe to make use of the dbol.

1 hours later 20006167 Currently: 9iu Seros+8 Blast (Insulinface.jpg 635x576 141kB)
>>20006081 Everytime.

1 hours later 20006186 Anonymous
>>20006127 >All of which won't be really kept. I totally understand the water gain and average mass gains, but why won't it be kept? Unless you're counting water as LBM mass, wouldn't correct PCT and diet retain all of your dry gains? Wouldn't training in low-volume work limit wet sarcoplasm gains? Just very curious, there's a lot of different opinions on the matter. I myself see no reason not to pin, but there seems to be a lot of unjust hate.

1 hours later 20006191 fatlifts (1283072345727.jpg 500x375 67kB)

1 hours later 20006211 mathsbro
Greetings fatlifts. Mirin the depth, much better than before. Not mirin the knock-kneedness, that shit's a recipe for an ACL tear. Please cut asap.

1 hours later 20006235 Currently: 9iu Seros+8 Blast
>>20006186 PCT and diet will never retain all your gains, the only way to retain all of them is to stay on elevated levels of test. With short cycles you aren't building much muscle first off, because even with roids there's a limit to how fast your body can build new muscle tissue. With dbol it's not some hard science I have behind it, but just from observation it seems to really lose most of the mass you gain once it's out of your blood unless you stack it with Deca/NPP.

1 hours later 20006261 Anonymous
>>20006211 Trying to withhold that anger? Don't worry. I don't like him either

1 hours later 20006281 Anonymous (1368758579094.gif 550x320 1890kB)
>>20006127 You missed the point of my post you even bigger faggot. Have fun looking like a tryhard faggot with mediocre lifts. Jesus, 3 years ago when Tuna and Harsh were on here the community was so much better. People like you just turn these threads into circle jerks of DNP and injecting steroids in your asshole. My posts are sarcastic humor you over indulging faggot. Get a life and some goals. WHERES MY TUNA TL ; DR!!!

1 hours later 20006284 Anonymous
>>20006211 please fuck off >giving advice on form >that OHP

1 hours later 20006306 mathsbro
>>20006261 Yeah, fuck fatlifts, stopped bothering to argue. This is 4chan where threads 404. Might as well be nice. >>20006284 Fuck you you retarded faggot, it's not like Vasily Alexeev didn't do the same thing. >implying you've heard of one of the greatest oly lifters of all time

2 hours later 20006338 Anonymous
>>20006306 Alexeev weighted each hand with your OHP max while he wiped his ass, what's your excuse?

2 hours later 20006343 Currently: 9iu Seros+8 Blast
>>20006281 Nobody who actually was around with Harsh would want Harsh back. >B-B-But I-I was b-being fu-funny No, you weren't. Otherwise it would have been what's that word I'm looking for...humorous? Yeah. That. Work on being that.

2 hours later 20006360 Anonymous
>>20006306 as a former fatty and medical student, i hate everything fatlifts stands for. bad choices compounded by fucked up priorities.

2 hours later 20006367 Anonymous
>>20006114 hey fatlifts, you're on a board which discriminates the FUCK out of fat people; we HATE fat people so much that we bitch about them here and wish the world was rid of them all. We hate them so much that we have daily fat people threads. Don't try to be a martyr because it won't work. Mirin that 5 plate squat though, what are your other stats like btw? I've seen you post squat stats in many threads, but never any other stats.

2 hours later 20006371 Anonymous
>>20006360 mirin' that second year of bio undergrad.

2 hours later 20006384 Anonymous
>>20006306 Alexeev had the decency to start off his chest, even if he was prone to pushing the edge-cases of the rules in every other way.

2 hours later 20006386 Anonymous
You're going to be jacked as hell once you lose the fat and get the excess skin removed.

2 hours later 20006390 Anonymous
>>20006371 nice, keep at it

2 hours later 20006395 fatlifts
>>20006367 Pretty bad, I've only deadlifted 5 times total. Last time I deadlifted was back when I was squatting 435 1RM, managed 405 1RM on the DL. Flat bench I don't do often either, 205 5RM, 240 1RM.

2 hours later 20006404 Anonymous
bro that form is fucked. good hes fat as fuck otherwise bye neck

2 hours later 20006424 Anonymous
>>20006395 What do you do other than flat bench then? Decline? Why don't you do the big four? what exactly is your routine?

