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2013-05-17 05:35 20004009 Anonymous (1353657554234s.jpg 125x125 3kB)
hey /fit/ legittimate /health/ question here. after squats yesterday I noticed a small lump in my thigh, it appears to be a vein and it can move about though it is quite hard and A little uncomfortable. The swelling is the only symptom and pushing on it causes a litle discomfort, So should I worry? anyone else had this? atm I'm thinking I'll just wait to see if the swelling goes down and wear loose clothing so its not uncomfortable thanks /fit/

1 min later 20004035 Anonymous (siv941011703s.jpg 200x250 7kB)
also googling has'nt helped, there is no rash or skin irritation that fits any symtoms online, also no bulging out of the skin

4 min later 20004078 Anonymous
>>20004009 Thoughts: Bloodclot? Damaged Vein/Bruise? I'm a little worried because it is uncomfortable enough that you'll wear different clothes. How big we talkin? Any way you can post a pic?

4 min later 20004085 Anonymous
>>20004009 Do you have them anywhere else in your body? I have Lipomas, and while harmless, they tend to pop out weird when I lift.

14 min later 20004228 Anonymous (9b3f24b64242445b137fff47fd5923cd.jpg 200x265 11kB)
>>20004078 as its under the skin near the groin there is no pertruding to the skin, no bruise or anything.I wonder if it could be the groin lymph node. I did take a small hit to the nuts yesterday so maybe its swollen from that? >>20004085 Nowhere else just this one lump, yea it could be that but being the position so close to groin and arteries I was a little concerned also more info: male 21 yrs skinny/fat

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