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2013-05-17 05:44 20004141 Anonymous (dividbikham.jpg 1707x2560 422kB)
Why is the sticky such shit /fit/? >First, the obvious stuff: fast food and soda. Cut it out. I've known a lot of fit fuckers who lived on that shit. Pic related, dis nigga drinks coke and eats mcdonalds 'n shit, and he's fit as fuark. Why does the sticky lie, /fit/? Is it the reason our board is such ass?

3 min later 20004192 Anonymous
hes a professional athlete

5 min later 20004240 Anonymous
>>20004192 and we're not? we're all gonna make it brah

6 min later 20004250 Anonymous
>>20004192 This. The reason why is because morons like you eat too much of the shit because it's empty, quick calories. If you are keeping track of your caloric intake/expenditure you can pretty much eat whatever.

6 min later 20004255 Anonymous (laughing grills.jpg 398x241 30kB)
>>20004192 lel not anymore

7 min later 20004283 Anonymous
Sticky is general advice. Your typical moron is much more likely to take in too many calories if they eat fast food and drink full-calorie soda. The sticky goes on to say diet soda might be okay, maybe. There's also the fact that this is a health board too, and it's hard to argue that fast food is good for your life expectancy.

8 min later 20004284 Dr. Feels
>>20004240 He has god tier genetics dumbfuck Not all of us are elite athletes

8 min later 20004289 Anonymous
>>20004255 >hes >he is >he was >what is a contraction

8 min later 20004293 Anonymous (feelsouthewindow.jpg 450x327 60kB)

9 min later 20004314 Anonymous
>>20004141 >and eats mcdonalds 'n shit, and he's fit as fuark. You could eat anything you want if you did cardio ;3

9 min later 20004316 Anonymous
>>20004284 keep making excuses m8 now if you'll excuse me the spot for greatest athlete ever just opened up

9 min later 20004320 Anonymous
>Eat fastfood after a hard work out >Get incredible gains Why would you NOT grab a burger at Mickey D's/Wendy's/etc. on a bulk?

9 min later 20004321 Anonymous
dirty bulkin

11 min later 20004360 Anonymous (dan-john.jpg 480x220 33kB)
Eat like an adult.

12 min later 20004365 Anonymous (308757_428721627183094_991338635_n.jpg 640x436 29kB)
>>20004141 Do you even Thermodynamics? >Energy in =/= Energy out You can pretty much eat whatever you want so long as you put in the effort to burn the same amount of calories. Not even broscience.

12 min later 20004366 Anonymous
>>20004141 he looks like shit, and doesn't even look athletic inb4 /fa/gs

12 min later 20004380 Anonymous
>>20004366 wat

13 min later 20004417 Anonymous (davidbeckham.jpg 468x389 53kB)
>>20004366 gr8 b8 m8

16 min later 20004472 Anonymous
>>20004141 fuck that guy is handsome brb jacking off no homo

18 min later 20004527 Anonymous (untitled.jpg 198x255 5kB)
>>20004380 good fight david beckham.

20 min later 20004570 Anonymous
>>20004527 >tfw you will never be as good looking as him w-we're all g-gonna make it, right?

22 min later 20004626 Anonymous
>>20004570 not denying that, but below the face my aesthetics are superior inb4 bitches only care about faces and fashion

24 min later 20004664 Anonymous
>>20004570 yes, some just make it farther than others anon ;-;

25 min later 20004671 Anonymous (posh spice.jpg 1596x1447 218kB)
>>20004626 are you fucking posh spice and worth 300 mill?

27 min later 20004714 Anonymous
>>20004671 >implying any amount of money can buy my aesthetics >implying i'm talking shit about his amazing accomplishments even when dealing with the hardship of not being aesthetic

33 min later 20004830 Anonymous (is dis nigga srs.jpg 330x330 36kB)
>>20004714 >implying your aesthetic

36 min later 20004884 Anonymous
>>20004141 >the sticky says not to eat shit >this professional athlete eats shit and look /fit/ >therefore shit is allowable and the sticky is trash And you think the compounded fallacious statement constitute an argument?

2 hours later 20007008 Anonymous
>>20004830 >your aesthetic >your

3 hours later 20007215 Anonymous
>>20004255 >>20004293 >tfw united fan Oh god I'm tearing up.

3 hours later 20007224 Anonymous
While it's possible to expend as much energy as a pro athlete, the more likely outcome is that you just put on fat. The problem with fast food and soda is that they are high in calories without making you feel as full. Sure, you could also have the discipline to eat a fast food meal and nothing else for the rest of the day. But why make it hard on yourself?

3 hours later 20007270 Anonymous
>>20004141 Because it was made by an ugly cunt named clersiy. Old one was better

3 hours later 20007827 Anonymous
>>20004671 I never found her wife exceptional as they used to say she was in the media.

3 hours later 20007966 Anonymous
sometimes bulking on 2 mcdoubles and a mcchicken is nice 1140 calories and 60 g of protein a little more expensive than an equal amount of greek yogurt and loaded with fucking sodium but useful for getting those calories in a pinch however, simply from the sodium content alone (2.5g) I think the sticky's advice is wise. I wouldn't want to eat that shit everyday, fuck even once a week kinda grosses me out

4 hours later 20008055 Anonymous
>professional athlete paid to endorse food chains does it >sticky aimed at wow loving neck beards must be shit

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