2 hours later 20006447 fatlifts
>>20006424 I usually do incline bench, I only did standing barbell OHP for 2 months or so, got up to 135 5RM, but my upper back began to protest too much due to my mathsbro-tier form, so I just started doing incline bench instead.

2 hours later 20006501 Anonymous
>>20006235 That's assuming you're above your genetic muscular limit as a natural, but what if it was a intermediate looking for an edge, as most people doing oral-only cycles are? In which case the mass gained wouldn't be above said limit, and able to be sustained with natural test production?

2 hours later 20006507 Anonymous
>>20006447 This is funny, it almost sounds like you have no idea what the fuck you're doing, yet you're one of the strongest people on /fit/. you shit on 99% of the board in terms of strength.

2 hours later 20006551 Anonymous
>>20006507 He's also twice the weight of most of /fit/. Makes a big difference. Dude puts up big poundages, but his wilks/sinclair numbers would be pretty shit.

2 hours later 20006554 fatlifts
>>20006507 eh, nah, quite a few strong people that regularly post in roid threads, I suspect, still more strong people that regularly post in powerlifting generals.

2 hours later 20006574 Anonymous
>>20006551 Not even intermediate on STRSTD >tfw so close to elite

2 hours later 20006577 Anonymous
Why do your testicles hang down so low?

2 hours later 20006583 Anonymous (elephant epitaph.jpg 1920x1356 684kB)
You know what? I'd rather be fatlifts and die strong before I'm 30 than live 80 years as one of these spineless curlbro weakling frat boys. You faggots are so busy spreading your waxed asses in front of a mirror that you'll never have a 500lb total, forget about a squat. Keep lifting for muh abs though, I'll see you fags in the next >tfw no gf thread. Enjoy your mediocrity. Fatlifts, I think you have some cutting to do, but mirin that strength and that attitude. Would gymbro.

2 hours later 20006584 Anonymous (Photo_00036.jpg 640x480 42kB)
>>20006447 I used to squat over 5plate for 10 reps fatlifts. I used to weigh 242lbs as well at 5ft 10. I was a strong fuck and had been lifting for 4-5 years semi consistent pretty much and eating whatever I wanted. I cut a shit ton of weight really quick, like super quick (70lbs in 3.5months) and was decently lean at 180 for a while. Then I didn't lift for like 2 years. College and lift got the better of me. I recently got back in the gym 9 weeks ago. My squat has progressed from 315x5 max effort, to 455x3 max effort. My bench went from 225x5 max effort to 295x3 max effort. Ohp from 145 max effort to 185x5 max effort. What I'm getting as is that you and me were strong fucks who are too overweight. I cut really quick and lost all my strength because I didn't keep lifting for so long. And after a 2 YEAR hiatus I'm gaining my strength back THIS fast while weighing 195lbs. >IMO you're main goal should be to lose fat, and not worry how much it would hinder your strength goals if that's what concerns you. After all look how fast I'm building back up in only 9 weeks. Bumping with quads

2 hours later 20006608 bunky-test250tren300
>>20006554 read the description on the tube vid, that's a shit thing. might make you wonder about your flat mates

2 hours later 20006611 Currently: 9iu Seros+8 Blast
>>20006501 Well, let's say you are 165 at 5"9 when you hop on a Test-Dbol cycle, the rough maximum for a natural at that height is 170 at 8%. You gain like 25lbs, 15lbs of actual muscle. You are now 190. You PCT and you are going to end up if you are lucky at 170 8-10%. You lost 2/3s of the muscle you put on. With the short cycles you are giving you body so little time and basically hormone shocking it that really nothing is built or stays after you are done. 2/3s of fuck, 6 weeks on just dbol, maybe 3lbs? Of actual muscle. You gain 1lb. 1 fucking lb.

2 hours later 20006616 Anonymous
>>20006584 you don't look that strong 5 plate for 10 reps before college? would be power lifting records easily for 18-19yo

2 hours later 20006627 Anonymous
>>20006583 this is my take on fatlifts too lol, mirin but shit nigger, time to cut now.

2 hours later 20006653 Anonymous (1367638733531.jpg 383x504 47kB)
>>20006583 you mad bro?

2 hours later 20006659 Anonymous
>>20006616 My HS record was better than the college record I'm at now. My max was 565 before they stopped me. Yes I go to depth when I squat, I have videos, just none from back in the day. You don't have to believe me if you don't want to. But I've done a lot of squatting in my day...

2 hours later 20006682 Anonymous
>>20006584 Those legs look good for low 400 at best.

