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2013-05-17 05:47 20004174 fatman (100 percent.png 300x225 122kB)
ask a guy who joined the 1000 pound club with in 5 months of lifting anything. general power lifting thread pic related. goal body.

2 min later 20004226 Anonymous
>>20004174 nice im still about 40lb off i think but im also a borderline alchoholic so yeah that may be slowing down ma gains but im cleaning up my act for the next 5 weeks because finals so yeah ill see how that goes for me

3 min later 20004245 Anonymous
Grate on being a fatcunt, you look like shit irl, no body irl cares about the 1000pound fatass club

4 min later 20004253 Anonymous
>>20004245 mad hungry skeleton lol

5 min later 20004268 Anonymous
Why would anyone care if you're a fat-ass?

5 min later 20004278 Anonymous
>>20004174 thats not impressive m8 anyone doing ss can do it

6 min later 20004295 Anonymous
>>20004268 I'm not incredibly obese 5'8" 190lbs

8 min later 20004333 Anonymous
ask a guy who joined the 1000 pound club with in 5 months of not lifting anything. ftfy

8 min later 20004336 Anonymous
>>20004295 Loooooool Manlet fatshit

8 min later 20004337 fatman
>>20004295 oops, stupid firefox

11 min later 20004410 fatman
I'm not that fat :[

13 min later 20004462 Centipede
What anime was this? This looks really familiar

14 min later 20004493 fatman
>>20004462 yu yu hakusho

15 min later 20004510 Anonymous
The fuck is the 1000 pound club? You can lift 1000lbs?

15 min later 20004520 king fink (confirmed a manlet.jpg 441x481 60kB)
Wow you're tiny pudge factory has a smaller range of motion and you consider that an achievement. Hurr durr I can dunk a basketball. ASK ME ANYTHING. >Mfw

16 min later 20004539 Anonymous
>>20004174 Mirin bro. When I started properly lifting 14 weeks ago, I set the 1000lb club as my goal. At 945 right now. I'll probably hit it around the same time as you. >>20004268 definitely angry skeleton >>20004245 you too

16 min later 20004545 Centipede
>>20004493 Aw shytt thanks man, gonna start watching that shit I never watched through the series chronologically

18 min later 20004582 fatman
>>20004545 it's on youtube somewhere I think... or just google it, haha

19 min later 20004593 fatman
>>20004539 what are your stats as of now?

19 min later 20004600 Anonymous
The most embarrasing thing about this thread are these DYEL's acting like 1000lbs is in any way out of reach or only attained by being fat. Throw some random on a bro split that has the big three every week and he will reach this goal in under a year. Kill yourself weak brahs. >I train for aesthetics, u mirin my 165 bench, 200 squat, and 225 deadlift?

19 min later 20004603 Anonymous
Whether this anons achievement is worth merit or not, all of the replies criticizing him and trying to put down his said achievement are really sad. Someone did something, they feel good about it, and yet its acceptable to chime in and put them down through projection and/or superiority complex, I'm sure your fathers would be proud.

20 min later 20004637 Anonymous
>>20004593 Bench 235 Squat 360 Deadlift 350

21 min later 20004649 fatman
>>20004603 >>20004600 this is all why I love the internet though

21 min later 20004656 fatman
>>20004637 are those reps or maxes? a

22 min later 20004673 Anonymous
I hit it in about 5 months also. No need to brag about it.

24 min later 20004703 Anonymous
>>20004656 maxes

25 min later 20004722 fatman
>>20004703 oh I was gonna say those are better than my reps, haha

26 min later 20004740 Anonymous
>>20004520 I am also 6'4" and I really don't get the whole fucking ROM for taller guys bullshit being a fucking excuse for superiority. If anything the longer length of limbs makes some, SOME exercises about 10% harder that's about it. Everything else falls into place as long as you have good proportion.

27 min later 20004773 fatman (Picture 274.jpg 1280x1024 203kB)
>>20004740 my nigga also proof that I'm not THAT fat.

27 min later 20004778 Anonymous
I was in the 1000 pound club when i was 14. This shit is not impressive and doesnt deserve it own thread NOw if you said 1500, thats a different story

29 min later 20004812 Anonymous
>>20004545 it's yu-gi-oh man. don't let him trick you.

