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Hi /fit/, I have a question. What are the benifits/drawbacks of doing an exercise repeatedly throughout the day. Like, say I had my own squat rack so I don't have to worry about convenience. If I could barely finish my first set of squats, and know I'm going to fail my second, would it be good to just wait an hour before trying again so that I am nearly fully recovered? Maybe do some other exercises first, and then come back to squats after? Or is there a significant advantage to doing all of your sets back to back? This would probably be most relevant with chinups/pullups. If I try to do sets of chinups to failure the rep count goes something like 8/4/3. But If I do sets of 5 with a good rest in between them, I can easily do 40-50 in a day. How would the results compare between these two methods?

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>>20003898 Can't stop working out mang, need to keep that pump going

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>>20003936 I know you're joking, but I can't even decipher what you're trying to say with your joke.

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Bump because curious

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Nobody knows or even has experience with this type of thing? It just seems like you could stall much less often at the beginning if doing 3 sets of 5 spaced an hour apart really does have nearly the same effect as doing them 5 minutes apart.

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it's called grease the groove sounds like a bad idea to me cause of warming up but what do i know

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