2 hours later 20006683 Anonymous
>>20006616 btw I'm claiming that's what I used to do when I was 18 and 242 lifting since 13. I'm 20 now and been lifting for 9 weeks recently and already back up to 455x3. I don't know why that's not believable

2 hours later 20006703 fatlifts
I'm wondering about the speed of progress though, shit's got to be some kind of record. I mean, how hard would Rippletits suck my dick if I told him I did it using SS?

2 hours later 20006705 Anonymous
>>20006682 Does no one read my whole fucking post. I'm not claiming that's what I currently do and that's a picture of my legs now lol. I was just offering fatlifts advice because I've been to 5plates and back for reps, but the strength will come back incredibly fast if he just fucking loses weight already. That shit is probably hard on his joints

2 hours later 20006717 ennui
>>20006611 3lbs in 6 weeks? wat

2 hours later 20006721 Anonymous
>>20006703 I went from 315x5 to 455x3 in 9 weeks. You go up that quick?

2 hours later 20006775 fatlifts
>>20006721 I went from 135 to 315 in 10 weeks, got to 4 plate in 5 months, now 5 plate in 11 (could've been 7-8 if I didn't do 3 months of cutting in between).

2 hours later 20006817 Anonymous
>>20006775 You wouldn't be at 7 or 8 plate man. That fast linear progress I have a feeling is about to turn into a logarithmic graph aproaching an asymptote. I'd give you 6 plates probably. If you think you'll just keep riding this til like 10 fucking plates in less than 3 years than it's just not going to happen

2 hours later 20006832 Anonymous
>>20006817 I think he means 7-8 months to reach 5plate, not 7-8 plates.

2 hours later 20006848 Anonymous
>>20006447 As I thought you go to the gym, you squat and that's it.

2 hours later 20006890 Anonymous
>>20006832 Makes more sense. Thanks

2 hours later 20006900 fatlifts
>>20006848 squat is the only thing I go to the gym for specifically, then I just do whatever push/pull strikes my fancy for that day.

2 hours later 20006929 Anonymous
>>20006703 He would probably tell you to cut if you prayed to jesus tonight and thanked him for giving you strength to squat 5 plates he would tell you to get your fat ass on a diet

2 hours later 20006948 Anonymous
It's not that we hate you Fatlifts, it's that we love you too much to watch you die. (no homo) Pls lose weight.

2 hours later 20006969 Anonymous
disregard squat bring up ohp fatlifts

2 hours later 20006985 fatlifts
>>20006929 >squat 5 plate >tfw the heavens didn't open up and Zyzz didn't come down from Mt. Olympus to grant me everlasting aesthetics you lied to me, /fit/...

2 hours later 20007007 Anonymous
>>20006985 lol what is that like 1.25x your bodyweight?

2 hours later 20007019 Anonymous
>>20006985 God damnit fatlifts. I am so fucking jelly. Pls cut, for your health. I want to see you do well, you are a God among fats. Sincerely, Skeleton

2 hours later 20007031 Anonymous (1363494452528.gif 320x232 1500kB)
>500 pound squat hell I could do that give me the same time frame, and I could dirty bulk my way there too so could most people here I bet khan is fiddling with his microdick over this vid right now lel

2 hours later 20007033 Anonymous
>>20007007 Don't be generous

2 hours later 20007038 Anonymous
What did you do to mathbro to make him so mad at you?

2 hours later 20007041 Anonymous
>>20005745 What the fuck is Seros?

2 hours later 20007067 fatlifts
>>20007038 I think he wants to post in roid threads, but somehow my regular presence in them makes the idea of it somehow distasteful for him.

2 hours later 20007080 Anonymous
>>20004416 You need to cut. Not only because you're a disgusting fat piece of shit, but because you're robbing yourself and the world of glorious fucking calves. Mirin lift, though. Fucking swell stuff, fatty.

2 hours later 20007160 Anonymous
Hey /fit/ how do I mastodon mode?

2 hours later 20007198 fatlifts
>>20007080 >mfw walking 6 blocks up a ~35 degree incline without my heels touching the ground once

3 hours later 20007252 Anonymous
>>20004416 Your hamstrings are on your calves..... Anyways, great work bro. Lost some fat now.

3 hours later 20007275 fatlifts (1304615624047.jpg 430x360 39kB)
>>20007252 >Your hamstrings are on your calves I know, right? Haven't these people ever seen hamstring hang, do they even lift?