34 min later 20004879 Anonymous
>>20004462 YYH - best anime out there

37 min later 20004943 Anonymous
>>20004778 >I was in the 1000 pound club when i was 14. yeah

41 min later 20004991 Anonymous
i was in the 1000lbs club within 6 months of lifting.....for 5 reps each. >th-thanks SS

43 min later 20005024 fatman
>>20004778 lies

44 min later 20005043 Anonymous
>>20004545 read don't watch.

45 min later 20005053 fatman
>>20005043 no way, the anime is so much better

46 min later 20005067 Anonymous (fatasfamilyass.jpg 460x288 59kB)
>>20004778 The "1000 pound club" doesn't refer to the combined weight of your family

46 min later 20005068 Anonymous
>>20004773 you look manly as fuck, chest hair is perfect, keep it up.

47 min later 20005096 fatman
>>20005068 your kind words make the bad ones all the sweeter.

51 min later 20005174 Anonymous
>>20004773 Take a pic from a less flattering angle. Like maybe front/back double bicep pose to see back and pure arm definition.

53 min later 20005195 fatman (Picture 271.jpg 1280x1024 197kB)
>>20005174 still fat, I think I have a solid core though. idk what others would say

55 min later 20005232 Anonymous
>>20004174 you know 1000 pound club means the total combined weights of your compound lifts not how much you weigh right?

56 min later 20005267 fatman
>>20005232 omg thats hilarious

57 min later 20005276 Anonymous
>>20005232 >>20005067 >stealing my joke

58 min later 20005303 Anonymous
>>20005276 sorry m8 great minds think alike and all that

1 hours later 20005318 Anonymous (Benediktion.jpg 583x389 22kB)
Come back when you hit the REAL 1000 pound club, kid.

1 hours later 20005373 Anonymous (rezazadeh_getty438.jpg 438x318 26kB)
>>20005318 that's not the real 1000lb club

1 hours later 20005381 Anonymous
>>20004603 They're like the fat acceptance women when somebody accomplishes something good for themselves >jealous >resentful >angry >sad

1 hours later 20005452 Anonymous
>tfw 855lb club after 9 months of training for strength. I started out at 6'0" and around 138lbs :,( Forever skinny

1 hours later 20005500 Anonymous
>>20005452 Not to mention this is my projected 1rm. Not even tested.

1 hours later 20005516 Anonymous
>>20005373 I had to google his total and holy shit I never knew he had a 1000lb total. Jesus

1 hours later 20005580 Anonymous
Powerfag here. The 1,000lb club only counts if you do those lifts in a powerlifting meet. Your gym lifts with your non-paused bench, high squat and hitched deadlift don't mean shit, son. Even if they're done with good form, your gym lifts also don't mean shit unless you do them all within three hours of each other. Anyone can max out each lift in a good session over a month; you only count your competition lifts.

1 hours later 20005604 Anonymous
>>20004637 confirmed for half squats

1 hours later 20005645 Anonymous
>>20004545 http://www.watchcartoononline.com/y u-yu-hakusho-episode-1-english-dubb ed watch the dub there

1 hours later 20005674 Anonymous
>>20005195 Traps and lats definitely need more work in proportion with the rest of your body, shrugs, chinups, and lots of rows. Can you take a back double bicep pose?

1 hours later 20005699 fatman (Picture 252.jpg 1280x1024 175kB)
>>20005674 my traps are all right my lats I've always wondered about. and I could try, it'll take me a few minutes pic related, my traps

1 hours later 20005732 Anonymous
What's with all the people claiming SS is necessary? I have been making 4.5kg lift gains every two weeks by just working each muscle group once a week with 4x10,8,6,4 increasing weight on each set. I usually go into the gym maybe twice a week for roughly 1-2 hours each session.

1 hours later 20005750 Anonymous
>>20005580 Another powerfag here GTFO and let the kid have his moment.

1 hours later 20005777 Anonymous
>>20005699 Grow a beard for fucks sake. You have perfect bearmode genetics.

