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2013-05-17 05:56 20004362 Anonymous (123534523.jpg 353x451 67kB)
Hey fit, have a question for you. I've normally done light weight lifting mixed with 1 hr long runs 6 x a week; However, I've recently acquired some heavy weights and I've been focusing more on gaining mass. I've put on around 20 pounds since I've started (modest muscle with some fat). Running has become much more difficult. I run at almost the same speed, 7mph, but the distance is cut in half. Since I'm lifting heavier weights in an attempt to put on mass should I cut back on cardio? or is it safe to keep running 6 x a week at 7mph for 30 mins? I weight train 6 times a week ( do different body parts every day) and I usually take sunday off. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing too much, other times I feel like I'm doing too little. I could use a little guidance.

1 min later 20004408 Anonymous
The typical solution here is to lift weights for longer 3x a week and do the cardio for the full hour the other 3 days a week.

3 min later 20004459 Anonymous
Muscle weighs more than fat. so there is that. And depends on what the FUCK YOU wanna dooooooo!!! Do you want to be a crossfit fag....a runner fag....a big sick cunt fag?

6 min later 20004516 Anonymous
>>20004459 probably crossfit fag. I've never been interested in being a huge monster, and I love running too much to give it up long enough to become that big.

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