3 hours later 20007317 Anonymous
>Credit all posts that tell you to fuck off to mathsbro. >Not realizing at least 75% of this board sincerely wants you to die a painful death. You're not only a delusional fat idiot, you also have a pathetic personality. I'm sure you already have the next childish response image handy.

3 hours later 20007319 Anonymous
>>20007275 Ok let's be honest here, You're a morbidly obese man who may be on AAS doing strenious powerlifts, then you factor in the mortality multiplier that you are tripfag on /fit/. RIP ;_;

3 hours later 20007335 fatlifts
>>20007319 >who may be on AAS like I don't have enough health risk factors.

3 hours later 20007338 Anonymous (neckbeard.jpg 666x656 116kB)
>>20007275 Hurry up and die of heart disease. You can joke all you want about it but really it hurts you deep down, u mad. >Im too much of a fat lazy sack of shit to lose weight, m-maybe /fit/ will be impressive of my 400lb squat and 350lb body weight pfff pathetic

3 hours later 20007362 fatlifts (1368251575018.png 838x983 80kB)
>>20007338 getting a bit too australian in here.

3 hours later 20007370 Anonymous
>>20007198 >mfw atherosclerosis

3 hours later 20007402 Anonymous
>>20004416 Good for you dawg, I enjoy seeing your progress

3 hours later 20007408 Anonymous
Fat neckbeard hogging the equipment with his greasy paws. Look at me skwatteng huff puff.

3 hours later 20007442 Anonymous
>>20007338 >350lb >implying he isnt like 100lb fatter than that

3 hours later 20007448 fatlifts (1352594845251.png 200x313 56kB)
>>20007408 >mfw the PT was using the other power rack to BB row 95lbs in between hammer curls/broing out with the group of bros in the background

3 hours later 20007449 ennui
how many calories are you eating

3 hours later 20007460 Anonymous
>>20007449 all of them

3 hours later 20007469 Anonymous
>>20007449 Clearly too many

3 hours later 20007489 ennui (1367011062985.png 500x333 276kB)
>>20007460 >>20007469 guys.....................

3 hours later 20007498 Anonymous
being that fat and squatting that much weight is so terrible for your body. why don't you try to get down to a healthy weight and then get strong. you're just going to lose all your gains when you drop weight anyway, there is literally no benefit to what you're currently doing

3 hours later 20007503 fatlifts (1348874647156.jpg 360x360 72kB)
>>20007449 you'd have to ask the farmers, I just eat whatever they shovel in my trough.

3 hours later 20007513 ennui
>>20007503 i was genuinely curious though

3 hours later 20007525 Currently: 9iu Seros+8 Blast
>>20006717 Of muscle on say 50mg of Dbol, seems to be around there maybe 6lbs. I don't know really, never talked to someone who was both rigorous enough to track their growth correctly and be stupid enough to do a Dbol Only cycle.

3 hours later 20007534 Anonymous
>>20007503 Wow, your self-loathing shit is highly depressing. No wonder you're morbidly obese. See a shrink.

3 hours later 20007552 Anonymous
>>20007534 this so much. please die

3 hours later 20007558 Currently: 9iu Seros+8 Blast
>>20007041 Serostim.

3 hours later 20007572 Anonymous
>>20007534 >see a shrink preferably one in the waistline. seriously, you seem like a pretty cool and determined dude, but you shouldn't be focusing on anything other than cutting right now you can try to get your other lifts up during the cut. fuck, man

3 hours later 20007581 Anonymous
>>20007552 >>20007534 >inb4 lardlifts cries mathsbro

3 hours later 20007588 fatlifts
>>20007534 it's a joke m8, stop being such a sperglord.

3 hours later 20007607 Anonymous
>>20007581 he says that all the time to me when i tell the fat fuck to drop dead already.

3 hours later 20007762 mathsbro
>>20007607 Let's feed his paranoia

3 hours later 20007819 Anonymous
>>20006611 >the rough maximum for a natural at that height is 170 at 8% wat uhh... No.