1 hours later 20005784 Anonymous
>>20005381 Oh goddammit, so much fucking this

1 hours later 20005786 Anonymous
>>20005699 Let's see quad progression, kid.

1 hours later 20005798 fatman
>>20005777 >implying I can grow facial hair....

1 hours later 20005832 fatman
>>20005786 give me a second to finish this ARAM

1 hours later 20005833 Anonymous
>>20005580 Gtfo faggot, I lift more than you and weight 145 pounds

1 hours later 20005869 Anonymous
>>20005833 Then you'd be an elite lifter, as I've got a 220 squat, 150 bench and 230 dead @ 90 bw. And yup, those are done in a comp.

1 hours later 20006001 fatman
>>20005869 are you a female? 90lbs... wtf?

1 hours later 20006040 Anonymous
>>20006001 Numbers are in kilograms. I assumed people would be able to work that out.

1 hours later 20006049 Anonymous (1347714898669.jpg 588x441 28kB)
>tfw 1000lbs club >tfw 185lbs bench th-thanks

1 hours later 20006060 fatman
>>20006040 oh jesus christ, duh. sorry it's late.

1 hours later 20006116 Anonymous
>>20006060 No worries, it happens. Honestly, you should only claim the 1k club if you can do those lifts in a comp, preferably a serious one like IPF (rather than CAPO). If you can approximate those lifts in a real comp after five months, you have a strong future ahead of you if powerlifting. I'm not trying to bust your balls.

2 hours later 20006158 Anonymous
God, you fags get excited over the most pathetic accomplishments.

2 hours later 20006178 fatman
>>20006116 I've been seriously interested in power lifting comp, but I have no idea how to get into it.

2 hours later 20006210 fatman (Picture 275.jpg 1280x1024 211kB)
my pastey quads for whoever asked

2 hours later 20006475 fatman
>>20006178 bumping for answers

2 hours later 20006513 Anonymous
Yay, another attention whore is born!

2 hours later 20006661 Anonymous
What does it mean if I bench 240 and squat 220?

2 hours later 20006704 Anonymous
>>20006661 you're a curlbro. try not to do curls while you're in the squat rack

2 hours later 20006749 Anonymous
>>20006475 You just have to look around your area google can help, people in your gym, etc

2 hours later 20006767 Anonymous
>>20006704 >curlbro >ever squatting >benchpress is now a curl 0/10

2 hours later 20006906 fatman
>>20006661 you're probably a bit chicken legged then, either that or your form is terrible in one or both lifts

2 hours later 20006947 Anonymous
>>20004174 I remember when I hit the 1050 club... but that was with a powerclean total not a deadlift total ;)

2 hours later 20006978 Anonymous
I am curious to why you posted two threads about your fat ass? I am you're good at lifting but you're also a faggot who hates himself too much. Lose some weight bro. I love you and I am sorry

2 hours later 20006989 Anonymous
>>20006978 fatman != fatlifts. Two different guys.

2 hours later 20006992 fatman
>>20006978 two threads? hate myself? I am confuse.... but I love you too. no homo

2 hours later 20007002 Anonymous
>>20006989 I think you can understand why I got confused. Similar threads also

2 hours later 20007016 fatman
>>20007002 I get it. do you still love me?

3 hours later 20007053 Anonymous
>>20007016 Yup. Your threads were right next to each other.

3 hours later 20007057 Anonymous (1262396411509.jpg 1280x720 132kB)
pic related my goal body how do i into adam blade mode

3 hours later 20007091 Anonymous
Currents >dl 475 >B 295 >s 450 Power clean is 245 so I'm 10lbs off 1000lb on that. 5'9 189-Manlet king I hit all 4 of those maxes at 181 in one day to the powerfag that was complaining

3 hours later 20007121 fatman
>>20007091 son, I am proud. ...if you're not lying

3 hours later 20007145 Anonymous
>>20006661 You're a fag? Just squat more. Or if your legs are asthetic anyways don't even worry about it bro.

3 hours later 20007177 Anonymous (kintaro1yj7r.jpg 623x566 109kB)
>>20004174 pic related. goal body

3 hours later 20007183 Anonymous (1367539921076.jpg 500x473 29kB)
A couple of Q's: What were your starting weights? What routine did you use? What was your diet like? Lastly, do you even lift?

