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2013-05-17 05:57 20004375 Anonymous (1364223316808.jpg 600x371 17kB)
does anyone have that pic with the info on how to fix lordosis? seriously i have it so bad my ass sticks out like a girls

0 min later 20004407 Anonymous
>>20004375 >implying that's undesirable for a bottom faggot like yourself

1 min later 20004427 Anonymous
o dayum there is a word for that? i guess i got it too cuz my ass is way too big.

7 min later 20004561 Anonymous
do you mean anterior pelvic tilt? because thats what it sounds like

7 min later 20004564 Anonymous
Bumping for interest... People keep telling me i walk funny..

8 min later 20004591 Anonymous
>>20004561 yea thats it

12 min later 20004669 Anonymous (lordosis.jpg 2480x3508 412kB)

25 min later 20004916 Anonymous
>>20004669 thank you anon

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