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2013-05-17 05:39 20004066 Anonymous (1368714022681.gif 311x200 1820kB)
Let's take a ride on the train to Snap City

6 min later 20004155 Anonymous (1368713871875.gif 312x176 1434kB)

7 min later 20004163 Anonymous (funny-gym-moments-19.jpg 499x601 45kB)

8 min later 20004185 Anonymous (1368713609419.gif 317x183 1013kB)

11 min later 20004246 Anonymous (1368715018285.gif 500x281 944kB)
At the risk of this degenerating into Crossfit hate [spoiler]Which I guess I'm okay with[/spoiler]

13 min later 20004288 Anonymous
>>20004185 >crossfit

17 min later 20004363 Anonymous (1365471106349.gif 280x210 2310kB)
You wanna see Snap City? Well, let me give you the tour...Deadlift Monument is our first attraction.

20 min later 20004441 Anonymous
>>20004363 Holy shit

20 min later 20004447 Anonymous
>>20004363 The thing is he's really not lifting much. Assuming he managed to get the same on both sides that's only like 2 1/2 plates. How can you fuck that up?

21 min later 20004467 Anonymous (sweat.jpg 240x312 22kB)

21 min later 20004469 Anonymous
My back feels like shit now. Holy shit.

23 min later 20004508 Anonymous
>>20004363 why does this look like some physics defying shit

24 min later 20004541 Anonymous (whatc.jpg 436x436 49kB)
>>20004363 I can't even watch it...Jesus Christ

24 min later 20004543 Anonymous (1364101180847.jpg 345x378 42kB)

28 min later 20004620 Anonymous (9468837654401.jpg 170x113 4kB)
>At gym tonight >In squat rack, curling >lel XD no, really, I'm squatting, lel >Guy to my immediate right is doing something between a pendlay row and a deadlift. >Not sure what in the hell he's doing, but his back is arched like a cat in heat. >mfw he's only lifting 75lbs. >Initiate gym asspie mode. GO GO GO >"Hey man... are you doing deadlifts?" >He tells me he is and I point out his bad form >"Oh, it doesn't matter, I don't like to do a lot of weight. I use a belt when I /want/ to lift heavy." Keep in mind it's 75fuckingpounds >"I like to bench, I bench 2plate which is 300." >Proceeds to put his weights up and go to the bench thats the farthest away from me. >Continue my workout

29 min later 20004661 Anonymous
>>20004620 how much did he bench

30 min later 20004674 Anonymous
>>20004363 Doesn't he do a second rep in the full vid?

31 min later 20004693 Anonymous
>>20004363 holy fuck i lol'd

31 min later 20004702 Anonymous (1367638932775.gif 264x264 1438kB)
>>20004620 >2013 >not correcting the DYELs

32 min later 20004715 Anonymous
>>20004674 does anyone have the link for this vid?

32 min later 20004719 Anonymous
>>20004702 >tfw I wanted to do this today >thought I'd sound like a dick If he snaps his shit up, its his own damn fault.

33 min later 20004724 Anonymous
>>20004363 >starts in not terribad position ok, ok this might no be so- >CAT ARCH >CAT ARCH >CAT ARCH >CAT ARCH >CAT ARCH >CAT ARCH

33 min later 20004726 Anonymous
I've always wanted to try CF, but I can't get past the kipping, the women, and the cult mentality. Also, what's the deal with the paleo diet? Anyone have experience with this?

34 min later 20004750 Anonymous
>>20004715 >yurop plz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1Ko Salza14

35 min later 20004782 Anonymous (1365398080250.png 421x500 154kB)
>>20004750 >those moans of agony

35 min later 20004784 Anonymous (GuNsGOb.jpg 960x639 55kB)
>>20004620 >2plate >300 Yeah maybe when converting celsius to kelvin

36 min later 20004787 Anonymous
>>20004750 He looks like he's doing it on purpose

37 min later 20004813 Anonymous
>>20004726 >can't get past the women what are you talking about, that's the only redeeming quality >paleo it's basically eat a shitload of meat and vegetables. if i recall rich froning (the best crossfitter) doesn't eat paleo. Try it out if you want, just know: - it is expensive, expect at least $100/month - quality of gyms varies greatly and so will your results. make sure they have strong / good people there and get an idea for if the coaches know what the hell they're talking about. - hard mode: find a crossfit gym with a serious powerlifting or oly lifting program and you may be able to get a membership for cheaper. i pay $50/month to workout at a crossfit gym that has a full array of strongman, powerlifting, and weightlifting equipment.

37 min later 20004821 Anonymous
>>20004750 >Don't worry guys, he's wearing a belt. My fucking sides.

38 min later 20004824 Anonymous (fonzonmeth.gif 310x176 2091kB)
>>20004661 couldn't bring myself to look, sorry. But when I left he was doing leg lifts. >Oh, and I went to get a drink of water in the middle of squats. >Get back and curlbro has the rack unloaded >He has the bar on the lower rack >Putting on 10's on each side >'Oh, he's just going to do OHP, I can respect that.' >He sees me walking back >"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know you weren't done. I was just about to do squats." >Ohshitfithaspreparedmebutididntthi nkthiswasreallife.jpg >Give him the costanza.jpg look >"Oh, I can do 'simple curls' somewhere else" wat >He loads me back up >I look in the mirror to mire myself and see him undulating like an ambulocetus with a curl bar. >sigh, I should never go to my gym 1 hour before close

38 min later 20004827 Anonymous (Joe Buck.jpg 256x298 15kB)
>>20004784 That's the joke.

41 min later 20004871 Anonymous
>>20004813 He's probably getting at how bad women are when it comes to good lifting form: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8u p6A4QesU

42 min later 20004887 Anonymous
>>20004620 at least you tried

42 min later 20004902 Anonymous
>>20004824 You have to go early in the morning.

43 min later 20004904 Anonymous (1365541912826.jpg 299x1082 326kB)
>>20004871 >this video EVERY TIME

43 min later 20004912 Anonymous

43 min later 20004913 Anonymous
>>20004871 i wouldn't say they're any worse than the men http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLoK BmPQzDo compare with a crossfit chick doing only 20 lbs less: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgFt 0zJHwUo

45 min later 20004945 Anonymous
>>20004824 He was fucking with you.

47 min later 20004975 Anonymous
>>20004945 No, he had a gold earring and a bad tan and was 40ish.

53 min later 20005055 Anonymous (haters-gonna-hate[1].jpg 500x600 149kB)
>>20004975 >have silver earing >good tan >20

53 min later 20005058 Anonymous
>>20004975 Not that other guy, but dude in the gym was fucking with you.

56 min later 20005126 Anonymous
>>20004871 FLIP IT FLIP IT! >oh god my sides.

56 min later 20005128 Anonymous
>>20004447 >>20004674 >>20004715 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1Ko Salza14 220kg..

57 min later 20005139 Anonymous (05303.gif 650x450 10kB)

1 hours later 20005528 Anonymous
>>20005139 get out

1 hours later 20005563 Anonymous
>>20005128 that is not 220kg..........

1 hours later 20005687 Anonymous
>>20004871 jeeze louise.

1 hours later 20005812 Anonymous
>>20004871 I thought the form in that video was horrid and scary when I first watched it. Since then I have started doing axle cleans and they aren't too bad for their first session with the lift. Although the dudes in the vid are weak as shit. Any male with a few months of lifting should be able to push press 1plate

3 hours later 20007305 Anonymous (image.jpg 195x179 13kB)

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