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2013-05-17 05:53 20004306 Anonymous (20130516_202108.jpg 1306x980 605kB)
My /fit/ post workout meal tonight >chicken thigh, seasoned, baked and diced >whole grain buckwheat noodles >steamed broccoli and carrots >peanuts >dash of low sodium stir fry sauce, dash of soy sauce >red pepper What's /fit/ eating tonight?

2 min later 20004355 Anonymous
>>20004306 Your mother.

4 min later 20004394 Anonymous
>>20004306 looks like you're eating tape worms

6 min later 20004445 Anonymous
Fajitas. It's just lean braised strip steak seasoned with chili powder, garlic powder, some other stuff with sauteed red bell peppers and onions. Fucking delicious.

8 min later 20004500 Anonymous
>>20004394 Well if so, I just ate a lot more protein than I thought. >>20004445 mahnigga.jpg

9 min later 20004532 Anonymous
baked beans and hotdogs ate myself into a coma

12 min later 20004599 Anonymous
>>20004532 >i know that feel all too well The allure of beans and franks is powerful. perhaps too powerful

15 min later 20004658 Anonymous (absolutely disgusting.jpg 300x225 32kB)
>>20004532 >baked beans and hot dogs

16 min later 20004672 Anonymous
>>20004599 damn right, i was kinda pissed too. i wanted to go kayaking after dinner but ended up talking a 45 min nap.

16 min later 20004678 Anonymous
>>20004532 >>20004599 All that salt All that sugar All that unnecessary fat

16 min later 20004685 Anonymous
>>20004306 that looks fucking godly

17 min later 20004708 Anonymous
>>20004678 nigga i check what i buy, the sodium wasn't bad and i'm on a bulk.

18 min later 20004718 Anonymous
baloney n cheese on white brad

19 min later 20004738 Anonymous
>>20004708 You don't have to be so defensive, I'm just saying there's a shit ton of salt in most brands of hot dogs.

19 min later 20004744 Anonymous
>>20004708 >trying to justify eating hotdogs Just admit it's the shittiest, most processed meat in existence and you're just disgusting pleb-trash that can't control yourself.

20 min later 20004756 Anonymous
Finally got me some steel cut oats. H-how the hell do i cook these?

21 min later 20004776 Anonymous
>>20004756 punch em till theyre soft then punch em with your teeth

21 min later 20004796 Anonymous
>>20004756 >what is google milk, berries, and nuts

21 min later 20004797 Anonymous
>>20004756 4:1 water to oats, in a pot on the stove, stir until desired consistency

22 min later 20004803 Anonymous
>>20004718 whats brad's last name? Thins sounds kinky, can I join? ;)

23 min later 20004819 Anonymous
>>20004797 Thanks. Do you add anything to it)

24 min later 20004831 Anonymous (1340926078533639.png 375x444 64kB)
>>20004744 >>20004708 Did you know that infant foreskin goes into making "kosher" hotdogs?

24 min later 20004842 Anonymous
>>20004678 >unneccessary fat >baked beans Nigga you be trippin

25 min later 20004850 Anonymous
>>20004819 I always add cinnamon, walnuts, and some type of fruit. My favorite fruit is any type of berry, or banana. With a banana I add it in whole with a few min of cooking left and I mash it up in the oats while they're cooking. It smells like fucking banana bread. Honey if you prefer to add it too.

26 min later 20004867 Anonymous (egg.jpg 640x480 116kB)
Four eggs with sriracha sauce. Almost finished. Shit's cash.

28 min later 20004891 Anonymous
>>20004306 Salmon, crab, and egg sushi along with lots of milk a protein bar assorted fruits tofu and chicken broth soup and a salad no dressing

28 min later 20004896 Anonymous
>>20004842 What are hot dogs?

30 min later 20004922 Anonymous
>>20004850 Will do

30 min later 20004935 Anonymous
>>20004867 it looks anything but cash my friend. thats some poor ass people food right there

31 min later 20004950 Anonymous
>>20004867 >sriracha on scrambled eggs I'd just puke that shit right up. I can't mix those two flavors.

32 min later 20004954 Anonymous
>>20004306 stringy shit reminds of this fuck you OP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRP 73rM7r04

32 min later 20004962 Anonymous
>>20004935 Well it's bloody difficult eating expensive when you're a student working with a part time job trying to support your little brother through high school. Lifting's the only thing that takes the pain away.

33 min later 20004974 Anonymous
>>20004950 >not lathering up sriaracha so there's no egg taste left

33 min later 20004981 Anonymous
>>20004708 I'm on a cut right now, so i must resist. After costco shopping, i've found myself eyeballing the beans and franks, it's terrible. no slipping for me.

33 min later 20004985 Anonymous
Plain Greek yogurt 1 Banananananananana Big ass hand full of unsalted pecans And 2 20oz bottles of water. Tasted like banana nut muffins kinda.

34 min later 20004993 Anonymous
>>20004678 >being this much of a pussy woman >2013 looks like men really are losing their balls nowadays

36 min later 20005023 Anonymous
>>20004306 >chicken thigh >two thousand and thirteen >not eating far superior breasts GTFO

40 min later 20005081 Anonymous
>>20004962 i guess. sorry i dont know your feels though, my parents didnt walk out on us. also tfw trust fund baby

41 min later 20005109 Anonymous
>>20004954 >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cR P73rM7r04 why...

46 min later 20005187 Anonymous
Oh man is dat some soba noodles, OP? Thems so good. I only ate a protein shake and some greek yogurt because I wasn't all that hungry, that brought me to my protein requirement.

46 min later 20005192 Anonymous
so, the fuck should i eat for dinner while cutting? chicken breast, and that's all? fuck, I'm having the hardest damn time breaking the 10% BF barrier because of this shit.

49 min later 20005243 Anonymous
>>20005192 do cardio

1 hours later 20005461 Anonymous
>>20005243 Thanks for the advice, might actually take u up on that, but still no clue how what will give me that final push.

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