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2013-05-17 05:24 20003769 Anonymous (betaorgasm.jpg 1404x869 524kB)
beta thread

6 min later 20003918 Anonymous
I used to hang with my two bros and one of them had a girl he passed the girl around to us and he didn't mind. We were at his house one day and she is blowing the other friend all of a sudden he snaps and gets all teary eyed then starts calling her a whore and raging at the dude getting blown I got the fuck out of there asap he texted me for like two months asking how we could do this, I lost contact with all of them shortly after. long story short cuckolds are beta as fuck and have some serious issues.

8 min later 20003945 Anonymous (bA5Rn3S.gif 260x195 2096kB)
>>20003769 fffreesh

11 min later 20004016 Anonymous
>>20003918 Theres a difference between having a hoodbitch fuck the homies, and having your bitch get fucked by your homies.

25 min later 20004234 Anonymous

39 min later 20004551 Anonymous (1368288689713.jpg 700x907 231kB)
What kind of fucking slutty bitch agrees to get dicked by her boyfriend and his friend? Dude had it coming, fucking hell I feel for him but what a cunt. Such a ridiculous premise to have a friend join in, no-one fucking wins >bf feels emasculated, sickened by his gf and his bro >guy friend feels guilty and could lose bro >gf doesn't accept she's a whore...she just feels bad for orgasming - the raging cunt said "oh i tried to seduce him" BITCH PLEASE - the fucking LEAST she could've done is surprise him with a solid 8/10 friend for him to bust a nut in her asshole when he came home from work. fucking stupid typical bitch >wanted to get her rocks off first >cant deal with the situation >tried to repair relationship she ruined though is tarnished goods >doesn't honour agreement. fuck this shit, im going full homo. *dbzragesintoflamingfaggot*

46 min later 20004692 Anonymous
>>20004551 >clearly it's because of the position he fucked her in >clearly it's because she's into voyeurism clearly it's because she's a slut and likes getting dicked in front of her beta bf.

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