3 hours later 20007222 fatman
>>20007183 bp- 120 on smith squat- 160 on smith dl-220 I did SS for like 2 months i think? and I dont really have a routine, just work out whatever isnt sore really and I eat what I want... yes I lift.

3 hours later 20007235 Anonymous
>>20007121 Been lifting for 7 years. My squat was the same at 16... Bench and dl where I make gainz now.

3 hours later 20007237 fatman
>>20007177 he can bench and curl at the same time.... mirin'

3 hours later 20007251 fatman
>>20007235 pics?

3 hours later 20007259 Anonymous
>>20007222 Get off the smith. Rotate some heavy weight in there bro.

3 hours later 20007276 fatman
>>20007259 oh I did, I left planet shitness after 2 months of lifting. I'm at a real gym now and use real weights, haha

3 hours later 20007297 Anonymous
>>20004510 Seriously, why has no one answered this, what is it?

3 hours later 20007303 Anonymous
>>20007222 How the fuck are adult men incapable of benching 1 plate starting? Do you have a testosterone deficiency or some shit?

3 hours later 20007306 Anonymous
doesnt count when your 300lb your self, fat fuck

3 hours later 20007320 fatman
>>20007303 it's just what I started at bro, it was so easy to add more weight.

3 hours later 20007329 Anonymous
>>20007297 I'm the one who originally asked the question and decided to google it and 30 seconds later I knew what it was. People also explained it in the thread without responding directly to the post.

3 hours later 20007340 Anonymous
>>20007303 Stay mad bro. I started 60lbs, but I still warm up on your max theseadays.

3 hours later 20007342 Anonymous
>>20007297 1rm squat + bench + dead. Competition form, so below-parallel squat, paused bench, fully locked DL and ideally done in the same session.

3 hours later 20007348 Anonymous
>>20007340 >60lbs Are you 4 feet tall?

3 hours later 20007353 Anonymous
>>20007297 1000lbs total squat bench deadlift

3 hours later 20007356 Anonymous
>>20007348 No, I was 5'11.

3 hours later 20007357 Anonymous
>>20007303 I think it's because I'm 5'10 :(

3 hours later 20007372 Anonymous
>>20007356 How do you even start so low? Even women start higher than that holy fuck.

3 hours later 20007378 Anonymous
>>20007303 because I'm 5'10 skelington

3 hours later 20007385 fatman
>>20007372 maybe he started when he was like 11... I'm seriously interested in what he looks like now.

3 hours later 20007386 Anonymous
>>20007372 Like I said, stay mad.

3 hours later 20007407 Anonymous
>>20007385 Why? I look OK, nothing special. 325 bench max, 198lbs, probably around 12% BF.

3 hours later 20007413 Anonymous
>>20007386 I'm not mad, I'm baffled. Your defensiveness exposes your self consciousness about you low natural strength though.

3 hours later 20007424 Anonymous
>>20007413 Actually I'm really proud of it, because instead of stumbling into the gym already strong and tarding around a few months, I learned to train and I fucking destroyed it, now I'm strong.

3 hours later 20007426 Anonymous
>>20007407 >nothing special >elite level bench >almost underweight BF% Something isn't adding up here m8

3 hours later 20007427 fatman
>>20007407 well how long have you been lifting?

3 hours later 20007466 Anonymous
>>20007426 I'm flattered that you think it's elite, but my biggest competitor does 405lbs at the same weight and we're both still juniors. People work around near 500lbs when they're 23+ of age. >>20007427 4 or 5 years now.

3 hours later 20007481 Anonymous
>>20004174 Do you have any videos of your lifts?

3 hours later 20007491 Anonymous
>>20007424 >bitter about other's natural strength and naturally higher potential >still tries to play it off like a champ Gotta hand it to you, you do an awful good job covering up those feelings.

