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2013-05-17 05:58 20004402 Cardio, the Destroyer of Gains Zyzz return? (Zyzz_82085b_2959068.jpg 610x610 71kB)
Well what happened faggots? What happened to "hurr durr, zyzz will rise again on the 15th to save us, etc, etc" Yea thats what I fuckin thought niggers, just fuckin accept it, zyzz is gone forever and he is never ever ever ever coming back >I even brought some dubs to prove it

4 min later 20004518 Cardio, the Destroyer of Gains
b-but the prophet said.... ;_;

6 min later 20004560 Anonymous
if dubs op is a faggot and zyzz willl rise

6 min later 20004568 Islam will dominate the world First target:Sweden (image.jpg 768x1024 191kB)
I took him out

9 min later 20004642 Cardio, the Destroyer of Gains
>>20004568 i thought 2000000001 was the islam one? Or did you photoshop this clever tripfag

12 min later 20004689 Anonymous
>>20004642 No, it was 19999999

14 min later 20004721 Anonymous
>>20004568 >>20004568 no, you didnt it was sharky and titbrother

16 min later 20004767 Anonymous
Bro chestbrah confrimed yesterday that Zyzz is currently in Cuba laying low and will be coming back on August 15th. where the fuck have you been?

23 min later 20004897 Anonymous
>>20004767 >>20004767 pics or gtfo faggot, dont you dare mess around about some thing like that

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