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2013-05-17 05:45 20004152 Anonymous (600681_574453359248817_1870387233_n.jpg 481x793 31kB)
Is 23 too early to have back and shoulder hairs?

2 min later 20004187 Anonymous
It's always too early

2 min later 20004199 Anonymous
nope, I am 12 and I have back and shoulder hairs. I am always asking my mom to shave them off. I hate them

3 min later 20004211 Anonymous
>one shoulder is hairy the other is naked what is this shit

3 min later 20004214 Anonymous
>>20004199 sorry I meant 23, Idk why I typed 12 lol

18 min later 20004554 Anonymous
>>20004211 Oh man, I knew that geek at like 13, with my armpits. I was so embarrassed that I shaved the hairier one, but stupidly, I used my electric razor on it. Oh god that rash man, felt so so bad.

19 min later 20004566 Anonymous
>>20004554 >new that geek what the fucking fuck auto correct?

22 min later 20004631 Anonymous
>>20004199 >>20004554 Holy shit guys, get it together.

22 min later 20004632 Anonymous (bearmode.jpg 223x226 9kB)
It's never too early to be a man son

1 hours later 20005449 Anonymous
>>20004152 my friend has it and he is 19. dudes fucking hairy, not even bir or anything

1 hours later 20005579 Anonymous
Man I've been covered in hair since 18 and started shaving my face at 14. There's hair all over me, I got my dad's hair genetics. At least the hair on my head is godly.

1 hours later 20005605 Anonymous
>>20004152 im 21 and i have it pretty bad, whos the guy in the pic, he could legit be a pale version of me

1 hours later 20005615 Anonymous
>>20004152 >19 >didn't think until now it was abnormal for me to have hair across rhomboids traps rear delts and upper lats, as well as on delts and triceps Fuck

1 hours later 20005634 Anonymous
Nah, your body hair is pretty much done by the time you're 23. That's how it's going to be from now on, except it'll keep growing longer and thicker. Get your girlfriend (tfw no gf) or your mom or someone to help you shave/trim it. Sucks, but that's life. At least you can build muscle without steroids and don't spew blood out of your genitals every month.

1 hours later 20005636 Anonymous
>>20005579 props. im hairy and balding x_X

1 hours later 20005640 Anonymous
>>20005615 That's what I have. I have hair all over my shoulders and upper arms. Surprisingly little on my lower back, though.

1 hours later 20005663 Anonymous
>>20005636 My hairline is starting to recede at the temples. I'm starting to worry.

1 hours later 20005665 Anonymous
>>20004632 You'll note the lack of hair on this guy's shoulders....

1 hours later 20005672 Anonymous
I have occasional hairs along my arms, shoulders and back that are 4x as long as the other shitty little blond hairs and are dark brown, does this imply I'll have shoulder and back hair one day?

1 hours later 20005711 Anonymous
>>20005672 Doesn't imply shit. You won't know how your body hair's going to be until your mid twenties. Anyways it's not a big deal. I'm hairy as fuck (Like we're talking more chest hair than austin powers) and I just take 20 minutes every week to trim it all down to basically nothing. The back and shoulder hair is a little more work, but it doesn't grow very quickly for me and as long as you're a trained contortionist working for the circus, and own a room with mirrors on every wall, it's no problem to trim it yourself.

1 hours later 20005723 Anonymous
Have peach fuzz on my shoulders Always had a happy trail down my ass

1 hours later 20005747 Anonymous
>>20005663 If you get to the point where it looks weird, just shave your head smooth.

1 hours later 20005757 Anonymous
Well I wouldn't know , practically zero chest hair and little armpit hair at 25. Also my beard is a joke. .....fuck.

1 hours later 20005815 Anonymous
>>20004152 I went to University with the guy in OP's pic he goes to UVIC in BC he was pretty intense in the gym, basically just did powerlifting moves, never did isolation work. Had a philosophy class with him pretty chill guy

1 hours later 20005821 Anonymous
>>20005747 That's what I'm going to do if that happens. Hopefully it doesn't; I've been growing it out for a year and it's starting to look really good. It has a lot of the ladies 'mirin.

1 hours later 20005859 Anonymous
>>20005815 Lucas Parker is his name

1 hours later 20005943 Anonymous
>>20005757 Nah you're lucky there. Chest hair and beards (the shitty ones everyone on fit seem to have at least) have gone the way of the fedora. You're much better off not growing it in the first place. I wish I could have a hairless chest, but if I shave it I get tons of ingrown hairs and it itches for weeks, so I have to settle with chest-stubble. >cue the shitstorm of beard and bodyhair defenders >"Those guys don't pull of their beard well but MINE is different! I pull mine off!" >"Why would I maintain or trim my beard? Girls dig the giant messy face-husk." >"Chest hair is manly and not repulsive. Look! James bond in the 60s had lots of it!"

1 hours later 20005960 Anonymous
>have been growing back hair since i was 16

1 hours later 20005997 Anonymous
>>20005815 Fuuuck, I've seen this guy at Ian Stewart. I thought it was him. He's a crossfag but more jacked than most guys at that gym.

1 hours later 20006020 Anonymous
>>20004214 Holy fuck that cracked me up. Am I high?

1 hours later 20006037 Anonymous
>>20005997 >Fuuuck, I've seen this guy at Ian Stewart. awwww shit another uvic bro I wish I was back at Ian Stewart, but now I'm in vancouver and their gyms suck here

4 hours later 20008398 Anonymous (IMAG13582.jpg 1216x2048 509kB)
>tfw you don't live in the 70s and will never wear a deep v neck to display your thick mat of chest hair and have it be in style hair on my arms is like that weird really super soft angel hair though

4 hours later 20008465 Anonymous
>>20008398 wear the v neck anyway fagg

4 hours later 20008477 Anonymous
>>20008398 we should bring that back

4 hours later 20008568 Anonymous
>>20008465 >>20008477 it would be just our luck to bring back the deep v neck only to have it become the new fedora/trench coat

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