3 hours later 20007494 Anonymous (photo (5).png 197x281 90kB)

3 hours later 20007500 Anonymous
I can bench 26 kg dumbbells How much is this with a barbell? About 50 kg right? >tfw still no 1platt

3 hours later 20007512 fatman
>>20007481 no, I go to the gym by myself and just ask a random person to spot me while maxing. I'd be more than willing to upload some vids if people are actually that interested

3 hours later 20007514 Anonymous
>>20007491 Yea, definitely mad. If I wasn't comfortable with the idea, I wouldn't bring it up. I bait people with the low number and spring the newer totals up to stroke my ego.

3 hours later 20007524 Anonymous
>>20007500 Your DB yield is anywhere between 70-80% of your raw BB bench.

3 hours later 20007540 Anonymous
>>20007494 what the fuck kind of photos is that. ITT: E stats ITT: everyone squatting 4 plate after 3 months of SS ITT: Squatting 200KG at 16 years old ITT: Go kill your self

3 hours later 20007563 Anonymous
>>20007514 >I pump my ego because I know I have shit genetics Just keep screaming "mad", maybe the jealousy will go away?

3 hours later 20007573 Anonymous
>>20007563 What exactly am I supposed to be jealous about? My state record?

3 hours later 20007587 Anonymous
>>20007540 >fit >getting mad

3 hours later 20007589 Anonymous
>>20004336 >this

3 hours later 20007622 Anonymous
>>20004637 am I disbalanced or are u i can bench that but i can barely squat like 220 wtf

3 hours later 20007649 Anonymous
>>20007622 you are

3 hours later 20007658 Anonymous
>>20007573 You're still replying though, which just shows your lack of confidence because you feel the need to try to prove yourself to a random nobody on the internet. You are self conscious, but you won't admit it because you're a juvenile and inflated your ego too much.

3 hours later 20007660 Anonymous
>>20007622 You are, lmao. Your legs aren't supposed to be weaker than your arms bro.

3 hours later 20007666 Anonymous
why does my neck/upper trap area hurt every time i do OHP no matter what weight i use? Im using good form, chin tucked, butt and abs squeezed, elbows forward, not straining my neck or bobbing back too much, and i still get a neck strain that hurts for days afterwards? I can do heavier weight with dumbells without this happening, wtf is going on?

3 hours later 20007668 Anonymous
>>20007524 Okay, thanks. >no spotter ;(

3 hours later 20007670 Anonymous
>>20007658 You're still replying though, which just shows your anger and the need to prove yourself to a random nobody on the internet.

3 hours later 20007684 Anonymous
>>20007660 Fat fucks will generally have that problem though, even though some people think living with that weight for a long time gives you huge fully acclimated quads, biceps, and glutes. P.S. That's not how bipedalism works, kids.

3 hours later 20007689 fatman
>>20007666 does it hurt in your joints or muscles?

3 hours later 20007690 Anonymous
>>20007660 Im talking good form at least horizontal if not ass to gound

3 hours later 20007697 Anonymous
>>20007670 Keep projecting, maybe one day Jesus will descend from the heavens and fix your substandard genetics.

3 hours later 20007701 Anonymous
>>20007689 muscles, on my right side only its my upper trap/neck area

3 hours later 20007703 Anonymous
>>20007690 w/ a 235 bench I'd expect at least a low 300s squat, ATG or otherwise.

3 hours later 20007716 Anonymous (1346349795074.gif 482x800 29kB)
>joins the 1000lb total club >still hasn't hit 1x bw deadlift or 0.75x bw squat

3 hours later 20007735 Anonymous
>>20007697 If my genes are so bad, why do I have a record? Your argument doesn't make any sense and you cannot seem to let this go (whereas I'm continuing to reap the reward of my low-number bait, so to speak, watching how uncomfortable you are with my success despite my low start).

3 hours later 20007741 fatman
>>20007701 I'm not really too sure, do you ever go to a chiropractor? I don't necessarily believe in all that stuff but I know it makes me feel great after I've been adjusted

3 hours later 20007758 fatman
>>20007735 >>20007697 you are both obviously very mad. lol

3 hours later 20007770 Anonymous
>>20007741 its definitly not bone related, its only on 1 side and its far from the center where my cervical spine is. Its happend 3 times within a few months now and only on my right side, i can do the same weight with dumbells and have no problems afterwards

3 hours later 20007782 Anonymous
So you guys are all claiming you lift at the Olympic level after ~6 months. Hahahaha, everyone who belives this shit, lol

3 hours later 20007803 Anonymous
>>20007758 m8, you're a dude who did manual labour and is bragging/attn whoring about getting a total in a short training period pls go

3 hours later 20007817 Anonymous
>>20007770 Muscles compensating for muscle imbalance?

