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2013-05-17 05:50 20004232 Anonymous (1365265659713s.jpg 125x125 3kB)
Anyone else suffer from exertion headaches? After weeks, I've determined there's nothing I can do to stop them. I can no longer work out. At the end of a set (of anything) I will be struck with the most painful headache ever. I can't finish my workout. I've recently discovered I can do light exercises like 15 or so dips without triggering a headache. I'm guessing I have to slowly work back up to heavy weights. >tfw sports injury >tfw there is little information on said sports injury and how to treat it >tfw it is killing my gains What is killing your gains, /fit/? My brain went to Snap City one day and decided to rent an apartment.

3 min later 20004299 Anonymous (1365212350061.png 500x461 42kB)
>>20004232 I would fucking brohug you if i could. I fucking hated those things, thankfully I don't get them any more.

5 min later 20004331 baby powder
>>20004232 get checked by a doc; wouldn't want it to be an aneurism

5 min later 20004346 Anonymous
Fuck, man. I've had two. The first one was a set of squats and it just snapped. I could barely walk home, I took a shower, popped some pills and slept for about four hours. I woke up and it was still going strong. Ate some food and popped some more pills and went to bed. The next day it was still there but mild. I've read that a couple pills before bed and some magnesium before workouts can help. I didn't take any magnesium and just took a few days off from all physical activity and haven't had any problems since.

7 min later 20004370 Anonymous
>>20004232 Dude you are forgetting the breathe

8 min later 20004422 Anonymous
Shooting up for years. Stop, get clean. Veins and blood flow are shit now. My liver is fucked. My gains....

9 min later 20004451 Anonymous
>>20004331 Already did brah, they did all the tests, there's nothing wrong. Shit just happens when working out. My last one, the one that convinced me I can't work out without a headache happening, was triggered by only 10 pullups. >>20004346 Pills do nothing for these headaches. They're unstoppable. >>20004422 It's not too late bro

12 min later 20004506 Anonymous
>>20004232 if you're well rested, hydrated, have been taking tylenol/aspirin, and the headaches are still occurring; then you definitely need to get an MRI, there might be a more serious underlying issue.

13 min later 20004549 Anonymous
>>20004422 Quit drugs get trip/dub/dubs. Keep working man, stay clean.

15 min later 20004578 Anonymous
>>20004506 Nigga I already got an MRI, nothing's wrong.

15 min later 20004594 Anonymous
only happens when i forget to breathe it even almost makes me pass out but i'm being more careful not to hold my breath now

16 min later 20004605 Anonymous
Do cardio for the blood circulation, and deep breathing. and rid your diet of fats, especially animal fats, drink tea, no sugar, ?

17 min later 20004639 Anonymous
>>20004594 I know that the first time I got it, I wasn't breathing. The second time, when I did 10 pullups, I made sure to breathe. I still got it. >>20004605 >Do cardio for the blood circulation Would you recommend doing that on the day of the workout or on off days?

21 min later 20004709 Anonymous
>>20004639 just walking is fine. breathing is key. deep breathing. inhale for 3, hold for 2, exhale for 5. something along those lines. play with the times to accomodate the intensity of your movement. eg. if you're just sitting and meditating in a candle lit room, you can increase the time for each breath. take a breather from working out if you need. avoid bright artificial lights. do some yoga and shit. do a fast, maybe a broth or juice fast. try to cleanse your system a bit. maybe you're overloaded and stressed. good luck

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