3 hours later 20007832 Anonymous
>>20007588 look man, grats on the lift, thats impressive even for a fat dude on gear. But you have to know you're seriously fucking yourself over in the long run here. I mean, think about it. You're well past morbidly obese. You use steroids. You do heavy squats nearly every workout, and you say "raw power". I give you maybe a year, two tops, before you straight up blow the shit out of your knees. Shit, I have a buddy who is half your weight who tore his acl a few weeks ago. It's almost definitely going to happen. The difference between you and those super weight class powerlifters is that they didn't start off as a fatass on gear. Their tendons were able to gradually get used to the load, and even then, most of them basically keep lifting until they get a career ending injury, and then thats the ball game my friend. Please cut. If you don't want to end up in a fucking wheelchair, then cut.

3 hours later 20007835 fatlifts (1366346880869.jpg 243x207 23kB)
Some good posts/feedback ITT, thanks for humoring me again, /fit/. G-goodn-night.

3 hours later 20007892 Anonymous
>>20004852 I find myself wanting that to be a guy...

3 hours later 20007895 currently:250test e/wk&50 trena ed
How anyone thinks, that this fatty, who cant even maintain healthy weight levels or dedicate himself to bodybuilding, powerliftimg, or even just losing weight, is going to make legit, clean, properly dosed gear and not eventually fuck you over is beyond me. He screems for attention. Posts his face online, and everyone knows he brews. If you think for a second he wont get caught at some point because of his need for attention, and subsequently give up all of your info, then i have bad news for you. I cannot take advise from you at all, its disgraceful really.

3 hours later 20007897 Anonymous
>>20007835 not going to respond to >>20007832 ? c'mon man, I want you to do well, I just don't want you to hurt yourself.

3 hours later 20007937 Anonymous
>>20007895 You describe my feels perfectly. I just start raging.

3 hours later 20007943 Anonymous
>>20007895 people on this board have no idea where to get gear, so they turn to people like this guy, or eroids. and I agree, there is nothing impressive about someone squatting 5 plates when that is still less than 1xbodyweight

3 hours later 20007969 Anonymous
>mfw all the gym bros in the back witness some fat guy squatting 5 plate >mfw they all get silent

3 hours later 20007970 currently:250test e/wk&50 trena ed
>>20007943 Www.mppharma.net YOu are welcome. International. Give shipping 2-4 week. Email for communication. Gear is top knotch.

3 hours later 20007986 Anonymous
>>20007895 I highly doubt he actually sells gear. As you said, it's just for attention.

3 hours later 20007995 Anonymous
>>20007969 >mfw fat guy weighs more than 5 plate >mfw he is squatting 5 plate every time he stands up from a chair >mfw it's much more impressive to me to see a stick skinny 130 or 140lb dude squat 315 than to see some lardass squat 5 plates

3 hours later 20008009 Anonymous
>>20007970 I posted the post you replied to. I wasn't saying I don't have a source, I was explaining why retards use people like this lardass. And AB board is much better than mpharm

3 hours later 20008079 Anonymous
>>20006085 only in china does a human life have so little value

3 hours later 20008092 Anonymous
>>20008079 please, China has magnitudes more respect for human life than India.

3 hours later 20008122 Anonymous
good depth for once. but you lost all tightness to get there so that's kinda bad

4 hours later 20008431 Anonymous
>>20007995 So by your logic he is squatting 10 plate. Did someone wrassle your ronsons mate?

4 hours later 20008457 Pas
>>20008079 p sure far worse things happen in America

4 hours later 20008640 Anonymous
>>20007362 That has to be one of the most funny pictures I've ever seen And you so fat fatlifts. Please make it clear for once, just fucking once. What are your goals at the moment? It has to be to strip that weight off you

4 hours later 20008689 Anonymous
>>20004416 Squatting your bodyweight... impressive

5 hours later 20008831 Anonymous
>>20004918 also dont you use gear? But anyhow nice squat, keep motivated during your cut and in a year you wont believe youre the same person. Youre not gonna make it bro, unless you make yourself make it

5 hours later 20008918 Anonymous (1343208755744.jpg 720x538 104kB)
>>20005863 fuck my life. It's friday night and this post has been the highlight of my night and my entire week. You better fucking get shredded fatlifts. I'm not even fat, used to be auchwitz mode; but any transformation for the better is a good transformation. Your transformation however would be something special. Good luck buddy.

5 hours later 20009099 Anonymous
>>20007460 lel

6 hours later 20009918 Anonymous
anyone else think fatlifts looks like a 400+lbs version of iopq?

6 hours later 20010063 Anonymous
>>20004694 Nigga you might look like shit with your fatrolls, bad posture (don't look at the ground faggit) and crappy haircut. But being this strong and sort of funny makes you a likeable guy. I'm 'Mirin

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