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2013-05-17 05:54 20004317 Anonymous (02348903289.jpg 640x389 47kB)
6' 4" known for manlet status

1 min later 20004341 Anonymous
>>20004317 damn the rock is a tiny bitch

2 min later 20004369 Anonymous
you do realize that shaq and charles barkley are both professional basketball players

3 min later 20004378 Anonymous
Holy shit

3 min later 20004400 Anonymous
>>20004369 are you trying to say something?

4 min later 20004420 Anonymous
>>20004369 No fucking shit.

4 min later 20004423 Anonymous
Everyone is a manlet next to Shaq, you fucking dork.

4 min later 20004431 Anonymous
jesus christ i am now realizing just how fucking massive shaq is.

5 min later 20004438 Anonymous
>>20004369 They were, dumb fuck.

5 min later 20004457 Anonymous
>>20004400 yea, but i guess you can't put one and one together, this anon cleared it up for you tho. >>20004423

9 min later 20004548 Anonymous (1276852404756.jpg 760x560 72kB)
Imagine shaq slaping your gf's ass in the club. Imagine how big his BBC is and how much it would fulfill her.

11 min later 20004597 Anonymous
>>20004548 I'd say that it might be too big, but then again his girl is tiny.

12 min later 20004619 Anonymous
I'd forgotten how much ink Shaq has

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