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2013-05-17 05:32 20003952 Anonymous (119036.jpg 1600x1600 199kB)
Trying to summon trip4cut or someone that understands Yohimbine: I don't understand the dosage. What I got from a cutting thread was: >0.2mg/kg of BW is the dosage for YHCL. Build up by using 1 pill less than what you need, then after a week jump into your full dosage. Each pill has 25mg of yohimbine HCl. Since I weigh 82kg, 0.2 x 82 = 16.4. But I can't cut the pill in half (that wouldn't even get me the 16.4 I'd need). I'm really confused about this.. Can someone help me out with this?

3 min later 20004018 Anonymous (Bastian-Schweinsteigers-Girlfriend-Sarah-Brandner03.jpg 400x548 71kB)
trip4cut wen is you???? zyzz is die

8 min later 20004097 Anonymous (6248a41a910311e2bd8822000a9d0df8_7.jpg 612x612 84kB)
p..pls anon

11 min later 20004136 Anonymous (Brenna_McKenna_TwitterPics_2.jpg 693x960 59kB)
bamping for curiosity

11 min later 20004140 Anonymous (1355873522921.png 1310x567 62kB)

13 min later 20004157 Anonymous
each pill has 2.5mg .....check it again

14 min later 20004180 Anonymous
>>20004157 FUCK! I feel like a dipshit.. thanks a lot! everything makes sense! sorry, fit! I'll close this now

14 min later 20004181 Anonymous (PMF-00053-6.jpg 1600x1600 181kB)
OP do You have dyslexia or are You just a retard?

16 min later 20004215 Anonymous (志田未来ちゃんって天使じゃね? ニュース 2 tweets 0.jpg 846x600 111kB)

17 min later 20004223 Anonymous
>>20004181 >>20004157 ok, so.. 82 x 2.5 = 205. That's my final dosage?

0.530 0.030