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2013-05-17 05:53 20004303 Anonymous (kaz.jpg 263x356 24kB)
in your opinion, what is strong? 400 squat, 300 bench, 500 deadlift? 2x bodyweight squat, 1.5 bench, 2.5 deadlift? what do you define it as?

4 min later 20004389 Anonymous
800 deadlift

4 min later 20004405 Anonymous
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnRk 4k3QRZI

4 min later 20004414 Anonymous
20 pull-ups

5 min later 20004429 Euronymous
>>20004303 Good ole bill

5 min later 20004434 Anonymous
Being able to laugh at your own expense.

5 min later 20004435 Anonymous
>>20004405 wtf did i watch

8 min later 20004494 Anonymous
>>20004414 >bodyweight pussy shit >strong

9 min later 20004522 Anonymous
225 bench press and balanced strength elsewhere. There will always be someone stronger, but hitting dat 2plate probably puts you in the top 1% of world population.

10 min later 20004537 Anonymous
>>20004522 well shit i'm already there, thanks anon

10 min later 20004544 Anonymous
I wish i could be as strong as kaz and as alpha as jon pall :(

11 min later 20004586 Anonymous (1338277246795.jpg 500x470 97kB)
>>20004522 >top 1% of world population. Dont get ahead of yourself hotshot.

13 min later 20004608 Anonymous
>Having the power to move heavy weights or perform other physically demanding tasks. Personally I consider anyone above average who able to exert their strength effectively strong. Someone whos DYEL as fuck doing bodyweight exercises and curling can be strong compared to the average person but that doesn't mean its on the same level as people here.

13 min later 20004611 Anonymous
>>20004494 I take it that means you couldn't do it, then?

13 min later 20004625 Anonymous
>>20004586 only 13% of the world population engage in fitness so that really about right.

14 min later 20004629 Anonymous
>>20004586 top 1% of the world? including women, kids, senior citizens, and considering most of the world doesn't lift i believe it. top 1% of fitness enthusiasts/athletes? not a chance.

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