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2013-05-17 05:28 20003861 Anonymous (ZxmH4.jpg 500x375 103kB)
Pullups or lat pulldown, Which do you prefer?

1 min later 20003891 Anonymous
Pushups, pullups, and squats and my favorite bodyweight exercises.

1 min later 20003906 Anonymous
Is one better than the other?

2 min later 20003924 Anonymous
If I had no choice, I'd do pull ups. But I have a choice, so I do both. Now get to work, son.

2 min later 20003926 Anonymous
wide grip pull ups. with my wings, i will fly to mount olympus

3 min later 20003939 Anonymous
Pullups. Faggot.

3 min later 20003940 Anonymous (1366171920797.jpg 395x584 95kB)
>>20003861 lat pulldown is nicer in keeping track of gains but you can do pull ups pretty much anywhere, and you feel like a boss doing weighted pullups. >take son to playground >get angry looks from parents when I'm doing pullups on swingset >they just jelly mirin

4 min later 20003950 Anonymous
Both... I do pullups, close grip pulldowns, wide grip pulldowns, cable pulldowns one arm at a time, seated rows

4 min later 20003968 Albfag
>>20003861 Pullups all the way. Pullups are good if you can properly pull your scapula back. Lat pulldowns otherwise.

5 min later 20003974 Anonymous
>>20003950 >>20003924 Does it help to do both if you work your muscles to failure on one of them? Do you really need 2 very similar exercises?

5 min later 20003984 Centipede

5 min later 20003989 Anonymous
>>20003891 Don't forget your sit-ups and dips.

6 min later 20003999 Anonymous
>>20003974 Yes, close grip works your lower lats more. I've been destroying my lats lately because they're lagging bad, so that's why I do so many different exercises.

7 min later 20004010 Eponymous
pull ups without a doubt feels more natural, doesn't hurt my hands as much, and when I use the lat pulldown machine I usually do about 105kg, which makes it creak rather ominously

7 min later 20004024 /fit/izenkane
>>20003989 What is dip?

10 min later 20004051 Anonymous
>>20003974 Yes, it's fine. >>20003999 ^ This guy has it correctly. In all honesty, you guys worry waaay to fucking much about this lifting shit, just go lift. Seriously. I'm getting tired of people at my gym always asking the stupidest shit, should I do this, should I do that, should I do this one like that, nigga, please just fucking lift and stop over thinking shit. This isn't god damn rocket science. Get in the gym, go fucking hard, lift your weights, do your cardio, go fucking hard. You'll get results.

10 min later 20004073 Anonymous
>>20003861 pullups you fuckunt

37 min later 20004596 Anonymous
Weighted pullups and it's not even close.

2 hours later 20006068 Anonymous
>>20003968 >Pullups are good if you can properly pull your scapula back. Can you explain this? Why is that important?

2 hours later 20006565 Anonymous

2 hours later 20006582 Anonymous
>>20003861 i wish i met her on the street and she wasn't a attention seeking whore my personal 9/10 facial aethetics plus she has cute tits

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