3 hours later 20007820 fatman
>>20007803 k, good night.

3 hours later 20007855 Anonymous
>>20007735 Good, replace that jealousy with false confidence. 325 is a record? In what country? And you managed to get a 325 bench over a period of 5 years of training? That's supposed to be impressive? I get the feeling you've reached your limit and are now frustrated you can't hit any higher, judging by the time you've spent training you must be stuck on that weight for a while now. How does it feel to know you have manlet strength?

3 hours later 20007884 Anonymous
>>20007817 I wasnt maxing at all i was stopping 2-3 reps short of failure because i was concerned about it happening again. what neck exercises can i do that i wont risk snapping my shit up?

3 hours later 20007905 Anonymous
>>20007057 no need to work out, just diet down a bit

3 hours later 20007913 Anonymous
any tips on pulling the bar out of the rack? I know to keep my shoulder blades pinched and use my lats to pull out but shits heavy and i feel like im gonna injure my rotator cuff at some point

3 hours later 20007915 Anonymous
>>20007855 You're trying way too hard lol. I'm the one who's supposed to be projecting? Look how many fevered assumptions you made. I'm making regular gains and hoping to beat my 405lb-benching friend in due time, thanks muchly. I've been 'stuck' on 325 for about 2-3 weeks now (which is not unusual, if you could get 5lbs/week for years, you'd be doing 1000lbs in no time). Sorry to disappoint, pal!

3 hours later 20007996 Anonymous
>>20007915 You can get 5lbs per week until you hit near your genetic limit. I hardly doubt you're going to hit 405 if you're stuck on 325 for 3 weeks. You pretty much exposed your assmad and jealousy right from the start by jumping right on the umad boat as soon as somebody mentioned something you obviously are self conscious about and are now trying to play it off like an elaborate ego boosting scheme like a typical pseudo alpha. You must have a lot of anxiety and it's starting to look a lot like manlet syndrome and compensation for your bad genetics.

3 hours later 20008014 Anonymous
>>20007996 >You can get 5lbs per week until you hit near your genetic limit. LOL

3 hours later 20008018 Anonymous
>>20005318 >that 1000lb club has like 3 members

4 hours later 20008032 Anonymous
>>20004174 >1000 pound club >the 2x bodyweight club Congrats on getting your ass in the gym, but please understand you're a pathetic powerlifter, and you would place last in every catagory if you entered a meet. This is coming from someone who totalled 1000lbs after a year of lifting weighing in at 159lbs.

4 hours later 20008049 Anonymous
>>20008014 Oh wait you hit some kind of wall before then? Really? I have been getting steady 5lbs weekly increases for about a year and a half now same with everyone I know at my gym. I guess it must really suck to be that kind of hard gainer, might want to increase your calorie intake m8, might help you get that peewee max up.

4 hours later 20008051 Anonymous
>>20007002 fatman seems cool fatlifts is a faggot

4 hours later 20008057 Anonymous
>>20008049 >year and a half Oh OK, so you're a newbie who doesn't know what he's talking about. You can leave now. Talk to me once you get respectable lifts/some experience.

4 hours later 20008070 Anonymous
>>20008049 >>20008057 By the way, 52 weeks. Year and half = 78 weeks. That's 5lbs per week for 78 weeks. I hope you bench at least 390+60 = 450lbs.

4 hours later 20008102 Anonymous
>>20008057 >jealous because returning lifter is getting better gains I knew that would bother you guess you would know thing or two about being a master ruseman and "baiting" people, huh? Keep playing the secure guy. >>20008070 And now I've got this monkey doing math.

4 hours later 20008114 Anonymous
>>20008102 >jealous because returning lifter is getting better gains Spoiler: he's not getting better gains, because he doesn't actually bench 450lbs.

4 hours later 20008148 Anonymous
>>20004174 Is this your final form?

0.837 0.131