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2013-05-17 05:40 20004080 Anonymous (that D.jpg 300x300 17kB)
Sup guys. Since its finally getting sunny in USA, should I switch to taking my vitamin D at night. Im usually out doors anyway. I'll keep taking it daily for the awesome effects but I want to keep them maximized! Pic is brand I use. 250 pills 5000 ui for 20 dollars at my pharmacy.

2 min later 20004117 Anonymous
If you're outside all the time you don't need it at all.

4 min later 20004138 Anonymous
what the fuck kind of post is this seriously, re read this. do you seriously think that vitamins are instant release 'hits'? fuck

5 min later 20004151 Anonymous
>>20004117 It's sucha tiny pill though. It should give me some benefits to taking it when the suns down right?

7 min later 20004178 /fit/izenkane
>>20004117 Op, he's not concerned about your health. For optimum growth, you need as much of it as you can get. Tan for 15 minutes without sunscreen everyday! Take 3 of the supplements with every meal and make sure to eat lots of almonds for the vitamin e + skin. You'll be fully aesthetic in no time.

9 min later 20004217 Anonymous
>>20004178 >eating nuts at all Enjoy your mycotoxins.

16 min later 20004349 Anonymous
>>20004080 I have heard eating liquid sun at night can fuck with your sleep. Something about your body thinking it's morning. Plus taking extra D while getting the min required natural sunlight is counter productive and can mess several reactions up. Read it in China Study or 4 Hour Body.

29 min later 20004666 Anonymous
>>20004349 I take preworkouts and train at 10pm anyway. I dont mind insomnia. Before vitamin D I would get a lot of colds. I was stuffy for at least 60% of the year. Winter cause it's cold, summer from AC. I was just thinking about this today, like why do we take it when the suns out already, wouldnt it be optimal at night? The first thing I thought of was to stop taking it but I just have so many so w.e I guess I'll take it. Anyone else brainstorm so much?

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